Apartments Tenerife for holiday rental or longer.

Renting apartments Tenerife long term is unlike touristic rental which stops at 6 months.
 However, private holiday apartment accommodation may work out more interesting, above all for extended stays  which are not possible in hotels.

Before proceeding kindly understand that no rental prices are cast in stone. There has been a price increase for renting of about 10 % minimum in 2017 due to higher costs,  a rental shortage and very high demand.

Octagonal house at La Matanza Tenerife
Unfortunately, this log house apartment of an octagonal house, at La Matanza country oasis north of Puerto de la Cruz may not be up for rent right now.

Romantic Tenerife apartment
This romantic Tenerife apartment for rent by Puerto de la Cruz may be available again from January 2019 onward.

Apartment Realejos Resort Tenerife
Find out all about a similar studio like above at the same holiday resort. Discover this alternative to rent a Tenerife apartment at a well run vacation complex Sorry the latter is not available for time being.

Resort property Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz

A special property deal

Rent or buy two discounted apartments or do both!

Spacious Resort property Tenerife studio apartment by Puerto de la Cruz with luxury appliances, pool, gardens, sports courts, the best coastal Rambla hiking path, you name it.
Also mind that this property is for rent as well as for sale. More so, it is on a special when bought together with the same vacation resort building second property which is depicted on this page. Both belong to the same owner.

Spacious apartments Tenerife Puerto Cruz

Tenerife Apartment Rental Toscal Longuera
Discover this Tenerife apartment rental with holiday home comfort by Puerto de la Cruz and with an economical long term rental tariff of a minimum of 6 months, approximately.

By the way, a pet, such as a small dog may be allowed by special request without extra charge in this 3 bedroom apartment.

Tenerife property rental rural
Tenerife property rental with dogs allowed rural holiday home in Tenerife or long rental with 2-3 bedrooms 9km outside Puerto de la Cruz away from the rat race.

Smaller apartment-Dog holidays

Tenerife rental rural Icod El Alto
There is also a smaller Tenerife rental for dog vacations with 1 bedroom apartment available in the same country home, while both apartments offer the possibility of your own prime Internet connection. However, the latter needs confirmation.

Two apartments Tenerife for rent

La Romantica 1-01 Puerto de la Cruz
A couple of new apartment rentals have come up by a Finnish friend which are absolutely recommendable. One is a studio beside the webmaster's own property. The other is a beautiful 1 bedroom La Romantica 1 Tenerife holiday apartment
by Puerto de la Cruz in Los Realejos. Finnish renters and long term renters would be preferred but, short term holiday home rental exceptions are possible with a minimum of 3 months at the moment.

Retirement haven

Retire to Spain Tenerife apartment
Discover why the other holiday apartment of Tenerife with pool and above La Romantica 1 is perfect to retire to Spain, although it is smaller.

General Holiday rental prices terms of Tenerife properties.

Please note that is not a rental agent or one of Tenerife real estate agents. It only recommends properties to buy or rent in good faith. Sometimes, a little commission is asked, as translations are required or some extra service, such as consultations and help in a broader field.

Contact Gabriele for help with the above apartments Tenerife. Call Tel: 0034 + 922 36 36 85. She speaks English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. From apartments Tenerife back to HomePage Tenerife holiday home Insider to learn more about the vacation home and the biggest of all Canary Islands.

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