Surprising lovely Tenerife apartment rental by Puerto de la Cruz.

Tenerife apartment rental is still somewhat full of surprises for myself, at times.

Lounge-dining room Tenerife apartment rental Longuera main Road

This lounge-diningroom in a Los Realejos 3 bedroom apartment was not what I expected.

I was rather impressed by its generous size, outlay and homely feel.

Plus two balconies, while one greets the sun in the morning and one sees it go down.

Tenerife apartment rental versus villa rural?

A Danish gentleman asked me for rural accommodation. Perhaps a villa rural?

Rural sounds good. Also, it is somehow trendy. Hmm... Where cows graze and chicken roost?

Black goat Tenerife goat Tenerife living rural

Where a strange black goat looks you into the eye? Wouldn't this be lovely?

However, easier said than done.

Tenerife rural rental may be fantastic compared to just Tenerife apartment rental in towns. However, you must find what you want and need.

Before getting there, become familiar with Tenerife Island, which has its own microcosm, indeed. You must know what to expect before retreating into the country for longuer than a holiday stay.

Pet friendly accommodation apartment rental Tenerife in rural house.

By the way, soon we shall have some photos of a rural apartment where you may bring your dog, provided your pet sleeps in the lounge, said the owner. The accommodation will also be suited for family holidays. This dog friendly accommodation rental is about half an hour from Puerto de la Cruz. Call us at 0034 + 922363685 or email us with our contact web email.

Kitchen appliances Micro wave oven and more

Do yourself a favor, when you hardly know Tenerife...

Start off with a compromise!

Take your time to find your ideal place in the country which will suit you!

Make use of a 6 month rental with a good tariff.

You may even find a fully equipped place with kitchen appliances, bed sheets and more, as if renting a holiday home in Tenerife.

Cheap long term rental tariff:

The apartment, more pictures of which admire after scrolling to the photo gallery further down on this page, is exactly like that.

And all that with a virtually long term rental tariff which nobody would have dished out, a mere couple of years ago...

Back Veranda Tenerife apartment rental by Puerto Cruz

Here is such Tenerife apartment rental Los Realejos in my own neighbourhood. There, all bedrooms show to a quiet back veranda. Anyway, I live here and I wouldn't call the Longuera road below loud.

The lounge diningroom is amazingly spacious and well laid out and furnished.

Price €525/per month.

  • Municipal charges:
    for water, electricity, trash collection: Not included.
  • Fianza apartment deposit: €525
  • Refundable reservation: €525
  • Minimum of 6 months renting required.

Call us or mail us if interested in this apartment as a holiday home for a shorter period of time to find out the surcharge...

Main balcony of Tenerife apartment rental Los Realejos, Longuera, Toscal

This apartment, 10 minutes from Puerto de la Cruz, is very nice.

It has a main balconyas well as an additional one on the back of the building..

There is no apartment entrance.

The lounge serves it all and is the heart of the flat.

It faces the kitchen and the main veranda.

Next to the lounge cupboard wall is a corredor. This long passage leads to bedrooms and bathroom.

This section of the home is tucked away in the more quiet part of the flat which is also cooler in summer, by the way.

Longuera view off balcony Tenerife Toscal

An automatic washing machine stands in a custom made box on the bigger veranda.

Also enjoy a splendid La Longuera view from there, while you make out the ocean on the horizon...

Learn about Tenerife business and shops at La Longuera of this amazing cosmopolitan suburb Toscal Los Realejos by Puerto de la Cruz...

I was shown another 3 bedroom place to rent by the same owner in a road which is not a main road. However, I would pick the one by the main road, without the slightest doubt. Why, the vibes of this apartment were so homely and good. There is only one disadvantage for the not so fit... No escalator takes you to this apartment on the second floor.

Tenerife Apartment rental photos Longuera 01

 Bath-with-shower-Longuera Tenerife apartment rental Study room or bedroom by Realejos apartment rental small bedroom by Toscal Realejos apartment
A full bath with shower attachment in this all in one bathroom. A small study room could be a third bedroom. Lovely small bedroom with green bedcover by back veranda.

Master bedroom Longuera flat 01 Master bedroom wardrobe apartment Toscal Longuera 01

Lounge nook cosy TV corner
master bedroom Spacious master bedroom in flat Toscal Longuera 01. Notice the bedroom wardrobe of this master bedroom is built in up to the ceiling. A cozy lounge nook to use like in a drawing room or for TV or games.

Sideboard outside kitchen Kitchen with table

Large lounge cupboards
A sideboard with ornaments outside a kitchen. The fully equipped kitchen with table has a sink behind fridge doors. Large lounge cupboards by wall with long corredor to bedrooms.

Contact us with any questions regarding this apartment rental!

Also please note that there is a one time administration fee of 19 % of one month rent, while Tenerife real estate agents or rental agents charge one month of rental in commission, in general. By the way, there is a good chance to negotiate a slightly cheaper rent for you in the last minute.

Proof of solvency:

Please, be prepared to furnish proof of salary, pension or any other kind of income to guaranty the landlord that you will be able to pay the rent. Otherwise, you would have to pay 6 months rental in advance, at least.

Contact us here if interested or call 0034 922 363685

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