May Los Realejos photos help you getting around driving or even walking.

The Los Realejos photos were not taken on the clearest of days. However, let me not wait for a better 2nd chance.

Let me share the discovery, I made with them, as they may be a lovely alternative to satellite images. Let me help you with landmarks, which are clearly inserted in Realejos images. The fact that Puerto de la Cruz and la Orotava come up in the background will assist you very much as overall orientation picture in a broader context. The photos are kind of areal pictures. Or call them birds eye views... I wish they were portraying the sight, the indigenous Tenerife eagle would have.

By the way, the district of Realejos with more than 20 independent settlements and villages comprises 57,09 square km.

List of the region's villages

Find the names of 20 villages of this large municipality neighboring Puerto Cruz at the bottom of the Spanish Wikipedia Realejos(los) page...

Perhaps La Gorvorana Park will be added soon, as is advertised in the web for a newly constructed settlement of 2010.

Count more or less 42 km to the capital from any of the hamlets or town which has most of Spain fiestas...

Los Realejos mounts with Las Arenas and La Vera

The photo on the right shows you the tiny spot La Vera. Strangely enough, La Vera belongs to Puerto de la Cruz and not to Los Realejos. It adjoins Las Arenas between Mount Aguilas and Mount Monasterio. Mount Monasterio belongs to the suburb La MontaƱeta.

By the way, the La Villa Alcampo Leroy Merlin traffic circle is to the left and behind the Monasterio. This means, you will have to turn off the freeway TF5 exactly there. Or take the first turn to the right in central La Vera village. The photo depicted beside will help all those, who struggled to find the Monastry theme park with nature reserve and many restaurants. Click image to enlarge...

Trace the smaller elevation next to El Monasterio. Hotel Las Aguilas stands on top of it. Just figure its view... No high rise constructions obscure it.

Let your eyes move to the Orotava Valley coast where you find written Orotava Bay. It is called Rincon de la Orotava in Spanish.

Enlarge photo and notice the blue, coastal sky scraper of Hotel Maritim Tenerife... It marks the border of Realejos Bajo and Puerto de la Cruz. Drive up the steep hill from the hotel on the endless seeming La Longuera road. Roadworks for the new bypass are history in 2012. All is in place but the old Longuera would need repairs. Now in 2012, the town and municipality have no money to fix it due to the Recession since 2009 and all progress has been stalled.

The Longuera leads to all sections of Los Realejos.

By the way, notice the blue Hotel Maritim Tenerife and surroundings...

Orotava Valley large photo map

The enlarged picture gives you all landmarks clearly visible and marked in red or yellow.

The numerous built up areas depicted show much concrete jungle. However, discover much of agricultural and recreation land in between. Almost all dark green colors represent banana plantations. Not all of the agricultural areas are green. This is also one of the region's pictures which was taken during a long dry period.

You cannot see the slopes to the right of La Orotava and the district of this article's subject. Here, more mountain villages would be found such as Agua Mansa of La Orotava or Palo Alto and Cruz Santa.

Realejos Alto commercial center with land terrasses

Look at part of Realejo Alto with some of its commercial center... Notice its typical terraces of an adjoining gorge in the foreground. Nowadays, vegetables are grown there, mostly and have replaced vineyards. The areas to the right also belongs to Realejo Bajo. The reason for it is historical. The Guanches were in this section before they were conquered by the royal troops called the Realejos on the upper mountain slopes.

La Tigaiga hamlet

Find the crucial landmarks for the many sections of the hiking Trail El Aguas which departs at Hotel Maritim along Rambla de Castro to San Pedro and beyond. Read Romanitica 2, Romantica 1, Rambla del Castro, San Vincente, Tigaiga, San Pedro Nature Reserve and Rambla del Mar... The latter is often also called el Guindaste.

la Romantica coast with Rambla, and Hotels Maritim and San Roques

The picture above shows a scene of the beauty of the coast of Los Realejos. Notice the yellow inscription reading Rambla del Castro. That is the exact level of the first main section of the hiking path. Then you read gorge Romantica-1 with bridge. This is your means to continue the hike to the next part of the Rambla del Castro. It takes you below San Vincente and past it to the San Pedro Nature Reserve.

The white building overlooking the ocean is Hotel Los Roques, which means Rock Hotel. Looking at the photo, you now understand why... Immediately behind it, discover again Hotel Maritim.... At least, half an hour of walking through a gorge is between both hotels.

Driving would take about 15 minutes to get from Maritim Hotel to the one of the rocks. The photo is typical for the many bends of the romantic west coast of the Los Realejos region. I almost forgot to mention the lovely Realejos suburb of Romantica 1. Some of its low buildings which are built on terraces overlook the scenery in the image. A friend of mine lives right there and feels like in paradise.

 San Vincente, Tigaiga and Tropicana resort

This now is more of a close-up aerial view of San Vincente Realejos.

It depicts the rural charm of this small Tenerife town which is one of the richest for its Spanish traditions of religious festivals. The rows of buildings which seem to trail up represent houses on 2 sides of a main road with an ancient church on the top of the hill. You cannot see, how easy it is to walk over from there to Upper Los Realejos. This, was once my only chance to get to a Romeria festival, when most of the town of Realejos was cordoned off to all traffic including public buses and taxis.

The same photo in larger version reveals clearly where to find the popular resort Tropicana which houses many a holiday home in Tenerife of private owners.

By the way, the next photo is interesting as easy 2nd walking option to enter the Rambla del Castro in Romantica 2, unless you hike from the Maritim.

Follow La Longuera along the bend you see, turn first to the right. The second roadway to the left is the Rambla del Castro entrance before reaching the bottom of Romantica 2.

Click below Los Realejos photo to enlarge...

Multi million road TF 316 will relieve the Longuera TF 315

Junction Realejos Longera Monurio Road

Soon end of 2009, the new road from the La Vera motor way will take some of the traffic burden off la Longuera street and suburb The multi million project was already in the pipeline in 1997 and took years to materialize. In fact it's completion only came to an end by September 2013 when the last stretch near el Bugado was done.

Figure that most of the buildings, you see on the first photo in this page, hide a combined Tenerife population
of 108 999 inhabitants, made up of La Orotava as leading with 40644. Realejos is 2nd with 37 224 and Puerto de la Cruz with 31 131. The total inhabitants numbers of the 3 towns of la Orotava Valley give you almost half the number of people of the capital. (Census 2007) More now... The 2009 count Realejos registered residents was 37559.

To judge by tiny dots of sky risers, which are mainly hotels of Puerto de la Cruz, imagine, how many tourists top this population figure in the Orotava Valley...

Believe me, much of the road traffic caused gave head aches on Calle Longuera which. represents a busy suburb of Los Realejos Bajo (low) together with Toscal further down the long road.

Interesting is, not to turn back to the freeway. In that case you proceed straight on the now narrow La Longuera. It brings you to the traffic circle below San Agustin Los Realejos Alto. There you may climb and find your way to the mountains below Teide. Turning off to the right by that circle you reach the coastal road to San Vincente, Icod de los Vinos and then your way to Tenerife South.

The real Realejos Bajo, as named long ago

By the way, adding Bajo to Longuera Toscal Realejos is not totally correct. We foreigners and expats say so but, the real Realejos Bajo is on the other side of a gorge above Tigaiga of San Vincente. There, also find one of the oldest 'hacienda' farms of Tenerife called Hacienda de los Principes and the district's most famous dragon tree whose photo gives a perfect idea about its size related to a standard lamp post beside it.

Photos Hacienda Los Principes represent historical Realejos Bajo.

Los Realejos holiday rental with awesome views

Return from Los Realejos to Tenerife apartment where the birds eye views of Realejos may complement more stunning sights

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