The former Royal Finca Tenerife Hacienda de los Principes and what meets the eye..

Indeed, the Finca Tenerife which was also the first  Hacienda on the biggest Canary Island in 1496 is a jewel of BIC (a monument of cultural interest).  No such title existed when the Adelantado de Lugo took possession of its lands. They were the island's most highly valued territory of abundant water and fertility. It belonged to the main King of the Guanches King Bentor who took his own life.  

 The Adelantado's property was huge. It had more than 166200m2 i.e. 16 hectares. They stretched from the gorges Barranco de Godinez up to the Barranco de la Azadilla as far as Icod El Alto.

In 1512, he turned it into a "Mayorazgo".

This meant it could be inherited but could never be sold.

Unfortunately, building maintenance and repairs of "mayorazgoes" were not much heard of under such conditions.  Also, their owners seldom lived on the estates but were always keen to collect profits. Those came initially from sugar farming until vineyards took over in the 17th century. Banana plantations followed suite.

End of feudalism and end of the Mayorazgo

Large land ownership with strings attached changed in the 19th century. It was an important progress which marked the end of an era. This privatization also allowed for subdivision from there on. Now, even people from lower classes could purchase property. 


By the way this once huge country estate hardly gives away anything, nowadays.

Depicted above is the lush beauty of this subtropical Hacienda oasis, as it remained until now.

This former farm dates back to 1496. It's in lower Realejo which was once  independent but is today a suburb of Los Realejos.  Realejo Bajo together with its famous finca is part of the earliest history of the island.  It's a Tenerife relic from way back in century XV, although many of its buildings have disappeared.

A facade of  the original L-shaped mansion borders an ancient Camino Real King's high way to Icod El Alto. The buildings of about 150 meter length is white washed. It is still adorned with original farm features. There, trace small windows and sealed off doors.

An old Canary pine almost outgrew its niche together with other lush plants by a corner of the property.

At least one water mill Molino worked well for a long time. Somewhere is also a pretty mosaic altar with the virgin of Lourdes. People say that it belonged to the conqueror the Adalantado of this very first finca Tenerife.

  Architectural details and more that meets the eye.

  • Pretty turrets of more than one free standing gable with bells.
  • Typical Canary Island timber balconies
  • A side portal to let through horse carriages.
  • A wooden gate that leads to the Parra Alta with its paradise garden behind it.
  • The chapel Ermita San Sebastiano
  • Location: C/Molino named after the important mill of the estate of los Principes the Princes of Asturias.
  • The Parra Baja of former wineries with its town square San Sebastiano. 

Finca Tenerife Hacienda de los Principes chapel.

 Admire the finca's chapel called Ermita San Sebastian from XVIII. The adjoining Plaza de La Parra or San Sebastian has magnificent, old shade trees where people may rest on benches underneath.

By the way, encounter all this just up the road from church Iglesia de la Concepción.

The link with Casa de los Balcones of La Orotava.

There is an almost authentic photo of an old drawing of the chapel and its gracious adjoining gate of Finca de los Principes at the Museum of the famous Orotava balcony mansion.

Indeed, the founders of Casa de los Balcones were related to the conqueror Alonso Fernández de Lugo who built the Finca Tenerife Hacienda de los Principes. One more reason to go see the Orotava museum with its living quarters and life style of the ruling class of the time.

Plaza La Parra town sqare finca Tenerife hacienda de los Principes

Realejos history tours by La Parra Tourist office.

The upper La Parra would be worth a visit if entry was permitted inside the estate.

Beautiful houses that look rather new encircle Plaza la Parra together with its chapel.

The Parra houses which replaced the wineries of the Mayorazgo now harbor offices of tourism and culture of Los Realejos. There, tours are organized for the region.

Calle Molinos ancient trail of GuanchesCalle Molinos ancient trail of Guanches.

Locals tell you that the historical Finca Tenerife of the Principes is located just up the road from church la Concepción los Realejos Bajo. Accordingly, they name its suburb Los Principes, too. This most significant finca Tenerife of the north borders Calle Molinos. and Calle Acéquias(water channels) Both roads are extremely steep. They may very well have been ancient Guanche trails and were never meant for practical town planning for cars. They are not for wheel chairs.

It is difficult to guess how the mill inside the estate is now. It used to receive plenty mountain water, long ago.

Medieval rural resources to wash laundry were made of stone and are still intact. They were communal and certainly served an eager colonizing community which settled in its vicinity.

Rustic entrance steps lead up to a garden on a higher level.

Lilac lilies are flowering there.

The section seems to be part of a well groomed small park whose adjoining building was up for rent.

One finca Tenerife off limits, another not.

Many of the original installations of Hacienda Los Principes which were part of infrastructure of farm life of the early century XVI have fallen into decay. Others have disappeared over time.

Another feudal estate which became museum.

Learn all about it at the Casona or Casa del Patio by Santiago del Teide. That Hacienda is of the same era and had similar status, once. It has been restored like a museum with hotel, stables and more. Get answers to almost all secrets of Finca Tenerife de los Principes, there.

Hacienda of Principes Spain history Los RealejosHacienda of Spain History Realejos

The once most envied Hacienda los Principes is now in private hands. Lead your eyes along a lush bougainvillea hedge towards the upper floor balcony. This section has been renovated, indeed. A new timber garage door blends in well with the rest of the Spanish architecture of Colonial style.

Take one of your Tenerife day trips
to this enclave of Tenerife. Learn about a significant part of the Tenerife history made for Spain and explore the outside of the estate to discover more surprises, such as a very well groomed flower paradise inside.

Most historical facts of Hacienda Los Principes.

The land expropriation for the finca Tenerife of Principes from King Mencey Bencomo of the Guanches was accepted as normal procedure during colonizations in the 15th century. Later, the finca was dubbed as farm of the Princes (principes). This happened after a successful marriage arrangement with one of mainland Spain's royals from Asturias with the niece of the fourth Adelantado. 


Use Finca de los Principes for making a movie

Indeed at the end of October 2011, 200 m2 of luxury accommodation of the Finca de los Principes which included gardens were advertised online for rental. Name and address of the famous estate were not published. It wasn't advertised as a holiday home in Tenerife, but for extended rental.. A good part seems to have been lovingly restored to judge by the interior photos which were in the Internet. Indeed, the owners were asking a price, which it deserved. Certainly, agents are in charge of the letting.

Actually, this genuine old place would lend itself well for filming a television documentary or some movie.

By the way, the closest recommendable hotel nearby is Hotel Rural Bentor of Realejos.

More that's remarkable in its vicinity

  • Picturesque Realejos cemetery
  • Many a draco includes the Dragon tree of Realejo
  • Gorge Barranco Godinez with most stunning views to Realejos Alto and the coast
  • Handsome Church Iglesia de la Concepción dating back to XVI, partly destroyed by fire in 1978 and reopened for service in 1994.
  • A very inviting church square with a big pavilion and a modern community center

From Finca Tenerife back to Los Realejos

The island of the former Guanches

Monument of cultural interest declaration for the former Hacienda of Alonso Fernandez de Lugo on July 03, 2007

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