Tenerife beaches may be romantic and off the beaten track.

Tenerife beaches are all around its island, as close to paradise as they may get.

Mostly black silky soft sand or gravel beaches. They  take up 67,14 km and are part of a 358 km coastline which leaves much rocky terrain.

These sea shores which are not far from West Africa and only a 1000km from Mainland Spain have little in common with the hot continent..

Why are Tenerife's beaches different?

  • Some Tenerife virgin beaches with only boat or hiking access
  • Some southern seashores with artificial sand from the Sahara
  • Very cozy beaches with spectacular endemic vegetation around
  • Surf beaches of which El Medano gets most wind with about 300 days a year.
  • Beaches all of which don't have shark attacks
  • Beaches with secret fishing spots
  • Beaches of Pirates where they once hid themselves or their treasures in secret caves
  • Beaches with natural swimming pools
  • Seasides that only have sandy shores in summer

Beaches of Tenerife soothe rheumatism.

A man gets rheumatic relief by lying on a black lava rock, as his wife in the blue shirt told us.

This happened on Playa Jardin in winter 2015 in the North.

Make any Tenerife beach dog friendly

How? With a legal tiny beach tent.

Marvel at our happy, old dog Jesse in her hide-away at Playa de las Teresitas in May 2016.  A sandy car park for walking her was conveniently nearby.

Insider tips for special north beaches on Tenerife Island

The white or black beaches on the largest of all Canary Islands all have something in common.

Their shores are not getting unbearably hot.

Why not?

The trade winds prevent excessive heat. This is much noticed in the North by the beaches of Playa Jardin with its gigantic, lush park. 

Tenerife temperatures in and out of the water

35 degrees Celsius outside temperatures are rare, while 40 are unheard of. The Tenerife ocean has between 17 or 18 C degrees in winter and 23 or 24 C degrees in summer.

Tenerife beaches are rather subtropical, as is typical of Macaronesia. Its fish and all the rest of the marine life  are therefore different, such as harmless Cazones sharks.

All about snorkeling, water quality and more on the biggest Canary Island

Tenerife beaches wonderland in the North

They are all black and most are outright romantic. How come? They are hugged by surrounding rocks, cliffs and caves. Often the outcrops are rugged but, dainty miniature plants soften them. They form green carpets that are sprinkled with pastel or yellow colors. Butterflies and bees visit them. Birds tweet above them. Often a fairy light shines through the picture book clouds. So typical for the fortunate isles in Tenerife North...

Landscape design gardening was done at Playa Jardin a little outside of Puerto de la Cruz North Tenerife by César Manrique.

In fact today, Playa Jardin has also become part of an impressive coastal region with  hanging gardens 

A tiny bay at the end of these seashores was never developed. Tourists fish there on the rocks. The spot is half surrounded by old fishermen houses and a small cliff which protects it from winds. This sand beach is only known to insiders and is ideal for the elderly.

On the other side of this same Punta Brava hamlet encounter amazing, quite unknown beach shores virtually off the beaten track where only crabs seem to populate the pebble shores and occasional fishermen that catch them.

An ancient seaside where pirates tried to get onto shore is also there. Another crab paradise hide out...

Pirate beaches based on legends

  • Playa Punta Gorda by Punta Brava Puerto Cruz
  • Playa Masca bay
  • Playa Torre San Andres
  • Playa Boca Negra or Wailing cave at Anaga Massif
  • Playa Punta de Teno

Puerto de la Cruz central beaches

Realejos beaches which are all romantic are right beside Puerto de la Cruz. Only Playa del Socorro the party and surf beach invites in summer and winter.

Some Tenerife sea shores are really hard to get to, such as the Orotava and Anaga Massif beaches.  However, they are not insider or secret beach sides any more. The Tenerife newspapers and television often report about Playa Bollullo's adjacent, beach Playa los Patos. It's Tenerife's longest naturist beach and its a dangerous place just like the Bollullo.

Bad accident by naturist at Playa Bollullo.

A careless German whom I casually knew dived from a rock into the ocean at the Bollullo.  He was lucky to come out alive. He had to spend 3 months in hospital. Just figure... The Bollullo is part of the wild shores of a   Paradise country by Santa Ursula. Explore but, mind the danger... 

The danger with Tenerife beaches is the many hidden rocks under the ocean surface and currents.
Once, I got the fright of my life. I was washed away by a Bollullo current and lost orientation totally.  I used to be a champion swimmer.

The Bollullo has a refreshment kiosk, now. It didn't exist in 2004 when I went there first. Learn more about the Orotava beaches and their virgin beach landscape, with links on how to get to this paradise, an invitation to hand in your adventure story and/or surf photo and more...

Tenerife surf beaches

Surf boards are offered for renting out for north Tenerife beaches at a shop in
Avenida Generalisimo, 35
Puerto de la Cruz
which also has a surf school for beginners and advanced surfers.
Tel: + 34 699 173 722 (cellular phone)

lasantasurf.es a link I can't connect to, unfortunately,  is a member of the official Canary federation of surf schools

Northwest Coast beaches near tip of island

  • Beaches of La Laguna Playa el Arenal for surf, Surf beach Playa Punta de Hidalgo and Playa Bajamar with pools
  • The most romantic Tenerife beaches and seashores.

    1. El Socorro Realejos
    2. The rock pools of Garachico among other pools
    3. The natural pools which include El Guindaste
    4. Playa la Fajana which is a romantic surf beach

    Romantic Tenerife beach La Fajana by the  Romantica trail.

    Find the information about the insider beach Playa La Fajana  in a separate article which will be online just now.

    The Tacoronte beaches

    • Where? About 4,5 km from From Tacoronte down a steep slope almost 270m above the sea.
    • Special note? Protected coast of Acentejo
    • Beach El Pris which I don't know much
    • Beach Mesa del Mar by its small tourist enclave
    • Beach Playa de la Arena of Tacoronte a sand shore for easy swimming 100m x 10m which I call my Whisper tree (Tamarix) beach. Get there from Mesa del Mar by a tunnel through the mountain outcrop.
    • Note that Mount Teide can't be seen from the beaches

    No holiday insurance for Tenerife beaches?

    Not every Tenerife beach is as hazardous like Playa Fajana or the Orotava beaches.
      However, accidents
    by any coast happen. Taking a bit of a risk is part of perfect holidays. However, insurance helps. It could be your loved ones who may be just that little bit careless.

    Play it safe... Find your perfect vacation and travel insurance...

    Tenerife beaches las Aguas

    Barranco Ruiz beach Playa de las AguasBarranco Ruiz beach Playa de las Aguas

    Beaches south of Puerto de la Cruz

    Beach Playa San Marcos a sea shore oasis by Icod de los Vinos which boat repair and building facilities and some restaurants.

    Playa Caleta de Interian which is part of Garachico

    Playa Agua Dulce Los Silos with the famous natural pool Charco de la Araña alias Don Gabino and a superb surf school

    Playa Buenavista del Norte a lesser known beach by big farmlands.

    Garachico Caleton pools plus a town beach

    The Caleton of Garachico is the stunning result of the Trevejo eruption of the XVIII century. It created many picturesque rock pools in the former most important harbor of the island. But there is also the small sand beach called Playa Muelle by the bend of the road to the south.

    Beach Playa Faro del Teno

    At the border of the Teno Massif is the small gravel beach Playa Faro del Teno. It also includes rock pools. There are no amenities but boat shelters of local fishermen. This is the most Westermost cap of the island that may be windy. The Teno road to get there is open again with strings attached

    Beach Playa de las Teresitas
    is a big white scenic seashore by Santa Cruz San Andrés, where the whole region was subject to environmental problems of beach infrastructure in 2010. Las Teresitas is one of my favorite beaches and is preferred by locals.

    Santa Cruz Las Gaviotas nudist beach

    The beach las Gaviotas still has unspoiled wildflowers by its seashore. There are no tourist amenities which also helps to keep it so natural.

    Anaga wild, surf beaches with map directions

  • Beach el Draguillo
  • Beach Playa Almacigo
  • Beach Playa el Benijo
  • Another but hard to reach naturist beach of the Anaga Tenerife beaches is not on the east coast. It is El Draguillo which better enter by boat. Spot el Draguillo village on the map Taganana Benijo and click to enlarge. How get there? Enter San Andres before Teresitas beach, turn into the TF 2 mountain road via El Bailadero, Roque Las Animas, Taganana, Playa Almaciga to Benijo beach. The latter two famous surf beaches are more interesting options. Why? Eat excellent fresh fish and tapas nearby.

    The beach that is sometimes referred to as La Laguna beach is really by Punta de Hidalgo. It's a gravel beach for good surfing.

    Tenerife beaches for dogs

    Dog beaches

    Añazo (Añaza) or Los Llanos beach in Santa Cruz Tenerife capital

    Beach Playa Anazo which is about 50m x 20m big is spelled Añazo. It's also called Playa Los Llanos. It is the only public Tenerife beach where dogs are tollerated sometimes of the year. It's adjacent to the Parque Maritimo Cesar Manrique and the Museum Tenerife Palm park Palmetum.

    The town beach Añazo doesn't have a blue flag nor any amenities. It's about 40m x 20m wide and can be reached by walking around the offices of the Tenerife Channel 3 TV station below the Parque Palmetum. Free Parking is nearby. Also beware, it's not recommended to humans to swim at Playa de lo Llanos.

    Beaches in the South of the island

    Go from Tenerife beaches to Tenerife seashores of the South... with much information with photos and videos about things to do Playa las Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje seashores, best surfing Tenerife El Medano and more...

    Foto safari holidays

    Often, very unusual Tenerife photos are taken on beaches. That's why many scenes of the Hollywood film Clash of the Titans were made in such locations until year 2011. However, the spots had to be somewhat off the beaten track, while Punta Brava wasn't ideal to keep away the paparazzi.

    More about beaches and other seafronts in the world

    Your-guide-to-aqaba-jordan.com/aqaba_beaches is all about snorkeling and holidays by the Red Sea in alluring surroundings not only by Aqaba Jordan beaches but, also, in other locations which lift secrets of this intriguing Middle East country.

    Kerala beaches are spread along the 900 km Arabian Sea coastline. Kerala has a long shoreline with some of the finest, most charming beaches, coconut groves, natural harbors and lagoons. The hospitality of the people adds to the charm of the beautiful surrounding.

    Lucky are those beach fans that have their own holiday home in Tenerife, not too far off a beach or close to the right free way. Frequent, cheap flights to the biggest Canary Island help very much, of course.

    Please mind that the comment box below is meant to help others. In case you have a question or want to tell me something, kindly use this contact form.

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