What makes Playa de San Telmo so unique?

Playa de San Telmo is in the heart of Puerto de la Cruz. Hence, a true town beach. It starts by the bridge of the Windy corner bay. There, foaming waves more than often thunder about 8m high and spray a pizza place that nests in somber rocks.

The former San Telmo beach with historic wall.

This sturdy ancient wall was a big issue in the Media before most of it was removed. Why? The ground below was said to be unstable. Also a more open and easier seaside access had long been overdue. Perfect wheelchair facilities were required for the promenade as well as to get to the seashore.

Rock pools and gravel shore beach

This playa has two different sections. The one with tidal pools by the wild corner, as portrayed above,  and the the other that is horse shoe shaped.
    The latter is the gravel and sand beach that is confined in this u-loop. The cliff of Ermita (chapel) San Telmo and an artificial jetty on one end border it. A volcanic outcrop with the pay pools of Lago Lido Martianez on top creates an ocean barrier behind it. Both beach parts are joined by a large,  paved up terrace.  From there,  stairs and ramps lead to the built up section an outskirt of the town.  

Recent changes of Beach San Telmo

The major revamping for 1,7 Million Euros of the immediate waterfront without shop facades started many, many months ago and was opened to the beaches for the public on Easter 2015. The much applauded wheelchair on-ramp from the San Telmo chapel to the shore should be ready to use by the end of July 2015.
    The beach width of the previous 30 m could be enlarged in some spots by removing walls and opening up no-go areas. Now,  see-through balustrades allow for better views.

Playa de San Telmo for family fun activities

Indeed, a captivating, free for all ocean play ground is depicted above.  Let the kids play pirates or Captain Cook while you keep an eye on them with your rubber boat?
There a black, almost vertical wall with caves and crevices below the waterfront promenade is intriguing. It can set roaring any mind to imagine adventure.

Its location below the San Telmo chapel by the steep part of the cliffs opposite the tip of the jetty has but moderate waves in general.  It's ideal for swimmers of any age. However, a good sense of balance or tennis shoes may prevent slipping on the uneven, volcanic ground. Mind many, climb down iron stairs into the very deep that adjoins the rock pools. The Westside border of Lago Martianez is well visible from there.

For kids to learn by playing in San Telmo's large intertidal world


Then there are the salt water 'charcos' the tide pools. Those shallow nature ponds are on the other side of the jetty. There, a single mother is safe to let her kids explore, as shown in the gallery just now.  What a way to cool off and to acquire first knowledge of delicate ocean life with fun during summer school vacations.

San Telmo snorkeling of a volcanic sea world

Needless to say,Tenerife snorkeling offers surprising opportunities in this Algae and Plankton rich aquatic paradise. There, much more than cave dwelling fish and Cetaceans have their Atlantic habitat. 

Gallery of photo of the San Telmo shore line

More distinctions of the 350m long Playa de San Telmo

  • None of the vicious, colorful crabs of the jetty by the harbor
  • The 'Blue Flag' of excellence for clean ocean water since 2005
  • Gravel and some fine black sand
  • Ocean bar terrace with umbrellas  (changes and additions may follow)
  • An ancient jetty that separates intertidal basins and swimming beach. Enlargement of the San Telmo pedestrian passage by the shop front Addition of palm trees and flower landscaping
  • Several beach front hotels Shops mingling with restaurants, bars, cafeterias, boutiques and ice cream kiosks.
  • The only 'Desigual fashion' outlet of town
  • The relocated Latin music disco night club Azucar by Plaza Reyes Católicos
  • Nearby free and pay parking, church Iglesia de Peña Francia and Plaza del Charco 
  • Free 'Loro Park Tren' mini train station at Plaza Reyes Católicos, as portrayed by the map of Puerto Cruz below    
Not on the map where Playa de San Telmo is marked with fat letters are the nearby Playa Martianez for wind surfing as well as the gravel mini seashore by the little port. The designer wonderland Playa Jardin the tourist beach of Puerto de la Cruz and Loro Park at the other end of town are not on it either.

From Playa de San Telmo back to Puerto de la Cruz.

The only idyllic surf as well as SUP standup paddle beach by Puerto de la Cruz

Other beaches of the largest Canary Island

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