From Muelle Puerto de la Cruz to Marina?

The Muelle Puerto de La Cruz that adjoins Plaza del Charco on its seaside is as important as the latter.

There is constant coming and going between the two. Almost a stone throw from it is also the town's free parking ground by the lighthouse. 

This quaint port with its docks and jetties that's best depicted in an old photo has been like a motor that drove on progress.

It didn't only get the town's economy going by import and export when it took over the role of Garachico in 1706. It also contributed to education, art and culture.

 The humble fishwife who is portrayed in the picture above contributed to the Muelle's economy in her own way.

The Muelle's fun face since the Seventies of XX.

That's when Fiestas which are celebrations, such as
        Puerto's famous carnival,
        Fiestas del Carmen,
        Fiesta de la cruz the town founder day,
        the goat bathing cult,
        the Mueca art festival,
        New Years eve party,
        Halloween events
        and many more festivals
started to change the face of this part of town more regularly.

The breakwater of the Muelle Puerto de la Cruz.

This jetty is almost 200 m long. In fact,  it's often also called Muelle by the locals. This sturdy wall with its adjoining concrete boulders is crab habitat. It must be made more safe.

A father must be able to climb it with permission again to show his child how the ferocious Atlantic attacks the town there.

Properties in the first line behind the waterfront.

That's the road with houses that is closest to the Atlantic where the man with the child is standing. There, real estate prices are bound to go through the roof,  soon.

The planned Marina project of Puerto de la Cruz.

The remodeling of the Muelle to turn it into more than just a Marina will cause that. More tourists are bound to arrive there with cruise liners.  Also, passengers from yachts and ferries may come via this heaven of luxury. They will visit three of the top attractions that the Canary Islands have to show.

They are:

Loro Parque

The Tenerife botanical gardens and

Lago Martianez the big saltwater Lido

Not to forget the marvels of La Orotava the mother of the Muelle Puerto de la Cruz. A car gets you there within ten and fifteen minutes.

Picturesque looks by the Muelle that must live on.

  • The occasional craftwork markets
  • Street Chestnut roasting in autumn

There is still wasteland that has been a thorn in the eyes of walkers along the Muelle.

 It's the stretch between the parking ground and Castillo San Felipe. There, the terrain is rough and landscaping is in dire needs. Camper vans by foreign tourists used to park there, but hardly any were seen there, lately.

By the way, we are now almost at the end of November 2017 and there are no news about the construction of a harbor revamping for ferries, yet.

From Muelle Puerto de la Cruz back to Puerto de la Cruz the town.

Information by the Media about the pending 1567 million Euros Marina of Puerto de la Cruz in Spanish here

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