Fiestas del Carmen Los Realejos Tenerife Spain and Puerto Cruz.

The Fiestas del Carmen of Realejos San Agustin are most likely leading by their amount of activities. Puerto de la Cruz certainly tops in Tenerife by the spectacle of the "embarcaciónes" the embarkments of the statues of San Telmo and Virgen del Carmen. Both are town fishermen patrons, while the Madonna sculpture of Realejos also figures as Patron of the entire Valley of La Orotava.
These events of Tenerife North are so important that a new poster is created by both towns year by year.

These Fiestas de Julio the July celebrations have their own Fiesta queens, while sports competitions also play a big role, above all in neighboring Realejos.  Then, the latter's suburb San Agustin which harbors a Marian shrine  attracts a magnitude of people while thousands spread all over the Puerto Cruz hub with its Muelle and its fishing hamlet La Ranilla.

The so called Dia del Carmen of Puerto de la Cruz takes place on the Tuesday before the 16th of July, hence on Monday the 11th in 2017 and 2018 for example. Then,  tourists also join the locals to celebrate Puerto's patron saint of fishermen who is Saint Telmo or San Elmo.

He is normally put onto a smaller boat for his ocean ride just before the Madonna is heaved onto a slightly bigger vessel.

Hundreds of cheering people of all age are knee deep submerged in the mouth of the port during the ceremony.  There, they splash the water with amazing energy and emotion to salute a safe loading on board.

Meaning of Fiestas of our Lady Mount Carmel worldwide

  • Juli 16 a Catholic church holiday celebrates the apparition of the Virgin the mother of Christ on Mount Carmel to Saint Simon Stock on that day in 1251.
  • Lady Mount Carmel has been adopted by seafarers and fishing folk of all Tenerife harbors and in all Spanish speaking countries.
  • The fishing folk of the Tenerife capital, of La Laguna's Punta de Hidalgo, of Candelaria and of Adeje have their own versions of a Fiesta of the Virgin of Mount Carmel.

When Puerto de la Cruz joins Los Realejos and vice versa

In 2018, on July 28,  the Marinos the sailors of El Puerto start their yearly pilgrimage to San Agustin of Realejos. That's also the day of Potato Papa Bonita events.

Here, it must be mentioned that the so called Marinos of Puerto de la Cruz have been traditional barers of the Marian statue of Los Realejos since about the middle of the eighteenth century. They never stopped the habit when they had a Madonna of Carmel themselves.This turns this event in one of the most remarkable of all  Fiesta celebrations in Tenerife.

More captivating, amazing information and photos about the Marinos of El Puerto not to be missed

Needless to say, merry dancing, good food, wine, folk songs, Zarzuelas and balls of the Magos play a big part during the Carmelitan Fiestas of Realejos as well as in Puerto de la Cruz.  Then, the Hermandads  the brotherhoods as well as the Marinos chant the same short verses year after year during the processions. Mayors from both cities join each others processions. Guardia Civil police from as far as Icod de los Vinos puts up a prominent show for the safety of the towns. 

Tenerife North history of the Fiestas del Carmen

In 1726, July 16 was declared day of worship of our Lady of Mount Carmel to all Catholics by Pope Benedict XIII.

In 1725, the wealthy congregation of Realejo Bajo became owner of a most beautiful wooden statue of the Virgen del Carmen made by Antón Maria Maragliano of Genua.

Church Iglesia del Carmen San Agustin of Realejos destination of pilgrimage for devoted Catholics of Tenerife North since 1904. Mind also a somewhat disputed Marian apparition early in XX to a South American woman near the Paraglider Pistes of Icod El Alto.

 In 2015 on its fiftieth anniversary, Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen at San Agustin of Los Realejos became a Catholic sanctuary under Pope Francis. (Francisco in Spanish)

 Many fishermen guilds and sailors take part in the Fiestas del Carmen in all Tenerife harbor towns, as the Lady of Mount Carmel is their patron.
 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Virgen del Carmen ongoing Mayoress of Los Realejos and Patron of the Valley of la Orotava.

Wednesdays for people blessing besides new borns

The Catholic devotion of the Realejos town folks is extraordinary. There on Wednesdays at the Sanctuary, women bring their new born babies to be blessed by Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

However, the celebrations also have a very mundane side. Needless to say, even worldly Fiesta queens are crowned for the occasion and fireworks are never amiss.

Get a better idea about the July celebrations of Los Realejos by last year's activities here.

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