24 reasons for a must visit of la Ranilla of Tenerife.

The Ranilla with Calle Lomo which is depicted is one of the most ancient of one of the oldest suburbs of Puerto de la Cruz.

This part of Tenerife is often so action packed with cultural activities that it merits well earned rest, not just during Siesta.

Three top festivals of this suburb

  1. La Mueca street art festival in May, more of which find below
  2. Festival de Lana Wool festival in the last week of May
    with a life presentation of everything about wool production
    for traditional clothes of folklore and modern use
    which includes bleeting sheep in Calle Mequinez
  3. Festival Periplo at the beginning of October
    featuring urban art, street art, culture, travel,
    literature and adventure

Not to forget the many religious festivals, the carnival and street markets of la Ranilla of Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz...

Street Calle Mequinez Puerto de la CruzStreet Calle Mequinez Puerto de la Cruz

A van drove along on Calle Mequinez which runs parallel. The revamping of this street began with tall palms and innovative lamp stands by its other end, less than five years ago. The car which came from there is now welcome, as vehicles had not been allowed on it in 2014 until recently.

More happened at this  June lunch hour in the exceptionally sleepy Puerto fishing village.

A lady with dogSiesta time in the old quarters
A lady with dog passed me. Another closed a curio shop after a morning of trade, A third vanished into a side street.

A cool fisherman with dark sun glasses and headphonesA cool fisherman with all its attire.

A hobby fisherman without beer

An elderly resident expat, a rather cool fisherman walked along the street from the direction of Plaza del Charco. He carried a fishing rod, wore an apron and had a bucket with lid, but no beer. He wore dark sun glasses and listened to music with head phones. That gave him an almost alien look.

History of the ancient fishermen enclave of Puerto Cruz.

It Spanish, Portuguese and Italian settlers came as early as 1505. The Irish, Scottish and British didn't take long to follow suite. 1808 made the fisherman community part of autonomous Puerto de la Cruz.

Archeological museum Museo ethnologico

Ironically, the fishermen district has the Puerto Cruz archeological museum, while all Guanche discoveries were excavated elsewhere. This includes the Martianez caves, some spots in today's Punta Brava or Punta Gorda. Even the Malpais of Taoro and caves near the Tenerife beaches of Orotava contributed. It must be noted that no mummies are at this museum of the Ranilla. They are in the bigger one of 'Man and Nature' in Santa Cruz.

Guanche guantimac an archeological puzzleGuanche Guantimac
  1. Mind its most interesting artefact. It's the Guanche Guantimac.
  2. It may have been an amulet to ward off evil but may also been the exclusive token of a higher class. This important jewelery of clay remains an archeological as well as a historical puzzle.

    The book Ranilla is one of 24 reasons why this township is very special

  3. Its people of the Peñita neighborhood are very welcoming, eager to learn and to embrace innovations.
  4. Their community was praised by important town natives, such as the late José Agustin Álvarez Rixo, while Puerto's historian Fernando Vale Acosta left us a book about it
  5. Most of this suburb is a total or partial pedestrian zone except C/ San Felipe and C/ Zamora
  6. Street art as part of the Mueca festival, some of which are murals of Spain art by the so called Niño de las Pinturas Granada Raul Ruiz. Find his Tenerife wall art in C/ Mequinez 66 the latter of which is a surprise about a legendary Spanish dancer. Generally, Raul's work is most versatile and outspoken as the following video will show.
  7. A mural by the Puerto native Victor Pacheco also known as KOB has been added to the fisherman village's art in the open.
  8. Not to forget is Graffity by Victor Ash from Copenhagen, Scandinavia which admire by scrolling down.
  9. 3ttman the Frenchman Louis Lambert whose brush strokes left his (joie de vivre') love of life and of nature imprinted in vital colors in C/Lomo 28
  10. Depicted below is the black and white work of Christian Krämer from Ghent Belgium. It's on a tall house outside the Museo Archeologico of Puerto de la Cruz. The artist whose work is known by street art Roa gives us realism with great skill.
  11. Street art by ROA  from BelgiumStreet art by ROA
  12. At least 5 more murals of Puerto street art are on the agenda until the culture and travel festival Periplo of September 2014.
  13. Patios of eating houses spill over with Geraniums, Hibiscus, Frangipani and ferns, while Restaurante Papaya has a pergolas with vines to sit under.
  14. Old restaurants and bars, many of which have stood the test of time for half a century with street terraces or inside yards, both of which are suited for a messy toddler or handicapped people in wheel chairs.
  15. The restaurant and festival suburb of Puerto de la Cruz will have 13 street art wall paintings by October 2015
  16. In fact, the Valencia street artists Pichi and Avo a couple known for pop art and other as well as the realistic painter the renown Argentinian Martin Ron will add their creations to walls in the ancient fisherman quarters.
    By the way, Restaurante Continental where we were eating at the time serves standard fish for little children, is known for its good garlic soup and delicious flan dessert.

  17. Otherwise, encounter simple or designer Tapas and Gourmet food as well as Tenerife and Mediterranean Cuisine at the Ranilla
  18. Prices vary slightly but none are exuberant
  19. A crafts exhibition center with shop in a cute, blue fisherman house at C/Mequinez,59 invites to come in.
  20. The impeccable Tenerife insider Guest House Los Geranios (without meals and often booked out) in Calle Lomo.
  21. At corner C/el Peñon and C/Mequinez just before you reach Sports fields of Puerto Cruz, spot the cheapest Tenerife bananas
  22. Cheapest Tenerife bananas at the permanent street market in C/MequinezCheapest Tenerife bananas at street market
  23. Ample, free parking at 100 meters by the town's light house and Muelle
  24. A large Altesa supermarket which is facing the purple and blue mural in C/Mequinez,2. It's street art by Victor Ash the Frenchman from Denmark
  25. Street art by Victor Ash in the old quarters of Puerto de la Cruz of Tenerife near its little port.Street art mural by Victor Ash

  26. No hard core or noisy nightlife in the Ranilla, but gentle entertainment.
  27. Street musician from PortugalStreet musician in old quarters of Puerto
  28. In May 2013, we could listen to famous Spanish songs and music at lunch time by a Portuguese street musician.
  29. The Ranilla is dog friendly and clean and all are urged to keep it that way
  30. Public holidays mean much in this former fisherman enclave. However, Fiesta de la Cruz which brings forth very artistic or elegant flower arrangements, La Mueca art festival, Fiesta del Carmen, the September Periplo and of course Carnival are most important
  31. News for June 7, 2014 announce a special event called Wall People - Back to Nature Day. This is organized by the Crafts Center in C/Mequinez 59. There, everybody with hand made art and things may join to peg it onto their walls until 4.p.m.
  32. Find its Espacio Artesano La Ranilla on Facebook and discover some of their very original artistic goods.

Our latest discovery for best Tenerife eating out

Welcome to Calle LomoWelcome to Calle Lomo
By the way, right now, our favorite eating place of Puerto de la Cruz is Restaurante Mil Sabores.

We went there with our dog at night last Easter and met a British couple who also likes it very much.

The Mil Sabores is in a fantastic location in C/Cruz Verde a short side street which joins Calle Lomo and Calle Mequinez.

The Mil Sabores is also one of prime Tenerife Christmas and New Year Eve restaurants

Eating out Vegan at the Malaika in Calle Mequinez

This former humble district is now called by some the best Tenerife restaurant hub.

Return from Ranilla to Puerto de la Cruz. There also access more links and information all related to art, culture as well as the environment.

So far, I have only been able to find you more interesting information about the old Puerto Cruz fishing community in Spanish.

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