Tenerife food of mouth watering Vegan Chocolate cake

Tenerife food ought to be healthy. The best is organic nowadays, while an extra choice may be Vegan.

My daughter, son in law and grandson were visiting from overseas. They came for my birthday. They are Vegan. That's why we had to have a Vegan Chocolate cake. More so, it should also appeal to the two year old boy by color and taste.

Why didn't I make the birthday cake myself?

  • I don't have an oven
  • Not enough experience with Vegan cooking and baking
  • There would have been little time to trace the right ingredients
  • The Café Pasteleria Malaika, C/Mequinez 49 in La Ranilla Puerto de la Cruz had one tempting offer
  • A telephone call to Massimiliano who knows me at 640 180 191,  10 days before,  was to confirm my order - As easy as that

How to camouflage an accident with imported food?

Too much transporting and a prolonged time in the fridge had not been ideal. This happened, as my birthday fell onto a Monday and Café Malaika is closed on Sundays. The cake had collapsed a little on one side. This can be seen on the photo on the right.

Imported Marshmallows were perfect to equalize it out. They created the best possible illusion of a perfect level cake.

Why is this Chocolate cake good Tenerife food?

It's made with organic products of a large amount of ground Hazelnuts, dark Chocolate, Apricot Jam and Coconut cream among other.

Tenerife health benefits of a Vegan Chocolate cake

  • Large amounts of Vitamin E and B as well as Folate, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium by Hazelnuts
  • Healthy oil of Coconut which helps to convert bad LDL Cholesterol to good HDL one
  • Healthy Apricots

What counts most, is that my family was perfectly happy. My daughter said that Café Malaika's  Vegan Chocolate cake was the most delicious she ever had.

Other small meals from Café Pastelaria Malaika

Of course, Café Bio Cafeteria Malaika of Puerto de la Cruz has much more to eat in its menu than that.

Mind that almost everything that's on offer there is organic and is also available to take away. This includes teas.

Other cafes which sell to take away on the island include a Vegan one in Candelaria

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