Shopping in Tenerife

Shopping in Tenerife was to require special attention since March 15, 2020. Then, a State of Alarma also called a State of Emergency was announced by the Spain government until further notice. Only shops that sell essential products like food and drink, news, tobacco, IT services and the like were to be allowed. Any establishments where people may gather, such as cafes, restaurants and bars could only deliver. Hence, regard much that has been published in the rest of this article is subject to change.

In fact, the luxury tart may be sold as a take away during the Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis, as the cafés who sell it also have bakery and pastry shops attached or within their premises. Mind only Rancho Grande by San Telmo Beach keeps on selling by its bread counter until bread is sold out which may be by lunch time already.

The rules for shopping in Tenerife during the Coronavirus crisis

Only Singles or one person from a family are allowed to enter a shop one at a time to prevent any crowding. Shopping in supermarkets, such as Lidl,  requires gloves that must be worn inside the shop and at tills. Keeping a 1,5m distance to a nearby shopper is a must. Gloves should be a must in all shops in my mind, but are not always strictly enforced. I emphasize that this regards shop owners as well as customers. Als o mind new Lidl business hours from 9.00 -20.00

By the way, only Hiperdino of the big supermercados does deliveries in most parts of Tenerife Island.

Coronavirus masks sold now at Tenerife famacies

Look out for masks called Mascarillas Coronavirus at so called Farmacias in Tenerife. They cost 95 cents and may be used for three days. You need to show a Tarjeta de Seguridad Social or your passport, as I was assured by the Police. Some pharmacies only accept credit cards for payment. Needless to say, the mask quality isn't the best for that price. Hence,  take care by minding safe 1,5m distances from people around you...

Amancio Ortega founder of Zara Fashion and Coronavirus Covid-19

One of my favorite clothes store with large stocks is Zara Tenerife whose founder Amancio Ortega who also owns Indesit with several other famous brands like Massimo Dutti, Strativarius and more just donated € 287 000 000 to help Spain with Coronavirus respiratory equipment and masks whose first batch has already arrived from his factory in China. Discover more about  the  Spanish fashion and the company from Northern Spain which is so popular in Tenerife.

Join me for a virtual shopping trip

Shopping on the biggest Canary Island is generally very exciting. Start in style on level ground with Santa Cruz the capital of Tenerife and mind that clothes shops and the like were to be closed from March 15, 2020 onward. 

Downtown Santa Cruz- C/Valentin Sanz

In fact, downtown Santa Cruz has three main pedestrian  streets with countless buying options, boutiques and chain stores.

Shopping delights are found from Plaza de España upwards between Calle Imelda Seris and C/ Emilio Calzadilla with C/ del Castillo being the most popular, as seen on  this map.

By the way Stores of virtually all European fashion designers are found on Calle Castillo in the Tenerife capital, as I noticed in Winter 2019/2020 when Christmas shopping at night is big fun. There as well as in La Laguna are stores of the UK Body-shop. Then, I also discovered a shop by Vici and Lu that's depicted below and which I absolutely love. It sells fashion of various European top designers and is of C/Castillo on the way to Plaza de los Principes.

Shopping news April 2013

Contrary to before, parts of the Tenerife capital commerce show exciting market initiatives on Sundays, now.

Innovative craft works are now sold on the grounds of the ancient castle by Plaza de España in the capital. Spot the ruins of once gracious arches in the background in the photo below. That's where you find its Mercadillo Castillo Santa Cruz a Christmas Market.

Some stalls of some winter markets are seen until the capital's May celebrations. Street vendors are also busy at the Rambla and at Parque Garcia Sanabria. Visitors from 50 yearly cruise ships for Santa Cruz will love this kind of shopping. 

Book store by women Libraria de Mujeres in Santa Cruz

I've noticed a bookstore with such flair and rare literature in Paris in the Quartier Latin. Certainly, London could compete, too.

The depicted book shop Librariademujeres, as it is called in Facebook, also promotes new books and their authors by staging according events. Of course, men are welcome, too.

  • Libraria de Mujeres
  • Calle Sabino Berthelot, 42 (off Calle Viera y Clavijo)
  • 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Tel: 0034 + 922 270 362
  • Open on workdays from 10 a.m. onward

Long ago, in Santa Cruz Central, I couldn't resist taking a photo of a red shop. It is still there.  It displays flags and flowers by its tall  windows which are broken up by paintings.

Cheap Electronics in Tenerife

Their biggest wholesalers are in the capital of the  biggest Canary island in Santa Cruz.
Indeed, you have a better chance to discover the lens for your old camera there.  

Event shopping for Halloween 2016

Buy the  €3,95 Halloween pumpkin shown above with spooky sweets attached to its back at a Toscal Longuera vegetable market... Otherwise,  at all the Tenerife Lidl stores which may be advertised by their catalogue. All big malls and supermarkets stock gourds for Halloween at that time of the year, by the way. 

Mega shop Saturn Santa Cruz or Añaza

In 2013, Saturn for electronic gadgets was fused with a sister business called Media Market.
The address of one such outlet in the Tenerife capital is:
C.C.Continental, C/Bentagai 1-3
38111 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel: 0034 + 922472200

Tenerife Media Market where click 'ver catalogo' to see some products.

Four Shopping centers by Avda 3 de Mayo Santa Cruz Tenerife

  • The new mall of Corte Inglés (more about it just now)
  • CC Comercial 3 de Mayo
  • Centro Comercial Meridiano with Carrefour which has electric car plug points for recharging in its underground parking ground 

Needless to say is that you find the most popular European Brands besides international imports for shopping at this ultra modern,  gigantic mall with free WiFi and free underground parking. And there is also Carrefour. Open every day except Sunday from 9.00-22.00. Christmas time on Sundays too like all big malls.

Worten in Tenerife

  • Worten,  Los Realejos Plaza Canarias
  • Worten Las Chafiras
  • Worten Los Olivos, Adeje
  • Worten la Orotava La Villa Alcampo El Trompo
  • Tel: 902 02 66 20
  • Web:

Worten sells electrical, electronic, video, audio and computer  articles. It prides itself of best service for a huge variety of goods and best prices.

Flea Markets called Rastros in Tenerife

Find the Santa Cruz Rastro in several streets by the  Mercado de Nuestra Senora de Africa which is actually much more than an African market.

The Street Flea market in Santa Cruz is for Sunday shopping only. Opening hours from 7 a.m. to about 2.p.m. They are more or less the same in all such Tenerife 'Rastros', except for the night market of Los Abrigos.
In the past, you could find more interesting things for your holiday home in Tenerife on the capital flea market. Even antiques such as precious toys, miniature dolls, match box cars and the like are more rare, now. Instead, buses bring people now to the Puerto Cruz flee market where interesting things are still found on several 'Rastros'.

Downtown shopping pleasures Santa Cruz

The photo above is typical for Tenerife capital downtown shopping. Look at the relaxed mood in this tree lined street. It leads off  Plaza de España. There downtown, many street cafés and bistros with terraces invite for a rest.  Sometimes traveling musicians play for you there while you have a meal or just a refreshment.

News for a Santa Cruz commercial waterfront

Shopping in Tenerife will be extended towards the water front by Plaza de España, sometime in the near future. More about it when the construction works have come to an end.


Restaurante El Aguila C/Valentin Sanz Plaza Alfarez Provisionales Santa Cruz

Encounter restaurant Restaurante el Aguila a once famous hangout for Tenerife Bohemians of the Tertulias at the top of the street C/el Castillo by Plaza Alfarez Provisionales. Delicious cakes are also sold there. Or savour the Bacalao fish salad Ensalada Bienmisabe... 

First Tenerife Corte Inglés

The old Corte Inglés department store is right opposite this restaurant/café. Not that long ago, it was the biggest attraction for shopping in Tenerife on the entire island.

This park is an enclave with center pavilion by Restaurante El Aguila. Have a shopping pick-nick in this semi tropical oasis surrounded by street art of unisex working people of a groupe called Courage made by the Dutch lady sculptor Hanneke Beaumont.

Hand made crafts cheaper in the capital

Silk stoles with Tenerife custom embroidery

Typical Tenerife embroidery made in China is offered by street vendors in this shopping district. The genuine hand made variety is sold in shops which are said to be cheaper than in other Tenerife towns.

Embroidered articles are not ideal for the renting out of your holiday home in Tenerife.
Chose between black or white silk stoles. They are usually stitched up in many  colors, as is custom.  Shopping in Tenerife for such light garments to take overseas as gifts is a good idea.  

Masca for souvenirs

There's a good cafe for cakes with a great gift shop in Masca. Don't think that this curio shop in the famous mountain village must be expensive for shopping in Tenerife...
We would have thought so before going to Tenerife souvenirs Masca.
Find out for yourself...

King Proteas Cynaroides as Tenerife souvenirs

  • Find the shop at Casa Lara Local 2 in Toscal Longuera, Tel:617211605
  • Business hours: 9a.m.-2.00p.m. and 4.30p.m.-8.p.m.Saturdays:  Mornings until 1 p.m. 
  • Door to door deliveries possible during the Coronavirus crisis

Antiques in La Laguna near the capital

There are some antique shops in Santa Cruz with more in the second biggest town La Laguna. I never forget an old special Spanish fan I once glimpsed there.  I hope to find it again.  La Laguna antique sales are very interesting for shopping in Tenerife.

This isn't the shop of yore I had in mind but it's well worth visiting and if only at the lady's Facebook Page La Restauradora de la Laguna.

Antique, miniature dolls houses Tenerife Spain

There once was the El Guzano shop for fantastic antique toys and houses in C/ El Castillo before 2011. Find it all now at 'El Guzano Facebook'...

Carrefour, a big Spain mall for shopping in Tenerife

Now,  the smaller branch at C/C Meridiano is just a bit further uphill from Corte Ingles , as mentioned in a list earlier on and which is also one of huge malls for shopping in Tenerife.  No parking problem exists at Tenerife Añaza Carrefour, where a bus takes you too, by the way.

Find out why I didn't buy a sofa at Carrefour Tenerife Santa Cruz the smaller branch and where I bought it, eventually.

Other mega markets of French origin

Hypermarkets Alcampo Tenerife again leaders for cheapest shopping in 2017

La Laguna Shopping district by Free Way TF5

Do shopping in Tenerife in the outskirt centers using Tenerife public Titsa buses. Go to La Laguna on the TF5 Free Way with Titsa bus 102 as well as for Ikea of Tenerife, while Alcampo of La Laguna also has a mega store supermarket which includes groceries and fresh produce as well for shopping in Tenerife. Mind that Alcampo supermarkets only accept credit cards and is now only open from 10.00 to 20.00
Tenerife's biggest sports mall called Decathlon where English is spoken is right beside it.

Shopping in Tenerife malls with nightlife

Discover all about vibrant shopping at Alcampo La Laguna as well as at La Villa which is also known as the TF5 shopping mall Villa La Orotava. This place is similar to a fair ground by the way it accommodates half of Tenerife North shoppers with mall nightlife of Spain. Find those shopping locations most entertaining during Carnival, Christmas and at other events after hours.

An interesting fact for shopping in Tenerife of appliances like fridges

I was told in more than one appliance shop (which does not apply to big malls, by the way) that all little shops sell the same fridge, for example, at exactly the same price.
Alternatively, hunt for bargains at the hyper outlets of Alcampo or Carrefour when you are shopping in Tenerife..

Tenerife supermarket chains

  • Mercadona which is my favorite for its large variety and competitive prices; and established good house brands called Hacendado
  • Altesa for excellent offers for tinned fish food in particular
  • Trebol Centro Comercial Supermarket
  • Hiperdino Supermarket where you can shop online for delivery also during the Coronavirus Crisis
  • Supercor convenience supermarkets La Laguna and Abona de Grenadilla as well as Supercor in Puerto Cruz now open until midnight
  • About Shops of Lidl Tenerife and the one I prefer
  • 30 new supermarkets Coviran cooperatives, such as the Coviran La Paz former Supermercado 2000

Are supermarkets in the North cheaper than in the south?

Shopping in Tenerife South is slightly more expensive than in the North. My friend César used to buy a fair deal in the North before Los Gigantes opened its own Mercadona and Lidl stores nearby.

Furniture shops in Icod de Los Vinos

Icod de los Vinos has a whole district that sells economical furniture for every taste. I purchased a little Bamboo sofa table at shop RustyIcod for my holiday studio for only euro;20,-- in 2004. Delivery was included in the price.  The Tienda(shop) RustyYcod is in  Avda.Chincanayros - La Mancha, Icod de los Vinos,  Tel./fax  922 81 1940 Also check out electrical appliances at the Electro Bazar Icod, S.L., Avda.25 de Abril, 53 - San Sebastian, 8 - Icod de los Vinos, Tel: 922 81 04 19.

Santa Ursula shops and fake plants

Santa Ursula Center has furniture shops and a fabulous store for artificial plants from €70 to €100.   It is opposite the Santa Ursula Titsa Bus stop by the Town Hall about. Such green ornaments are ideal for a holiday home in Tenerife which is to be rented out, you know...

Closed for Siesta

Most shops in Santa Cruz Tenerife capital are closed on Sundays, public holiday and during Siesta from about 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. but, there is the Mercardo de Nuestra Señora (flea market is part of it) where you may even haggle out a bargain.

Vintage shop 13 Santa Cruz 80iesfashion

Vintage shops for clothes

  • Shop Name: Vintage store 13 in a most beautiful, extraordinary building
  • Sells: 1980ies vintage clothes and shoes besides antiques
  • C/ Nicolas Estavanez, 8 just off Plaza Candelaria
  • 38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Tel: 922 27 40 99
  • Facebook: Vintage-Store-13
  • Mind that this shop has been closed until further notice

Leroy Merlin La Laguna and La Orotava Tenerife Spain

Discover  Leroy Merlin Tenerife for much more than just the handy man with many hot tips
Other big stores in its vicinity cater for bath rooms only, others for tools,  exclusively, yet another outlet offers furniture. It does deliveries due to the Coronavirus but charges for it. 

Huge, beautiful nursery by La Villa Alcampo

One of Tenerife's biggest nurseries is Lalyflor which is also a wholesale business. Encounter it up the road by Leroy Merlin. It had the biggest collection of most stunning orchids which are imported from Holland (If I recollect well) on sale including enormous flower pots of all sizes and huge plants when I last went there. A while ago, I saw a handsome Lavender plant on sale ther for only €2. Go to Laly Flor to buy gardening tools and decorative plants for a holiday villa or the like which needs a green boost. The Address is LalyFlor La Vera Tel: 922 387053 Take the TF5 Exit 38...

Santa Cruz Mercado la Recova Tenerife African Market

Main Market of Tenerife

La Matanza market for farmers produce and craft works

La Matanza market Mercadillo del Agricultor, del Vino y Artesania on the TF217 motorway is open on week-end mornings. It is more than a farmers market with two market halls. Interesting locally produced wines... It has a bar and Cafe where people love to eat Churros.

By the way, find the biggest Tenerife capital Agricultural Wholesale market at the web

Tenerife markets looked at with general information that even include the property market in a broader sense

Shopping in Tenerife for top health bread

  • Spelt Bread
  • Sourdough bread
  • Pumpernickel
  • ProBody bread the top of the range
  • Who sells it: Bakery El Molino in the open Commercial Center of La Longuera, at 10 minutes by bus or car from Puerto de la Cruz

Depicted above are 100g of ProBody Bread which have 23g Protein. That is more than in 100g of fresh, high quality Salmon which has 20g Protein. This bread has 276kcal, 15,6g fat of which 2,5g are saturated. Carbohydrate content in 100g is a sensational minimum of 6,0g. Sugar of that is 1,5g, Fiber 9,9g and salt 1,13g

Sourdough bread in Tenerife North

Sourdough bread is also sold in Puerto de la Cruz at Restaurante Rancho Grande's bakery and at the Columbus Center of Plaza del Charco. It is likely to be available at the Cafe opposite Lago Martianez.
Huge monastery loaves are sold at The Monasterio Meson El Monasterio just outside of town. I have seen normal loaves at La Villa Alcampo of La Orotava around Christmas.

Sales in Tenerife

Always mind sales when on vacation on the island. Spot them as 'Ofertas' or 'Rebajas', as called in Spanish. Some fashion outlets discounted up to 75 per cent in Spring 2013, as Christmas shopping had been disappointing. Summer Sales normally start in July but, may also begin in June,  already. With summer season for beaches almost all year round summer and beach clothes are sold cheaper frequently at any time of the year.

Fashion design and design ideas in Tenerife

Little boutiques in some of the lesser known commercial districts let you discover unusual fashion design outfits. I had seen some in the old quarters of the big town the mother of Puerto de la Cruz.
An interesting designer boutique is also right by Casa de Aduana Puerto de la Cruz and another is in Calle Zamora.

Cotton is cool

Cotton clothes Tenerife often made in South America

Cotton clothes made in South America may be found at little boutiques in North Tenerife.

United Benetton Tenerife

The building opposite Zara's of Santa Cruz in the capital is called after United Benetton but its next big outlet is now at Plaza del Principe in the hotel by that name.

Mind the frequent Benetton sales of more than good quality children clothes. I bought several jeans on sale from it for less than € 5 each.

First Armani Jeans Store of Spain

  • Where? 38670 Costa Adeje of Tenerife -Shopping Center Plaza del Duque Centro Comercial
  • Tel:0034+ 9222 719 899
  • Business hours? Every day from 10.15-22.15 at night
  • Selling? Jeans for men and women inclusive lady push up jeans
  • Extras? Any type of accessories like tops, bags, sunglasses and perfumes
  • Corte Ingles with designer clothes by Armani and other designers

Traditional island clothes

Tenerife traditional folkloric outfits are adorable for men or for women and are best purchased at the stores and factory of Artesania Canarias in Avenida los Remedios, 17 of Los Realejos.

Orotava folkore gifts

Casa de los Balcones Tenerife with a glimpse into its treasure chest for shopping

Casa de los Balcones offers a big treasure chest for buying beautiful traditional Tenerife gifts. Of course, hand made embroidered garments can't be cheap and some are of pure silk.

  • Casa de los Balcones
  • C.San Francisco,3
  • 38300 La Orotava 
  • Tel+34 922 33 06 20 o at +34 922 33 18 39

'Casa de artesania' over the road also has a large Folklore selection for shopping in Tenerife. See it at which has more retail outlets at La Villa Alcampo by the TF5 freeway, exit 36 as well as in all major Tenerife towns such as the Garachico shop El Limonero arts and crafts
By the way, Garachico shopping being again worth a trip

Gofio the ancient Guanche food

Gofio factory shop in La Orotava

You can purchase this toasted cereal flour by the kg at the Gofio factory shop in la Orotava at about 200m up the road from Casa de los Balcones.
Buy this typical staple diet of Tenerife with an acquired taste for the fun of it for as little as €1,20. Mind, Gofio which is cheaper than Wheat and Oats is not sold in all Spanish provinces. Tourists that take it home to surprise friends with it. Why?  Gofio opens up interesting conversation points on the Guanches.

More made in Tenerife

  • The most famous right now the hard to get Taganan  from the region with a similar name a wine which has been praised by the former US President Obama
  • Dulces de Almendras sweets of sugar or chocolate coated almonds sold in all Spanish supermarkets and malls
  • Typical hard to crack Spanish Christmas Turón of all sorts
  • Cured goat, sheep and normal dairy cheese with a cured mixture of all three
  • Wines which include one made of Bananas as well as Banana Liquor
  • Sweet Malvasia wine sold at Casa de los Balcones and at the Malvasia museum of the region and town of Icoden
  • Tenerife cigars

Musical instruments craft works

Timple unusual musical instrument made in Tenerife
  • The Timple kind of a mini guitar sold at Casa de Los Balcones and at the shops Pianoforte
  • Chacaras tiny locally made hand held percussion gadgets - Sold at Casa de Los Balcones and at Pianoforte of La Orotava that also has musical scores (Partitures) for sale

Address of the shops Pianoforte

  • Formerly located by the Orotava Town Hall and now
  • Represented by Mauro Fanio Tel:676 734 257 Official Distributor for Yamaha
  • Shop C/Simón Bolivar, 23 Tel: 922 229 764 at 38009 S/C de Tenerife
  • Shop C/Calvario, 19 Tel: 922 325 727 at 38300 La Orotava

Other Tenerife craftworks

  • Basket ware from Masca (cestas in Spanish), even made of palm leaves but, hard to find now
  • Clay pottery produced and sold in side streets near La Orotava Town Hall
  • Casa de la Artesania and the tourist info shop in Puerto de la Cruz

Taxes and imports Tenerife

Shopping in Tenerife as well as on other Canary Islands is cheapest by tax. Igic the Canary Island retail shopping tax went up from 5% to 7% in 2012 which is still cheaper than the IVA with 21% on mainland Spain.
However, much is imported on Tenerife Island via its Free Port Santa Cruz Mercado Libre from Asia and from South America.

Cigarettes in Tenerife

I stopped smoking many moons ago and don't like to encourage cigarette buying. Cigarettes and related merchandise is about half price compared to the rest of Europe. Estancos are the cheapest providers. However, be free to pop in at the workshop of Tenerife cigars to acquire one or two hand-rolled ones as peculiar souvenirs to take home as gifts or  collectors items.

Luxury taxes Tenerife

Luxury taxes in Canarias are low, indeed. Cigarettes, liquors and perfumes or cosmetics are proof of that. Even products made on mainland Spain cost less. This makes shopping in Tenerife so interesting for expats and for for tourists on holiday.    

Useful custom tips before flying back to the UK and then abroad

Shopping for cars

Acquiring a new car in Tenerife is, always,  recommended as opposed to bringing one in.

Second hand cars buying and selling spot

At a road that runs parallel to La Villa Alcampo La Orotava you can view many, many used cars that face the TF1 Free Way. Owners leave them there with asking price, mileage and phone number attached in order to sell.

Corte Ingles outlet by La Orotava mall

Other Tenerife shopping news concern the Corte Inglés with its so called 'Centro de Oportunidades' which was inaugurated in May 2012 at El Trompe beside La Villa Alcampo mall.

Tenerife markets for vintage, day and night shopping indoors or outdoors, for produce, fashion, fun, sports and utilities

Shopping in Tenerife at MAIT La Orotava

Health shops are surviving bad times

Secrets on what to look out for in Shops for health, such as organic produce, best organic teas, best meatloaf and more

International food products,condiments,spices and supplements

Saroj Supermarket is a branch of the same Asian shop in Tenerife North. More about it under Puerto Cruz shopping in Tenerife just now.

Shopping in Tenerife links

Puerto de la Cruz shopping in Tenerife has an exciting range of shops to name just a few like El Aderno, Indesit and other stores with a Zara in the pipeline, malls, Desigual fashion, and of course La Villa Alcampo and Centro Comercial El Trompo

Helpful links for shopping in Tenerife

Pinolere with craft fair

Attractions of Art Shopping with listed galleries
Shopping in Tenerife for fish and seafood by season

Shopping Buenavista with sugar free chocolates and diabetic desserts to buy at El Aderno

Toscal Longuera Tenerife business for shopping.

Buying on vacation at Costa Adeje

Tenerife shoe repairs where keys are sold sometimes

Online Tenerife shopping tips

Shopping in Tenerife South for traditional Indian Clothes and accessories at the City Center at Playa de las Americas is possible here.

Interesting shopping tax info by the European Union Commission for people from outside the EU who buy in Europe which includes Tenerife as well as more must know important regulations.

From shopping in Tenerife back to HomePage Tenerife holiday home insider

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