Halloween pumpkins from Alcampo are so versatile.

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Halloween pumpkins

Look out for Halloween Pumpkins, as sold by La Villa Alcampo Orotava the biggest shopping center by Puerto de la Cruz

No doubt that all Alcampo malls and even Alcampo France Auchan will offer them. (Auchan derives from the French equivalent to alcampo which is aux champs).


Funny pumpkins natural  without decoration

Those were no ordinary pumpkins and I mean no funny pumpkins either.

The pumpkins were advertised as specials from the end of October 2011 onwards for just under €6, while they were of a nice size. All pumpkins looked equally big and all had an unusual Halloween product packaging design.

Alcampo Halloween pumpkins 2015

By the way in 2015, I met a friend that told me that she got her Halloween pumpkin from La Villa Alcampo super stores again. 'Already decorated', she said.

Halloween decorating help

Indeed, the pumpkins were stenciled. They had pumpkin templates. Holes for eyes and mouth of the pumpkin ghost face were cut out in the sturdy cardboard packaging. All you had to do now was to copy their contours to make your own pumpkin of Halloween.

Versatile use of pumpkin vegetable

  • As Halloween ghost by cutting off tip of head, hollowing out inside as well as carving out eyes and mouth.
  • Using the inside flesh for pumpkin soup or pottage with pepper, salt, cinnamon and butter or cream to taste

Long ago, I had to battle carving a similar but, much less attractive vegetable for making an alternative pumpkin of Halloween on sticks for my childhood ghost parades, many moons ago.

Squash vegetables as food and or decorationSquash vegetables as food and or decoration.

The orange pumpkin doesn't taste exactly like most squash, although it's part of their family. Squash are normally round and have a more watery flesh, while they come in different shades of green, yellow, beige and orange. However all pumpkins and squash are very decorative, as depicted beside.

So the pumpkin of the night of ghosts is the traditional decoration for the special day and afterwards. It serves for Halloween parties and as food for the table.

The bright orange color of the so called ghost Pumpkin is magic. That color together with the shape of the produce make an incredible focal point for interior decorating as well. Besides, pumpkins for Halloween in their original estate are natural sculptures which make ideal stills or complements for art. Admire the stunning, unusual red Halloween pumpkin beside.

Revamp, improve, make the best of it

Needless to say is that the big round and orange vegetable makes fantastic decorations around your villa or any vacation home in Tenerife, when the vegetable is turned into a Halloween lantern. Then, it looks great as night illumination in any garden. Halloween lanterns greet your visitors with their friendly Halloween faces by your front door. They also are the perfect illumination ornament for any dinner or party table.

Grow pumpkins for Halloween or all year

By the way, grow your own Halloween pumpkins in your holiday home in Tenerife the fortunate island where almost every vegetable of the world may grow provided you have some ground. Pumpkins are very easy to grow, There is a big banana plantation in Realejos of Tenerife North at the end of Longuera Toscal where pumpkin runners almost trail over the high wall by a country road which borders bananas.

The health benefits of pumpkins.

From Halloween pumpkins back to Tenerife events of spooky November parties.

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