Top Tenerife attractions

The term Tenerife attractions Carnival as number 1 for many means sightseeing, entertainment and activities. That's for foreigners as well as for residents on the biggest Canary Island.

Tenerife attractions with carnival in the leadTenerife attractions carnival
The disguise events and witty shows excel in the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife, while the gay parade Mascarita Ponte Tacón draws enormous crowds year by year in Puerto de la Cruz.

Biggest Tenerife attraction of its music scene

That's the band Bloko del Valle. It now performs at every event of the island and often abroad. It was closing the Carnival of Tenerife over the course of many hours. They had 200 musicians, although they only had 100 drums. Brazil will supply the rest for 2017. Its drummers took part in the Mueca 2016 with 100 players. Following is a glimpse of its carnival show.

Running up in popularity are the following five sensational parks

  1. Tenerife National Park with Spain's highest peak
  2. Entertainment Tenerife Loro Park with its best Zoo of the world which is the island's main spectacle for all ages that beats circus shows any time
  3. Siam Park, as most loved water amusement park of Europe by Tripadvisor 2014

  4. Lido Martianez Tenerife Puerto de la CruzLido Lago Martianez

  5. Lago Martianez with its Casino under sea level, huge lakes, gigantic fountain, tropical surrounding at the edge of the ocean and popular 'White night star light events'.
  6. Walking the biggest Canary Island.
Obviously, there are no bigger Tenerife attractions than the fun and immense health benefit of walking for millions of Germans who've spent entire winters on the island for decades while resting their tired legs in a holiday home in Tenerife.


Events and permanent culture of Tenerife

  1. Christmas pictures emphasize attractions of a season.
  2. Tenerife events - Christmas concerts, exhibitions and markets
  3. Tenerife events Halloween and White nights
  4. Tenerife Fiestas,
  5. Auditorio Adan Martin of Santa Cruz .
  6. Tenerife holiday review of entertainment in museum El Abaco,.
  7. Buddhist retreat Sunset beach 290 Tenerife for going out
  8. Contemporary art exhibitions and shows by TEA
  9. Jazz singer Anna Rodriguez in concert
  10. El Medano folk dance festival at the edge of the ocean

Tenerife attractions by folk music and Romerias

Always ask at a town's tourism office about up coming Romerias (folk festivals) or folk music events or check in TV Canarias for Bodega de Julian...

For highly attractive Tenerife trips

rugged slopes of mountain village MascaMasca
  1. Pueblo Chico (at Camino Cruz de los Martillos, 62 Tel 922 334060) the Tenerife miniature village with all monuments of the Island has closed its doors for good
  2. Pinolere of La Orotava the only Government endorsed permanent Tenerife craft market village.
  3. Innovative craftwork exhibitions and sales at La Ranilla of Tenerife
  4. Masca village by rugged slopes for teas, souvenirs and adventure hikes
  5. Portillo wisitors centre with free haunting film about Teide birth
  6. Tenerife Parque Maritimo a Santa Cruz Caribbean style paradise enclave,
  7. Black Madonna fusing Tenerife history, walking and spiritualism
  8. Mirador Humboldt a spectacular look-out to Orotava Valley
  9. Paradise country breathtaking views of Tenerife North coast off Cafe Vista Paraiso
  10. Flying fox zip line Tenerife forest park
  11. Doll museum art village Artlandia Icod de los Vinos
  12. Biggest and best market in Tenerife
  13. Whale and dolphin watching by Los Gigantes
  14. Costa Adeje

News December 2015 about Pueblo Chico closure

Unfortunately, this attraction of 13 years has been closed. Why? The behavior of tourists and locals has changed. More about it was revealed by the Spanish Media here

Tenerife attractions of nature

Playa Socorro surf beach Los Realejos TenerifePlaya el Socorro Realejos
  1. Tenerife beaches unspoiled like Playa Socorro of Realejos
  2. South Tenerife beaches with Playa Paraiso beach parties.
  3. Tenerife sunshine under all conditions.
  4. Tenerife gorge Ruiz of scientific importance
  5. Caves and their Tenerife neolithic people
  6. Monte de Agua, parts of Anaga Massif as well as Parque Forestal la Caldera of La Orotava with Laurisilva rain forests.
  7. Mountain and coastal region by and above los Gigantes

Off the beaten track is drawing more and more people

Teno Alto shop and bar for cheese and wineTeno Alto Bar Tenerife
The high altitude of Teno Alto is ideal to get away from all stress, as the photo depicts. The porch of a unique country bar which is also a shop is perfect for sampling best home made cheese and wine. Just around the corner is pristine goat and sheep country where you can walk for miles and see as far as the Island La Gomera.

Puerto de la Cruz the most attractive resort of the past

Punta Brava a most intriguing overlooked fishing hamlet of Puerto de la Cruz which is typical for its region where much varnish is gone but where the charm lives on.

fountain in Tenerife by church Iglesia Pena Francia Puerto CruzFountain N-S Pena Francia

Tenerife architectural and art attractions

  1. Not only Tenerife art in Santa Cruz is very attractive
  2. Monuments and sculptures on streets and town squares all over the island follow suite.
  3. The most charming fountain stands on
    Plaza Iglesia de Peña Francia in Puerto de la Cruz.
  4. Many works by Julio Neto are found in the streets of Tenerife towns.
  5. Garachico harbor and port made Spain news May 2012
  6. A Garachico funicular is soon to come.

Devils gorge by Arona Tenerife SouthDevils gorge by Arona Tenerife

Tenerife attractions of parks and gardens

  1. Teide excursions
  2. Devils Gorge the Spanish Barranco del Infierno for Tenerife adventure hiking
  3. Monte de Agua a remnant of Laurisilva rain forest of Tenerife
  4. Unique Tenerife beach gardens of Playa Jardin Puerto de la Cruz
  5. Park of former Guanche king residence
  6. Subtropical aquapark oasis for teas on a hill
  7. About the Tenerife national trees and where they are
  8. City park Garcia Sanabria for best life style
  9. Tenerife Morros City park the newly transplanted green lung of Arona where mature palms found a new home
  10. Sitio Litre the oldest man made and historic park in Tenerife
  11. Park and Victoria gardens with Mausoleum in La Orotava
  12. Santa Cruz palm forest park museum World biggest
  13. The national tree of Tenerife with or without park
  14. El Jardin Botanico Park of Tenerife

El Jardin Botanico Tenerife botanical gardensEl Jardin Botanico Puerto Cruz

Entertainment attractions

  1. Much free Tenerife entertainment that few can resist
  2. Tenerife pictures of highly attractive town with Las Vegas flair.
  3. Best Costa Adeje nightclub with oriental theme by Torviscas

Tenerife attractions of most popular things to do

  1. Tenerife fishing in general
  2. Best snorkeling
  3. Paragliding
  4. Tenerife kayaking in the sea.
  5. Tenerife speed boating in Los Gigantes
  6. Tenerife pole jumping or Shepherds jumping which derives from Gomeran Guanches and which is only available with Spanish speaking coaches in Buenavista del Norte.(Tel 0034 + 653 489 920)

Tenerife attractions of technology

  1. Inter island connections by Binter and Islas Airways
  2. A new tram system with free Internet service which is still to be expanded.
  3. A cable railway called Telerifico by Mount Teide
  4. Red 'doubledecker' buses with audio enticement in different languages by the luxury Santa Cruz city tours
  5. German technology miracle trains as Tenerife transport in the pipeline, although an investment which is hardly affordable
  6. Island hopping with a much relaxing Fred Olsen ferry from Los Christianos or Santa Cruz.

Fred Olsen Ferry  My trip October 2014 from La GomeraFred Olsen ferry
small bananas of Tenerife
Depicted are typical TenerifeSmall bananas also part of the island's Cavendish hybrids.

What turns bananas into attractions?

  • Banana gift parcels to take overseas
  • Stunning banana trails for walking, such as the one La Paz to Bollullo
  • Many a mesmerizing banana plantation by the sea

Tenerife Bananeras

  1. Platanera El Guanche
    a subsidized banana show farm/park
    at Carretera Botánico up the road from
    Jardin Botánico at La Paz of Puerto Cruz,
    Tel: 0034 + 922 331 853
  2. Platanera Jardines del Atlantico a park with regional flora added
    with Teide film show and farmer museum
    Where? By Arona and TF1 at exit 26, then Buzanada and Guaza to Camino de Bananeras, 16
  3. Be your own guide for the free to see Banana farm of Rambla del Mar
  4. of the serene and unbeatable 'out of this world' Los Realejos coastline.

Los Realejos the cradle of a new Tenerife after the conquest of the Guanches

La Orotava Liceo Taoro Corpus Christi 2014La Orotava Liceo Taoro 2014

Tenerife Attractions of La Orotava

  1. La Orotava celebrations of the body of christ with flower carpets
  2. World best sand carpets of unrivalled fine art
  3. Casa de los Balcones
  4. Museum of flower carpets
  5. Liceo Taoro elegant whose entrance door is depicted beside
  6. Casa Lercaro for eating in historical patios
The mother town of Puerto de la Cruz which I discovered when visiting a townhouse in la Orotava in the old quarters is a photo shot drawer of Tenerife in its own right.

Meson Monasterio by Montaneta of the monks

The most attractive gardens with restaurants, farm animals and Tenerife champagne breakfast.

Champagne breakfast Meson Monasterio February 2015
Cafe de Paris oldest and renown of Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz

The most popular attractive cafes of Tenerife

  1. Cafe Ebano Puerto Cruz with antique shop
  2. Cafe Vista Paraiso with its paradise setting above Orotava beaches
  3. Santa Cruz party street with its cafes at la Noria.
  4. Parisian cafe Puerto de la Cruz Café de Paris

Playa Jardin Park Puerto de la Cruz TenerifePlaya jardin park Puerto Cruz

More Tenerife towns that lure most visitors

  1. The town of the most giant cliffs of Europe
  2. Pictures of Garachico at night
  3. The town of the black Madonna and biggest Canary Island cathedral
  4. The Tenerife university town
  5. The oldest Tenerife resort with Playa Jardin

Plaza de Espana Santa Cruz de TenerifePlaza de Espana Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife attractions with new Plaza de Espana

  1. The triangle of attractions of Santa Cruz with La Noria and Teatro Guimera
  2. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife city tour bus which is overrated but highly useful for strangers in town
  3. The oldest department store of Spain and its new jewel of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  4. The Tenerife capital oldest and most beautiful Spanish fashion outlet

Amusement Park Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife

Funfair equipment and street stalls of all sorts have been part of the big thrills of the Puerto de la Cruz amusement park for many years.

Spanish people Tenerife Spain

Spanish people as Tenerife attractions

Of course, the biggest attractions are Spanish people during the Tenerife Carnival holidays and other fiestas.

They may be in fabulous feathered Carnival costumes as well as without. They give occasion to excellent photo portrays to capture.

That's when people of Spain and all its carnival provinces lose their inhibitions. Then they are extremely extrovert and show their happiest faces.

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Siam Park the best water park of the world information about which find here

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