Unique folk dance festival El Medano Tenerife with most unusual theater stage setup

The international folk dance festival is only one of many Tenerife cultural festivals. It was hosted again by the Tenerife province Granadilla de Abona in the south of the biggest of all Canary Islands between August 16 and August 21, 2011. Mind many more such yearly summer festivals at El Medano are to come.

El Medano with its famous surfer beachfront was its podium for the eighteenth time.

The folk dancing celebration took place only one month after the island's renown Medano International windsurfing championships of mid July.

That made it the second highlight in such short a period.

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Impressions of the most relaxed South Tenerife folk dance festival 2011

  • When: Peak of Summer in August
  • Where: El Medano center hub by the town beach and Hotel El Medano
    which also would be kind of a sponsor in 2015
  • Matching attire: Crisp white blouses worn by young local boys and girls.
  • Boys folk outfit: Narrow cut black trousers
  • Girls folk dress: Floating wide red skirts with gold, black and white bottom stripes
    with minimal headgear holding lady hair tightly in place.
  • Overall Performance: Harmonizing general appearance with good choreography and folk music
  • Detail: Red ballerina half boots graciously tapping the floor to a happy, fast rhythm.

What a great way of celebrating a summer's day with ocean breeze by a town beach under the sun!

Mind that you will not always find such good folk dancing during local Romerias off lately; International competition makes all the difference.

Most onlooker tourists were scarcely dressed for a day by the sea which was only a mere 10 or 15 meters behind their back.

It must be said that the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius, except under shade.

A young girl sat on the floor.

Her big, floral tattoo covered more of her skin than her pretty beachwear.

Some cameras were catching
the stunning event.

Latest folk dance festival the XXVI Folklore festival in August 2019 again a great success

This 2019 folk festival by Granadilla brought to you also dance groups from Hawaii, Serbia and Majorca. Tenerife was presented by Atabara, Pieles, Guaydil, Sentir Sureño,Viñatico de San Isidro, San Antonio de Padua, Alisios del Sur and Aires de Abona.

international village fair 2011

  • Occasion: International folklore dancing festival
  • Selling: Folk craftworks
  • Made in: Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay.
  • Kind of wares: Traditional cheese, liquor and sweets as well as tiny Timble guitars and straw hats made by Tinerfeños

Accommodation for el Medano folk festival

By the way, I took a taxi from my Hotel Monica Tenerife Aeropuerto Sur to El Medano. The week-end taxi tariff from the hotel to El Medano was very cheap for €6 in 2011 for the 4 km that it took.

Now those 2015 news about the so-called Muestra Folclorica the XXII international festival of this kind of folk music, dance, arts and crafts of Granadilla de Abona

2015 news of international folk dance Festival

  • Name: La Muestra Folclorica
  • Duration August 17 to August 23, 2015.
  • Local participants: Alisios de Sur and Sentir Sureño
  • Main highlight: Brasil with the group " Aruanda
  • Other contributors from: Argentina, La Palma, Gran Canaria and from the Pais Vasco
  • Look out for events and festivals at Facebook of the Granadilla Town Hall here
  • Los Realejos yearly festival of folk dances of all Islands

    • When? every year at the end of May in the evening
    • Where? Plaza de Viera y Clavijo at Realejos Alto by its most famous church Iglesia Santiago Apostol

    More Free outdoors live entertainment big and small

    Tenerife entertainment.

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