Tiny El Medano Tenerife for big adventure sports and leisure.

El Medano Tenerife is famous for those red, blue, brown and white boards that dance with kites in its Kobald blue bay on the foot of the Red mountain Montana Roja.

It is also a settlement of the municipality Granadilla de Abona as well as a region by its surfer paradise seashore.

Powerful winds lift kite boarders from impressive swells high up into the air.    

The so called Medanos  the sandy hills make up 2km of natural beaches that are unrivaled on the island by size.

This region with its red peak Montaña Roja and cosy naturist beach PLaya Tejita is a phenomenal place where the surfers are  next door.  It's also a precious jam for Bohemians the artists of good living. 

By the way, only 500 years ago,  Guanches could still venture in its low wetlands behind dunes and collect small fish called Gueldes and the like.

El Medano has a geology that creates almost golden beaches. How?  It comes from the pale Pumice surface and a light that echoes the Sahara near Agadir.

Agadir is only a mere 447.58 miles, and 388.68 nautical miles away but, even closer to the Sahara, as seen on the map above when you look straight to the nearest African shore.

The laid back life style of El Medano Tenerife

  • Without fancy resorts and mass tourism
  •  A place where the Tenerife holiday home, such as a studio or apartment is prefered by the surf fans, unless they stay only days and opt for
  • With fisher boy Tenerife flyfishing or a nonchallant fisherman with dog
  • A big easy go village of roughly 7000 inhabitants, only.

  • Deep blue waters in a bay where two pretty SUP surf girls in bikinis are not unusual.

Bar Restaurante El Timon near Titsa bus and taxi stops in El Medano Tenerife

Our quiet dog Jesse who resembles a Terrier was allowed inside this restaurant. On a top veranda,  though.

Address of Bar Restaurante El Timon
Paseo Marcial Garcia, 22
38612 El Medano
Tel: 0034 + 922 176100

My daughter and I enjoyed a sumptuous lunch on its first floor terrace with a breath taking sea view. By the way, the delicious seafood and good wine were not expensive at all. 

Let El Medano Tenerife remain the way it is

  •  Rather casual and laid back
  •  Charming and mysterious
  •  Down to earth and affordable
  •  Warm and welcoming
  •  Competitive in any case

Impressions by a Medano Granadilla de Abona town stroll

  • Start by Punta Medano by the jetty for rod fishing where the red mountain can be seen on the horizon

  • Spot Hotel Arenas in the opposite direction beyond another large bay. There young folks learn to surf on Playa La Jaquita.
  • Return towards town and Playa Chica with the tiny fishing boat port.
  • Enter Paseo Marcial Garcia  the pedestrian walk with its many shops, agencies, bars, restaurants and charming details, such as posters of events


  • Sip a Saparoco on Plaza del Principe de Asturias the most important town square with its own beach
  • Watch a world of snorkelers, divers, rod fishers, fans of kayaking, Hippies, artists and globe trotters of many nationalities walk by
  • Look out for events in this location like an August  folk dance festival where Brazil and Argentina took part in 2015
  • Walk past the life guard look out tower along Playa Grande and Lecadio Machado beach on a spacious and cool boardwalk

  1. Pass Hotel Tenerife Sur and the surf school that's outside.
  2.  Head towards the red mountain to its 3km nature and bird paradise and to Playa La Tejita to swim in the nude
  3. Visit the island's best camping ground that's nearby
  • Catch a Public Titsa bus nearby

Crime and pickpockets don't come to mind in this part of Southern Tenerife.  Seafood, Tapas, local or Jerez wine, good company and action sports are more important there than luxury thrills.

Learn more about this dog beach here.

Tourist bureau oficina de turismo

  •  Location: Plaza de los Pricipes de España
  •  Tel. 0034 + 922 176002 
  •  Open: Mo-Fr.9-14 p.m. and Sat.9-13 p.m.

Must see El Medano links

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Getting around from El Medano

News:Granadilla de Abona of El Medano Tenerife decided in summer 2015 to promote it from now on as Costa Magallanes after the Portuguese explorer Magalhães who stopped there on his discovery of the route to the East via the Atlantic and then via the Pacific ocean. 

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