Go Flyfishing at Muelle el Medano Tenerife like this 10 year old fishing boy...

Obviously, flyfishing has no age requirements.

Look at the 10 year old fishing boy. He sits on top of a wall.

Reading glasses cannot hide his young face. But it is slightly turned towards the sea. A black baseball cap protects against the August sun.

At some stage, his fishing rod is swinging over the surface of the ocean. Beside him, about 30 white shrimps are left in a plastic box which may have served for ice cream before.

The fisher boy looks happy with his task.

I found this scene so serene.

He didn't waste a glance at a few young girls who were standing a few paces away by this Muelle ( breakwater quay) of el Medano Tenerife.

Notice the two fishermen to the left of him.

They also seemed very absorbed in their task. Hence, I didn't want to disturb by asking any questions.

Tuna and similar predators are normally attracted with shrimps on hooks.

A few fishing boats were spread out on the horizon of the fisher boy in this bay below the MontaƱa Roja by el Cabezo coast.

They were too far away. Impossible to see, if they were busy swinging the rods to catch fish....

They were beyond the Stilt hotel of el Medano, whereas the Muelle (jetty) was about 300 meters from beach Playa la Chica.

Flyfishing from a boat

Suddenly, I spotted a black Cocker Spaniel.

He had boarded a wooden rowing boat in the turquoise sea. The man who was with him had no rod fishing equipment.

Perhaps, the man belonged to families with a Medano holiday home in Tenerife. May be now, he was going to join one of the vessels by the Cabezo beaches beyond.

Not all their occupants are busy with rod fishing, you know... Some are concerned fathers of various surf sport learners. They are anxious to remain near the action. It is advised to not only keep an eye on beginners of these extreme sports, in case of trouble with windsurf or surfing with kites in Tenerife..

As you can see, the Muelle and el Medano Bay have no part in secret fishing locations some of which still exist on the biggest of all Canary Islands.

However, the bay of the Tenerife Medano represents the two sides of a coin of a fantastic Southeast location on the biggest Canary Island. There, one side is for adventure holidays with thrilling watersports and the other for fishing or any other relaxation.

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