Getting around from airport hotel Tenerife Hotel aeropuerto Sur.

Surf beach el MedanoSurf beach el Medano.

Getting around in summer 2011 to El Medano from San Isidro airport hotel Tenerife means a straight downhill drive on TF64 to the Medano surf beach.

A public Titsa bus from Granadilla de Abona uses the route for a fare of €1. But Titsa is not always operating when you want it, though.

Besides, there are no given times by bus stops. You must wait.

Your alternative option is to catch a taxi on the other side of the San Isidro main road. Such a San Isidro cab buys you a short Medano trip for €6 more or less to watch the kites which surf el Medano or to do any water sports yourself.

Shuttle bus to Tenerife south airport

Inquire about the hotel's shuttle bus service to the nearby South airport TFS Reina Sofia. Of course, getting around by 3 a.m. is not easy at all. Therefor for example, your best option for the sake of extra sleep or stretching of legs is a taxi to catch some of the early morning Ryanair flights. However, such an option is only step one for solving flight problems.

More airport Hotel Tenerife south transport

A taxi would set you back anything between €6 and €10, depending on various cab tariffs. This is still a bargain, as you would only need this route once, while you have public bus options, car rental and cheap public transport alternatives at normal times.

Sporty transport

There's even bike bicycle rental El Medano. How about that for getting around the healthy way.

On normal working days, there is always the reliable option of moving about by catching the 116 Titsa bus near the airport hotel Tenerife by the TF1 freeway. Also proceed to Los Christianos as well as to Playa de las Americas from there. The main purpose of the 116 bus is to connect the capital Santa Cruz with Tenerife South, but not its airport.

I have given up writing time tables as Titsa seems to constantly change its bus schedules because of the island's many peak holiday seasons.

Therefore, always consult the web or call their friendly information at 922 531300.

Playa chica with statue at el Medano TenerifePlaya chica statue

By the way, buses also stop at Playa Chica of el Medano to take you to Adeje Las Americas and Los Christianos. .

See the location of Playa Chica of el Medano information here. There, old, sturdy fishing boats in all rainbow colors are parked off on ocean sand by an unusual sculpture of modern art. You encounter it before you walk along the water's edge to get to the quay of El Medano's Muelle. This is also at the end of the pedestrian zone with all the many beach front restaurants which is also useful to know for getting around when you are hungry.

Ideal option to bring you to Tenerife South

No doubt about it...

A hired car is best when you are on holidays.
Car hire is the answer to make the most of your time.

It's also a must when your bring your beloved dog. Normal dogs are not allowed in buses and taxis, you know... Learn all about Tenerife possibilities of car hire in general.

Note: Mind selecting your country of residence. It also helps.

From getting around el Medano back to airport hotel Tenerife.

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