Discover Costa Adeje which gets better by the year...

Not only Costa Adeje (Adeje coast) hotels with 4 and 5 stars are responsible for this superb seashore.

Costa Adeje of Tenerife SpainCosta Adeje of Tenerife Spain.

First of all, mother nature is to thank for it and then, perhaps, the Tenerife government .

Much credit must be also given to a superb climate in Tenerife with beach water temperatures between 18 and 24 Celsius in winter or summer.

Sunshine almost all year makes tourists and locals happy by the shores of Adeje.

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Most luxury holiday homes on Costa Adeje

You will discover that the Adeje Coast is leading with luxury vacation accommodation compared to other parts in Tenerife South. Expect much to be booked out and also higher prices... Mind that the high demand for renting the area's properties makes it prone to rental fraud. First, trace the object on Google World before paying the high deposit. Secondly, send a friend or person you trust to meet the owner before transferring the Tenerife holiday home fees for the rental. This is what people I know do and it's worth it.

Town planning is at its best on this stretch of coastal land of Tenerife, which many still perceive as part of Playa de las Americas. Yet, Las Americas is different.

Nine km of quality beaches by Tenerife hotels

best Tenerife hotels AdejeBest Tenerife Hotels

The best Tenerife hotels , many of which are 5 star hotels by this coast line, are the clue.

They dictate the quality by its shores.

Off the beaten track La Caleta with its tiny beach may be somehow different. Yet, there is one of the biggest and best Tenerife golf clubs in its neighborhood. Indeed, Costa Adeje Golf courses have 27 holes.

So imagine the Adeje coast between the laid back La Caleta further north and Las Americas much more down South which is rounded off by Los Cristianos...

Take the 9 km beach promenade of this stretch as some indication of distance, while the El Duque shore line of Adeje is best!

Best Tenerife beaches Playa Fañabe and Playa del Duque

playa fanabe beach adeje spainPlaya Fanabe

Its two main beaches come to mind when you think of Costa Adeje Tenerife beaches. They are beach Playa Fanabe and beach Playa del Duque.

Even the little bay of the safe haven of La Pinta beach before Puerto Colon or beach El Bobo may still count.

The latter doesn't belong to prime 5 star beach resorts terrain as such.

Yet, La Pinta Aparthotel Tenerife with its 4 stars shows its own good standards, nevertheless.

Adeje Beach Spain TenerifeAdeje beach

Good infra structure for Adeje beach access, shopping and parking are self understanding by such a paradise spot. So is the blue safety flag for its beaches, except of which is the insider naturist beach Playa Blanca.

beach del duque playa adeje tenerife spainBeach del Duque Tenerife

Also, bathing is sheer indulgence by beach Fanabe and Beach del Duque, while jetties fend off overwhelming waves.

You are getting in or out of the Atlantic waters gently. No abrupt depth or wobbly pebbles surprise unpleasantly.

Needless to say is that beach access on Costa Adeje for  wheelchairs is available.

Adeje shopping and Adeje shops

Find out all about vacation shopping on the Adeje coast by Arona and more. That includes the stunning Hotel El Mirador mall besides many shops at Playa de las Americas as well as day and night markets...

The biggest malls at and by the Adeje Coast

  • Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque
  • Fañabe Plaza shopping Mall
  • Siam Mall
  • CC San Eugenio of Arona one of the oldest Tenerife South Shopping centers

The San Eugenio center in Arona is one of the oldest for Tenerife shopping

Restaurant and beach Cafés by El Mirador Hotel

The hotels Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort of Tenerife
Adeje Iberostar Grand Hotel El Mirador were both build in a slightly more elevated position and crown the beaches del Duque.

More resorts, such as Hotel Riu Palace of Tenerife,
Hotel Gran Oasis Resort are there,
Hotel Fanabe Costasur of Adeje is by the Fañabe shore.

Acanto Bar Adeje Hotel el MiradorAcanto Bar Adeje

Resorts, such as Hotel El Mirador give you plenty options to indulge in good food by the sea.

Everybody is welcome to consume there and its little cafés Acanto Bar Adeje and Bar el Fuente are real jams.

The Adeje Aconto doesn't only offer fantastic La Gomera sundowns to see from its terrace. It also has an assortment of many fancy drinks, best ice creams and cakes and, of course, Tapas.

To top it all, it also spoils you with live music on most evenings of the week.

Click the photo of the red building above if not done yet and discover many more of Hotel El Mirador's delights, some of which are the best Italian cuisine by the shore.

Molino Blanco of Restaurant Molino Blanco San Eugenio Alto AdejeMolino Blanco Restaurant Adeje

More things to do by Adeje

Otherwise, don't miss excellent restaurants near Harry's Bar by the musical fountain which see at Tenerife photos Arona with Las Vegas appeal.

More Costa Adeje top entertainment and attractions

Discover free yearly entertainment Adeje Easter play shows as well as numerous other attractions some of which by Adeje with Tenerife sports and suggestions for day adventure trips in the region.

Fiestas Lustrales

The fiestas Lustrales were initially only religious holidays to worship the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary. They date back to the 16th century and are now celebrated together with folklore entertainment from September 13th to October 2nd in various Adeje locations. Not to forget the world's most popular water park the Siam Park just around the corner.

Costa Adeje Carnival

The next is scheduled for the main parade the Coso on March 05 of 2019 but, there is an even bigger event in nearby Arona and Los Cristianos more about which find here.

Adeje parking

Parking is often a head ache by southern beaches of Tenerife but, is no problem by the biggest Adeje 5 star hotels.

However, it becomes an issue on the two main Adeje market days in front of Hotel Esmeralda. The exhibitors of stalls arrive at dawn and leave no parking space for others. Employees of shops of Tenerife hotels by Adeje, cafes and bars as well as artisans are feeling left out. Indeed, not all space should be taken up for more and more apartment buildings and resorts. Not that they really will be part of ghost towns one day, as workers may go elsewhere. But, the situation could get close.

Click here  about the Adeje Christmas market.

Other regions and Tenerife towns

Find many links to Tenerife towns or regions at this Santa Cruz Tenerife capital page.

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