The best Tenerife events for the winter season of Christmas and New Year 2017/2018 and beyond

Some say that Tenerife events which don't charge entrance are the best. Others feel that everything which has a price is worth so much more. Another correct answer may be that all depends, you know...

Many a Tenerife concert doesn't take  place in halls with superb acoustics but on simple town squares for free.

Free XXIV Christmas concert by the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra OST by annual custom

  • Where? Santa Cruz de Tenerife capital harbor at the Darsena de los Llanos (near Plaza de España
  • When:  Monday, December 25, 2017 at 21.00 at night

More about it after the Tenerife May Fiestas 2018...

Let me  quickly add the latest upcoming Tenerife happenings of  fiestas de Mayo (May) so you wont have to scroll down too far, unless I placed a go-down link which may easily be overlooked.

May Spring Celebrations Tenerife Fiestas de Mayo 2018

The best Tenerife events of them are the Fiesta de la Cruz of Los Realejos and the Mueca art festival of Puerto de la Cruz both of which are free and not to be missed.

Not to forget the famous 2018  Orotava flower and sand carpets of Corpus Christi and its Romeria as well as the D O Orotava wine tasting events of last years harvest, all in the first week of June.

The first has its top days on May 03,04 and 27 with the Romeria Labrador Isidor. The Mueca takes place from the 10th to the 13 of May.

And now back to the free symphony concert...

Christmas Concert Finale at the Darsena Los Llanos 2013

New years Eve events in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The  New Years Eve 2017 outside celebrations with fireworks are scheduled for Plaza de Candelaria, contrary to previous years on the back square of the Auditorio de Tenerife. The band Morocho and DJ Richard/OAF will play for you in 2017.

Tenerife party streetTenerife party street

Then, there are always New Years Eve street parties at La Noria the Tenerife party street now Calle Antonio Dominguez Alfonso in walking distance from the Auditorio and Plaza de Candelaria.

Included are la Noria celebrations of the mad season, as carnival is the most important Tenerife event after Christmas and New Year.

The Guayota urban drummers will play besides other groups on Plaza de Charco after the Men Marathon with High Heels.

New year's Eve outside party with fireworks for Tenerife South in Los Cristianos.

  • Where? Los Cristianos Cultural Center
  • Time? From 22.30 onward
  • Music? Tropin, Deliciosa and Nueva Ilusion with Ray Castellano and local DJs.
  • Questions? Call 0034  922 761600

Carmen Mota show at the Arona Piramides Palace.

Said to be the most must see show in Tenerife, as it's a fusion of Flamenco, Opera and modern dance.

All big hotels of Playa de las Americas have special Tenerife events as well as special buffets for that day. 

Tramps the biggest night club disco of the South has its hottest year-end event.
Find Tramps at Avda. Architecto Gomez Cuesta/C.C.Starco - Tel:922792337 

Otherwise no harm in asking at your favorite bars where you spend holidays if they plan an event for the end of the year.

Tenerife bars and clubs New years parties 2017.

  • Club Azucar Puerto Cruz
  • Address: C/Obispo Pérez Cácerez/corner Avda.Bethencourt y Molina Tel: 619281277
  • Facebook Discoteca Azucar Tenerife

Puerto Cruz New years party with street dance and fireworks.

  • When? December 31 from about 11p.m.onward
  • Where? Plaza del Charco the main town square

Los Gigantes end of year outside celebration with fireworks.

  • Where? Plaza Buganvilla
  • Music? Arguayo and Sabrosa bands

Tenerife events in different places.

Vintage Christmas markets

Mind that most Tenerife towns and villages will have Christmas and Craft markets before December 25 of 2017 and January 06 in 2018. A big craft market takes place behind Plaza de España the main square of the capital Santa Cruz,  for example. 

V Silvestre Marathons of Los Realejos to celebrate the year end of 2017.

  • When? December 31 at 5 p.m. for children and at 6 p.m. for adults
  • Distance? 5,5 km
  • Where: From Church Guadalupe through the Toscal Longuera  a humming suburb of Los Realejos.
  • Prizes and trophies: Great prizes to be won that will certainly be followed by fireworks. (Mind that Los Realejos is making itself a name as important Sports town of Spain by winning world best prizes off lately, such as for lady body-boarding, kneeboard surf and other ) 

Restaurants for New Year's Eve

Of course, you can reserve seats inside this beautiful restaurant on the ground or first floor by calling Tel: 922 37 22 47

Art and craftworks exhibitions La Ranilla

Encounter it by a minute's walk from Restaurant Mil Sabores in Calle Mequinez...

New year's eve events in Tenerife hotels.

All big hotels on Tenerife are bound to have special buffets and celebrations for the last night of 2016.

Most important display of Tenerife nativity scenes.

Unusual nativity scenes Tenerife exhibitionUnusual nativity scenes
Yearly Tenerife events around Christmas and above all in the first two weeks of January include Belenes. Those are very unusual nativity scenes.

Admire them on their largest scale of all Canary Islands at the Casa Ventoso nativity scenes on Plaza Consejil by C/Iriarte of Puerto de la Cruz. They portray what the biblical life at the birth of Jesus Christ was like by reproducing entire villages. The show at Casa Ventoso isn't only the biggest but, also the most elaborate and most intriguing of the archipelago and quite likely of all of Macaronesia. The exhibition opens at 10 a.m. and closes during Siesta from 1.p.m. to 4p.m. in the afternoons.

Casa Ventoso folk Concert.

Those concerts are by groups of the regions in 2017 and take place almost every day.

La Orotava old quarters with Christmas exhibition delights

However, the most impressive Belenes (Nativity scenes) with life size figurines and things are traditionally exhibited in front of Town Hall of la Orotava, where a Belen in the center of the court was added in 2016. Now, there is also one under cover in one of the houses by the square.

One of most charming Spanish customs is the lighting church candles, as is practiced at many Tenerife churches.

Christmas Concerts and entertainment with tickets.

23rd December, 2016 at 21.00 Reyes Bartlet Concert at Iglesia de la Peña Francia Puerto Cruz. Price Euro 10

Puerto Cruz Bach Festival 2017-2018 and more Tenerife events.

Get more information at the Associacion Cultural Reyes Bartlet Facebook, while offline ticket sale is at CIT de Puerto de la Cruz, Libreria Masilva y Cloe Complementos. Reservations: Tel.:922 386 974 or 696 227 636

Buy tickets online at Tomaticket Spain for December 2017 and later...

Christmas markets.

In fact, the center of craftworks in Tenerife by the very efficient platform called la Ranilla Espacio artesano has almost become synonymous with the old quarters of Puerto de la Cruz by the same name.

  • 19th Dec., 2016 to 5th of January 2017 craft Christmas markets in C/Mequinez of La Ranilla Puerto Cruz
    from 11.00 to 21.00
  • Admire one of their crafts which merits the German expression Kunsthandwerk. It is of higher more artistic standard than just handmade crafts. You have to speak many languages and must be an Insider to know such things.

    Street folk musicians

    The appearance of those musicians on Christmas counts already to classic Tenerife events. They take place everywhere on the island. Normally, they do their rounds by 20.00 in all tourist hubs.

    Naviteca activities for small children

    They entail bouncing castles, tables games and more at Colegio Thomas Iriarte Puerto Cruz from 26th to 30th December and from 2nd-5th of January 2017. Such activities are found in all Tenerife towns around Christmas.

    December night market of Tenerife events in the South

    Mercadillo of Los Abrigos on Tuesday nights from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. is also for Christmas shopping.

    Tenerife South Christmas events by Arona

    Consult what's up by Folk festivals, kids street activities, performances by the Auditorio Infante Leonor of Los Cristianos as well as workshops and special sales for mainly December which includes the villages of El Fraile, Las Galletas, Garachico, Playa de las Americas and of course Arona.

    Much information on Tenerife events Arona and Adeje for Christmas here

    The Rinc Magma for Ice skating in Tenerife South needs confirmation. Puertò de la Cruz had one on a very small scale before.

    Rink Magma for Ice skating

    Magma Conference Center of Adeje
    Avda de los Pueblos

    Arona 2016 Christmas fiestas, concerts and more

    We shall keep you posted for the next events end of 2018 beginning 2019.
  • Another entrance free Christmas Market is at Playa San Juan with many traditional Christmas crafts on sale the Roscon de Reyes.
  • The depicted Roscón is the traditional Tenerife Christmas cake. Then there are figurines, toys, sweets, pastries as well as fresh produce.
  • Live music poster by La Casona restaurant
  • Different municipalities have their own Christmas cakes, cookies and coated almonds
  • Tenerife events by Live music

  • Puerto Cruz Casona restaurant on Plaza del Charco has a pot pourrie of live music at candle light every day at night except on Sundays.

  • Christmas town street scene OrotavaChristmas town street scene Orotava
    December 15 is the day of Spain's free event when the Christmas town is reborn with all its glamor and mystery. Depicted is the intriguing cobblestone street that runs along the ancient Hotel Rural La Orotava with its elegant decorations of the season.

    Abaco classical concerts more popular than ever

    The full agenda time table for all Abaco concerts of 2017 while 2018 will be updated ASAP.

    Tenerife capital Classical music, operas and solo performances

    Free Christmas and New Years Eve shows and similar Tenerife events

    • Watch the Reyes Magos in the Santa Cruz with more than 100 000 bystanders or in La Laguna where the Cabalgata of the the holy kings is oldest Tenerife Christmas tradition
    • Alternatively follow their parades in many other Tenerife municipalities

    Puerto Cruz Los Reyes Magos with Cabalgata

    When? Every year on January 05 by 7.30p.m

    Where? Castillo de San Felipe

    Where to? Plaza de Europa by 1'p.m.

    More information about this breath taking free spectacle

    Noche Blanca January event

    10th, January, 2017 Noche Blanca Plaza de Europa street dance. Sorry, this happening needs confirming.

    Puerto Cruz December events by Facebook CIT

    From Tenerife events back to Tenerife entertainment much of which is for free

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