Fiesta de la Cruz more amazing than before

Fiesta de la Cruz celebrations are now labelled BIC  of cultural interest as Public national holiday of Spain. They  have been important since the end of the Tenerife conquest in Los Realejos in 1446.

This tradition has been deeply linked to the Catholic faith via the town's leading church the Matriz Iglesia  Santiago Apóstol (Peter Apostle).

Every year on the third of May, friends and families come from all parts of the Canary Islands to Los Realejos to meet loved ones. Others come in big numbers from mainland Spain but also from other parts of the world.

 This day is to commemorate the proof of love by Christ the savior.

Rising international tourist demand for the Fiesta de la Cruz.

The Tenerife holiday home insider was told at the Realejos Town Hall that many foreign Media interests came to its knowledge via a government office in Madrid.
Los Realejos has been on its List for Fiestas and culture of national and International tourist interest since December 2009.

Hence, such parties sent by the capital of Spain will be received by the tourist delegation of Los Realejos. There, they will be encouraged to join the free tourist bus.

A British TV group had contacted the Tenerife Holiday Home insider without knowing about the Madrid office. Therefor, she was advised to tell the Realejos Tourist Office to receive this party.

The free tourist buses

Imagine a bus with local children on its open roof top. Their pure joy can even be heard in the street. 
The Realejos tourist buses serviced two routes in 2017. One to the "competing roads" Sol and Medio del Arriba and the other to Cruz Santa. Cruz Santa the settlement which means Holy Cross also has a very special relation with the festivities.

Both chapels and street are captured on May 03.

What about other public transport?

Now, Titsa Buses may continue to service to Realejos Alto until about at least 21.00.  All because fireworks take place later these days...
    By the way in 2017, even the mini Loropark train drove past Plaza de la Iglesia de Viera y Clavijo by the Santiago church.

The increasing devotion to the adoration of the crossed wooden bars Christ was nailed to on Mount Calvario is astounding. That's why Los Realejos residents give their utmost passion. They decorate as many as 300 crosses with flowers, other sacred art and even Calado embroidery.

Rising competition of best crosses as well as fireworks between the roads Calle Medio del Arriba and Calle Sol may be noted yearly.
 Now many tourists almost block the entrance to the magnificent Holy cross displays in the humble Ermitas (chapels) of those streets. Needless to say, the silver cross of the Matriz is in the most prominent position.

Street vendors during the fiesta

They were near the main church square and in Calle del Sol.

More photos of Fiesta de la Cruz

Fiesta attractions at Plaza Viera y Clavijo.

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