Romeria San Isidro Los Realejos for pilgrims and fun.

In 2017, the Romeria San Isidro Labrador of Los Realejos took on new dimensions as important Tenerife event of Fiestas de Mayo May celebrations.

 Never before in the last twenty years have that many locals added to the fun clad in their finest traditional dress, as nowadays.

Six Canary Island folk groups are to return to join more than the Romeria street dancing in the future.

When and where?

 The important traditional event takes place on the last Sunday in May in the town's old quarters.

The festival whose main purpose is a religious celebration starts at Plaza Viera y Clavijo after the 12.00 noon Mass in the church Iglesia Santiago Apostól.  However, there is no Tenerife celebration without a yearly queen. A Romera mayor in this case... 

Hence,  two oxen are waiting to pull the float with her and her princesses.

Most remarkable, gigantic float of Romeria 2017.

Amazing details of daily farm kitchen tasks are shown.

Romeria San Isidro Los Realejos route.

It begins inside the church by a traditional spectacle.
There after the Eucharist, the folk group Sabinosa from El Hierro starts its performance. It has done this for over four decades.

From then on, the Sabinosa sound of Backpipes and Chacas enhances the procession of the town's patrons San Isidro Labrador and Santa Maria de la Cabeza through the following roads:

  1. Avenida de los Remedios (partly wheelchair safe)
  2. Calle Reyes Católicos
  3. Calle El Llano
  4. Calle la Luz (wheelchair safe)
  5. Calle la Pila (wheelchair friendly)
  6. Calle Medio /wheelchair safe)

Romeria San Isidro Realejos labelled ITN.

ITN stands for National Tourist Interest. It's a distinction that may be granted by Spain's Ministry of Tourism in Madrid.

Indeed, this is justified to judge by the thousands of locals and visitors from outside. Lately, they line the streets and parks of much of Realejo Alto during its celebration. 
The street parade of 2017 with over 100 groups of folk musicians, dancers, 93 ox carts and other types of floats took more than four hours. Some smaller vehicles never left the assembly spot in Avenida Canarias but celebrated there.

Why did the parade take so long?
As mentioned before, there were folk group participants from other islands, as well. In fact, they were performing during the Festival Folclorico 7 Islas (Folkloric festival of 7 islands) of Los Realejos on the Saturday night of May 26, 2017. Their participation dates back to 1976. Now, they may become a steady asset for the Romeria again. 

A labor of love and stamina.

It's no easy task to parade heavy sculptures on a slope in hot sun along Calle El Sol. A Calvario, indeed... The photo shows Calle Medio. There,  downhill is much easier.

The locals prefer to wear traditional clothes on days when clouds or a breeze ease the load.  Indeed, both men and women that carry a saint are much relieved to pause here and there. However, we may assume that wheels under the statues are of extra help.

Nevertheless for sure, the yelling of a female overseer in black that the carrier women may ignore their fatigue was very  inadequate. She should have shouted Viva Santa Catalina as had done others before her.

By the way, Santa Maria de la Cabeza the wife of Isidor labrador hasn't been canonized yet.

Romeria San Isidro Realejos street dancing.

The performance of the young Taifa folk dancers from Fuerteventura was breath taking. Once, I saw a similar exciting performance at an international folk festival at el Medano.

Not to forget the locals at Romerias when they suddenly start to form circles to dance. Their happiness is contagious.

Many a spectator would wish to have hired custom clothes to be able to take part. 

Romeria San Isidro Realejos street art and hospitality.

Major crops of the region may be harvested in abundance. The locals believe that this is thanks to their pilgrimage saints.  As a result of it, free food and wine is available for all on the day of the Romeria.

Photos of this as well as of carts with attached barbecues that were taken at an Orotava Romeria were shown here.
Believers decorate the streets of the parade with the bounty of their harvest to show their Saint San Isidor Labrador and his wife Santa Maria de la Cabeza how much they appreciate their blessings.

In 2017, an entire house front by the church was almost covered with bundles of wheat.

In Los Realejos, custom decoration of houses inside and outside  is also getting better by the year.

This was also mentioned in detail in the context of the Orotava Romeria San Isidro in an article about Tenerife festivals by the Tenerife holiday home insider.

Sometime soon, you may see many stunning photos of the decorations of Calle Medio of Realejo Alto.

Enchanting horse scenes at Realejo Alto Romeria.

Getting to the Romeria of Realejos by Titsa.

Its public buses that normally take you up to Realejos Alto stop below at Plaza Bencomo from about lunch time onward until 5 p.m.  Taxis drive up from there or from other neighboring suburbs, while walking is an alternative.

From Romeria Isidor back to Los Realejos.

All about San Isidro Labrador the Saint Isidore Laborer here.

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