White nights fun Noche en Blanco Puerto de la Cruz and Tenerife

White nights or Noche en Blanco, as the Spanish say, are here to stay. That was its motto but,  not any more for Puerto de la Cruz.

There, it has been replaced by Ando por el Puerto which translates into 'I walk through El Puerto'. Reason being is that all its streets are a suited environment for an Open Commercial Zone. After all, the idea is to help business in general. Also, the celebration takes place all day and not at night only.

Now, Noches en Blanco White nights are celebrated in La Laguna several times a year with Saturday, November 16, 2019 the next scheduled event. Plenilunio in the capital Santa Cruz is another name for it that is as popular.   Los Realejos seems to have changed its White night for Noche Magico, the next of which will be on December 07, 2019.

Noche en Blanco 2017 Puerto de la Cruz seventh festival of business, sports and culture in five zones and more than 12 streets and town squares.

Puerto de la Cruz White Nights Noche en Blanco 2017

Entertainment will be bigger and better. This includes the new Tenerife Moda  fashion show Puerto de la Cruz just like the superb La Longuera event  by 16 firms and/or designers. El Puerto's will be in the newly revamped Calle Quintana. No classic car show is on the agenda yet. Just check all your favorite digs and ask for specials on that night of December 02... This may be in restaurants, bars, cafes as well as in shops. You will see where Noche en Blanco features.

In the past, Puerto de la Cruz was going to host his Noches en Blanco on all first Saturdays of the month. However, that never materialized. Now, it celebrates one festival, later in the year. 

Previous Puerto de la Cruz White night attraction examples

  • Children pony rides by Plaza del Charco
  • Fashion shows by San Telmo
  • Classic car shows by Plaza de Europa
  • Rock concerts
  • Latin dancing in white
  • Tapas and drinks served at reduced prices
  • Craft fairs and stalls in La Ranilla and by Calle Quintana
  • Several show sports
  • Lido Martianez open doors for night swims and more (not in 2017)
  • Shop business hours until 2 a.m.
  • Noche en Blanco fair for women in 2013 especially
    with day time eco art fair with innovative alternative
    ideas at the Taoro Park Anglican church (922 814039 or 620 683407 event info) church when Puerto Cruz had more than 50 attractions and about 100 street shop stalls.

Imagine yourself dressed up like for a fairy party outside the Anglican church... Why? Dressing in white was required.
All fun, such as Noche Blanca, Noche en blanco or Plenilunio is in the mind and you make it a success, you know...

See details and photos where last minute news may be added for Noche en Blanco on December 02, 2017 of Puerto de la Cruz here.

History of nights in white which includes Tenerife

The festivals of white nights happen in other Tenerife towns, too. Originally, they were introduced for promoting more arts and culture, such as museums and art exhibitions. Their theme comes from the city Nancy from France to also help business by having shops open after dark. Even Moscow copied the idea.

La Laguna the university town was the first to follow suite in Tenerife by using a Spanish translation which is Noche en blanco and celebrates it several times a year. Güimar on the East Coast has its own Noche Blanca night .

Full moon nights Plenilunio in white at Tenerife's capital

The planned twelve open shop nights with music and sports at full moon once a month, dedicated to white of the Tenerife capital Santa never happened. However, there were two events in 2016. One was on the 23rd of April and the other on September 12.

Plenilunio in Santa Cruz of September 21, 2013 was scheduled to be a special night. In fact, the capital was literally going the extra mile. Guided tours at important museums and art centers which also included La Recova exhibitions with lanterns took place to complement the full moon. Imagine to see the Guanche mummies at their museum under such spooky conditions... Also, it offered cheap drinks and Tapas which were prepared by its renown chef Armando Saldaña. The 5,2 km full moon City Marathon accepted all age groups. €6.bought admission. 902 364 603 could be called for ticket sales of €3 for guided tours at the Teatro Güimerá.

More information could be obtained at www.Sociedad Desarollo

What's got Puerto Cruz to do with the above?

Indeed, Puerto de la Cruz followed in the foot steps of the innovative night activities of the capital and La Laguna to attract even more people to come to celebrate the naturally lit night skies. Other Tenerife towns were welcome to add their own ideas. However, the oldest Tenerife resort invented itself again on November 23, 2019 and started  'Ando por el Puerto'. And this means now all day long.

Noche en Blanco Tenerife dates that cannot be relied upon although some kind of pattern is there.

Noche en Blanco Plenilunio most important benefits in the Tenerife Capital

From white nights back to Puerto de la Cruz

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