What's it like the grid Casco of San Cristobal de la Laguna?

The lagune that gave San Cristobal de la Laguna town its name, more than 500 years ago is gone. It was an important asset of the aborigine Guanche settlement Aguere which became the first Tenerife capital La Laguna after its conquest.

The battle of Aguere by Ermita San Roques

History tells that the Guanche hero Tinguaro brother of Bencomo and son of the Gran Rey Venitomo(Bencomo)of Taoro was killed near the Mirador the look-out of Ermita San Roque in the valley Battle of Aguere around November 15 of 1494.

The Views are indeed awesome with the old quarters the Casco of San Cristobal de la Laguna being almost by the mirador's doorsteps.

The red lines follow on from the metro Tranvia terminal  Trinidad. Taxis there may also take you to the airport for example or just give extra information. Click the map to enlarge like all the small photos...

Click the photo on the right to see the Island Gran Canaria on the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean...

Borders between the capital and La Laguna are impossible to glimpse. However, a landing aircraft may be followed easily on its runway of Los Rodeos from the Mirador Ermita de Roque even without magnifying glasses. 

San Cristobal de la Laguna wind or water mills

The region is very open to winds and clouds but mills seem to have disappeared just like the lagune. However, there are many wells in the inside patios of the old quarters of La Laguna. Most are big and beautiful.

Is the famous grid system of Santa Cruz de la Laguna outdated?

Mind that no boredom comes up in the Caleidoscope of building styles that's intermingled with palaces in the pedestrian district of the ancient downtown quarters.

 Houses have more or less the same amount of stories but vary from pastel to stronger colors without clashing. Terrace furniture in its pedestrian lanes break any monotony.  There's also a street folk by Plaza de la Concepcion. Some diagonal narrower streets are proper traffic lanes but won't allow speeding. Road surfaces are not cobbled.

Try the delicious spicy cheese spread Almogrote on fresh bread if pastries are not to your taste. Otherwise, there are always the tasty Papas arrugadas with spicy or with Coriander Sauce.  Caramel desserts that resemble Flan or Cheesecake are very tasty. So is the raisin Frangollo de Pasas another very typical dish.

Those lanes even provide enough safety during the pitch-dark,  silent Good Friday processions of Spanish traditions. Then, only chains of the brotherhoods and friars disturb the peace without encountering any road surface obstacles.

Behind Plaza de Concepción is la Bohème. I offers breakfasts and brunches which are mouthwatering good. I crepe with excellent coffe sets you back Euro 4. I had to try when I saw that and will be back there. Another hot tip, just for a copa with live music after 5 p.m. follows below.

San Cristobal de la Laguna road signs

They all have the town's coat of arms. They respect the elderly by citing abandoned as well as new names. This is contrary to most towns and pueblos on the biggest Canary Island. There, orientation rather demands the memorizing of names of bars, as those of roads seem to be hidden.

More La Laguna Surprises

Look out for Gargoyles that may spit water on passers-by. Those who still think that the grid fashion of town planning is monotonous may enter any large portal, where a commemorative plaque gives explanatins. Glimpse inside to discover many a most enchanting green oasis. Japonese Cycad Revoluta plants dictate a new way of landscaping in some of them besides fountains of yore. By the way, many art exhibitions happen in this part of Tenerife. Then there is the a charming old theatre opposite the Hotel Aguere. The Gran Hotel La Laguna commemorates Alfredo Tobacco . It displays leaves of the plant together with all the ustensils that were needed to deal with it. This hotel was installed in an ancient Tobacco factory, I believe.  Both hotels have been wonderfully renovated with magnificent sky lights above their lobbies.

Two convents for nuns are still inhabited by very strict orders. They have beautiful churches and museums of sacred art. The Sactuary of Christ is also a must see besides the Cathedral and the Matriz of the Concepcion. So is the Convento de Santo Domingo de Guzmán de La Laguna.

The night life district of La Laguna

Of course, the oldest university town of the Canary Islands has nightlife. Many dance clubs and discos are beside the Casco and the Metro Avenue La Trinidad whlich isn't a beautiful part of town by the way.

My favorite restaurant of La Laguna

Restaurante Los Olivos - C/Bencomo,20,38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna Tel:922 08 18 01
Chef of this divine cuisine is the Scotsman Richard Etherington whose food and style I remember too well from La Orotava. He is in Facebook and in all top portals with near 5 stars.

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