Restaurante Los Olivos a must visit restaurant

I stumbled upon Restaurante Los Olivos in La Laguna in 2019.

The cozy place has now an almost Bohemian look with its small gallery of paintings for sale.

Indeed, this eating place with its artistic Bohemian accents is as colorful as its menus and Brunches. 

A Tenerife restaurant that's almost hidden

You would never enter its humble door when you pass by it by chance in a backstreet behind the Tenerife cathedral. This is what the tourist Achim told me. The restaurant sign Los Olivos on the wall is just as modest.

However, it's hard to control curiosity once you spot its unusual and captivating reception room.

Address of Los Olivos La Laguna

  • Los Olivos
  • Calle Bencomo, 20
  • 38108 San Cristóbal de la Laguna
  • Tenerife Spain
  • Tel: 922 08 18 01

End of September, I took my friend Achim there for a Saturday Lunch, as the Sunday Brunch was known to be booked out in advance.
We were lucky to encounter seating, as the place filled up quickly by 2p.m after we had arrived.

Restaurante Los Olivos starters

Needless to say is that freshly baked bread and Garic Butter are part of them.

The exquisitely decorated Croquettes were our next choice.

Blackboard with menu choices of the day

The list on the board was in addition to a la carte options.

We selected a mild fruity Pork curry as a meal for two of the culinary surprises from the blackboard on wheels.

Restaurante Los Olivos Pork delight Presa Iberico

The Presa Iberico was juicy tender pork meat with fat content that was ideal to grill small chunks.

The Pork's mild curry sauce gave off a subtle aroma of Oriental delight which made our taste buds dance. I thought I could also detect a hint o apple but may be mistaken. Two large slices of equally seasoned pineapple that were sprinkled with herbs gave everything a regal accent. French Fries instead of rice were most welcome.  A fruity red wine rounded off everything to perfection.

Service at this La Laguna restaurant

The service is excellent, as even its main chef Richard Etherington himself came to greet us.

I had heard at Hotel Rural La Victoria that he had moved on to San Cristóbal de La Laguna in 2016. Needless to say, Richard had left a worthy replacement at the rural Orotava town hotel restaurant.

By the way, the restaurant Los Olivos had made itself a name already, way back in Santa Ursula.

Prices at this restaurant?

They are in the medium range and very fair for what is offered.

What about dessert?

I regret now I didn't take any. Why? Unfortunately, Richard's Facebook Page where such fabulous desserts had been displayed is now history.

News about the whereabouts of Chef Richard Etherington in 2023

In January 2023 a friend and I stood in front of locked windows and doors of Los Olivos the charming restaurant in La Laguna. All I could hear from a lady next door was that Richard Etherington left already in October or November of 2022. Well,  I could trace him. Find him at new surroundings at

at this new luxury country hotel near Guimar

I still would like to find top alternatives to recommend for eating out in San Cristobal de la Laguna now that Richard has  moved. There are a few places I will have to decide on. I shall keep you posted.

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