Restaurante Victoria Orotava update for 2019

Restaurante Victoria a top Tenerife restaurant must have had many chefs over the years. Mind that it's even older than the renown Casa de los Balcones whose back is facing it. Important to notice is that its latest chef Alfonso Borges absolutely stood the test of time. He is still there in 2019, while even more lunch guests can be seen than ever before.

Reasons to have lunch there?

  •  No need to be a hotel guest
  •  A nearby parking ground by Casa de Los Balcones
  •  Located in the beautiful Old Quarters of La Orotava
  •  Delicious meals that don't break the bank at all
  •  A la carte or daily lunch menus with three options Well   presented Mediterranean and other food made with fresh ingredients
  • Chefs with gourmet skills and occasional surprise dishes
  •  A quaint and peaceful, almost festive set-up
  • VIP-room Sala de Vino for private group events
  • Special daily lunches  with Menus of the day at unbeatable prices are served from 1.15 p.m. onward from Mondays to Fridays 
  • Dinner time with regular meals starts at 7.30p.m.
  •  Friendly, efficient service
  • Free WiFi zone 
  • Address: Calle Hermano Apolinar, 08 (tel: +34 922331683 or
  • +34 922 32059
  • Reservation may be especially important on public holidays, when seating for sixty guests may not be sufficient
  • website:

The restaurant Restaurante Victoria is in a mansion that dates back to 1585. It's in the 3-star Hotel Rural Victoria which absolutely warrants to be a 4-star.

How do I know? My family has stayed at the hotel, and not just in its restaurant.

The main dining room is in the back. Ferns and ivies trail from surrounding wooden indoor galleries. They are above gay and colorful Portuguese wall tiles. Cane furniture invites to take seats.

Magic sunbeams enter by large skylights while dark beams, timber columns and stair cases are all made of genuine wood. They set beautiful accents. Persian carpets are on some floors while real paintings adorn walls.  Indeed, a charming setting for eating out best with a companion. Why?  Unlike with fast food slow menus take time to be prepared. Then it's nice to have somebody to talk to, unless you prefer smartphone socializing by the restaurant's free WiFi. 

Hotel workday lunch menus at the price of 2013?

Little had changed for the price of Euro 11,50 for a 3 course meal in 2016 which was still to be the case in February 2019.

Richard Etherington a native from Scotland who is depicted in our photo was our chef in July 2013.

 Chef Alfonso Borges from Tenerife took over in 2015.

Can both chefs of Restaurante Victoria be compared?

Judging them by comparison is not possible. Why? The cuisine's gourmet quality didn't change since 2013. However, it's very likely that the hotel food budget has changed due to inflation like in most hotels that are not 5-star and due to an ailing economy. There are bound to be some differences.

See for yourself...

Depicted above are daily low cost menus we ordered in July 2013 when Richard Etherington was chef. 

Daily menu by new chef Alfonso Borges on a July 2016 Sunday

It may be noticed that meals were indeed simpler than three years ago, although mouth watering. For example, the superbly oven baked chicken had only French fries with it.

Our family lunch in summer 2013

A friend who was with us during this group lunch was not happy with the chicken dish she had selected.  This was when Richard Etherington was on holiday in August 2013. Exceptions confirm the rule.

News December 04, 2016

On December 04, 2016 a friend and I had to learn that "Daily Menus" were only served on week days from then on. Therefore, only "A la Carte" was available. Also, the chef Don Alfonso seemed to be off duty on that Sunday of December 04.  Only two ladies were busy preparing food in the kitchen.

What was our food like? Not all the dishes were as perfectly done as is custom with chef Alfonso Borges.

The vegetables of the pork dish shown below were overcooked. "Beef Solomio" may have been a better choice, as there are always three options to select from.

The mini Apple served with Berry Ice Cream was good but the pear of the year before was fabulous.

Wonderful Restaurante Victoria lunch on Wednesday February 13,2019

There were many guests having lunch on that day at the Orotava hotel restaurant. This made taking photos a bit awkward, as I had to avoid to show their faces in my pictures.

I loved the salad starter but the seafood dish that is depicted above was my main winner at my last Restaurante Victoria lunch.  It was a slight puzzle for me, though. It wasn't really a Curry. It reminded rather a Masala spice mix, as Nutmeg was certainly one of the spices. I couldn't pin down all ingredients but suspected a pinch of Cardamom and a faint touch of provincial herbs, as well. I was as pleasantly surprised, as was the case when I ate lunch for the first time in this Orotava eatery.

Oh and the service was also excellent, by the way.

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