Is the Tenerife Carnival gay parade really so much fun?

Judge the Tenerife gay parade carnival man marathon called Mascarita Ponte Tacon top fun yourself, by way of photos.

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Marathon of the Men on high heels of 2020

  • Friday February 28, 2020: XXVI edition with special host Spanish TV-Star Carmen Lamana who will also precede the Midnight dance festival on Plaza del Charco after the Marathon Parade
  • Inscriptions and heel measurements taken on Plaza de Los Reyes Católicos
  • 8 p.m. Start of Marathon: Plaza de Los Reyes Católicos
  • Track: Paseo San Telmo past Windy Corner and Plaza de Europa to Plaza del Charco
  • Sunday March 02: Plaza Arco Iris by the Muelle with gay Parade events hosted by several gay pubs and clubs of Puerto de la Cruz, such as Anderson, Vampis and Mansion VIP of Calle Iriarte near Casa Ventosa

A competition for its best carnival costumes or themes adds extra incentive to take part.

Winners are announced at the end of the pageant at Plaza del Charco.

The satirical picture carnival bikinis of this gay carnival troupe is comical and hilarious. Look how they are covered in beach style, while hardly any bare skin is detected.

It makes top fun of overweight ladies by Tenerife shores.

A high heels gay parade is quite a challenge

Obviously, the depicted runner had a problem with his high heel shoes.

We should have settled opposite this road for photos, earlier on. No guard would have chased us away. The spectators who sit there and are enjoying themselves are proof of it.

Where are best places for taking Gay men Marathon pictures in Puerto Cruz?

The best marathon stretch of the gay Tenerife Carnival is the cobble road Calle Santo Domingo. It's excellent to get shots of struggling walkers, there. High heels on old fashioned roads are lethal. However, crowds are too dense, there. Prime watch spots need to be secured long time before 10.p.m.

In 2016 it looked like more than 20 000 people were assembled along two narrow streets of about 800 meters.

Admire the two gay parade participants who were posing for us. This was at Paseo San Telmo by the ocean before its church, the half way mark of 800m the recovery spot of the gay show.

Beers were obviously most welcome before attempting the way back.

What about dope tests?

Nope, no drug and alcohol tests are done with carnival marathon runners.

This area is a good location to photograph each part of the gay parades.

Marvel at this  helmsman on high heels who carries a relative heavy boat.

Part of it is metal.

His cheerful face denies any effort.

Smiles, beauty, style and utmost happiness by sexy men sum up this Puerto de la Cruz Carnival spectacle.

Victoria Cruz Torres a Tenerife local told me that not all participants of this procession are gays. She took outstanding photos with her Nikon, some of which were donated for this web. Look at the beaming face of the man who mocks sex appeal of women.

The men certainly, look very merry, while they seem to have so much fun.

For those, who find a lucky photo shooting position by the Tenerife party square Plaza del Charco, the marathon highlight of obstacle climbing guaranties great pictures. There, the guys have to surmount truck wheels on high heels, for example. Guess the roaring commotion and giggles, which follow!

This fun parade festival is by far the biggest Puerto de la Cruz and Tenerife Island spectacle, where you see the happiest faces. It all started in 1994 and had a record year of 30 000 spectators in 2017.

Dance on Plaza del Charco with live music

Some artists of the performing bands scheduled who play from 11.30p.m. onward are posing below with the the 2018 Sardine on Avda.Colon.

The Tenerife Gay Parade of Summer 2017

When did that take place? Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 8 p.m.,
Where? From Avda.Colón to Plaza de Europa, contrary to 2020 when it started by Plaza de los Reyes Católicos below Hotel Las Vegas of Puerto Cruz
The difference to the main Spring parade? All that counted was to take part

A video clip of a Men Marathon 2020 shoe accident on the Puerto Cruz Cobbles

Top two popular videos of the 2019 gay parade by the Tenerife holiday home insider within one week on youtube

Discover 13 more gay Tenerife carnival costumes and scenes of the men marathon of the Puerto Cruz carnival...

More about the second biggest carnival of Tenerife

The biggest LGBT events that took place


From gay parade back to Tenerife attractions

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