Modern and efficient La Noria despite nostalgic XVIII facades

Welcome to la Noria which is depicted below and best visited at night.

This ancient street had a name change more than a hundred years ago. It happened on January third 1917, as is depicted now on its historical plaque.

It was turned into Calle Antonio Dominguez Alfonso but locals still call it the Noria street.

Look at its number 7. 

Contemplate the entire row of venerable houses of Santa Cruz of its neighborhood...

You will be spell-bound when you look behind the facade of number 7 of La Noria.  

The most modern,  multi story architecture is camouflaged behind a cocoon or shell in Hollywood style.

The humble front hides the most innovative agency of the Tenerife Town Hall.

It's the Organismo Autónomo de Fiestas y Actividades Recreativas de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

This is the cradle and nurse maid of all major town parties, Fiestas and events of the capital, such as Carnival.

Now, lets take a stroll down this memory lane... 

Santa Cruz history when La Laguna's bourgeoisie packed up

  From 1723 onward the so called 'Comandante general' (island commander) moved his residence from La Laguna to the Castillo San Cristobal( or fort San Cristóbal) in Santa Cruz. Why? The lake of La Laguna had dried up.

The very first suburb of Santa Cruz

It grew slowly and then fast this district near the military quarters and the fort. And it added signs of wealth. Eventually, Canary houses were built in the adjacent street Calle la Noria, as well. Their cool indoor yards (patios) and Azoteas were ideal to retreat from the summer heat.

Some of the former homes which are now restaurants are still furnished with heirlooms of the olden days. Enter one and sit by its patio bar inside. Sip a drink and discover a Buddha relief on the wall next to an antique door with ancient Portuguese tiles behind. Colonial style in its most individual forms is domineering. Feel the vibes from way back of 200 or 300 years, ago.

Red tape renovation laws in the antique quarter of Santa Cruz

The above relic of a glorious past has undergone renovations now for over a year. In June of 2017, I spoke to the Administrator of the restaurant El Lagar next door which has the same owner. More red tape is complicating the works. Now, double glassed windows to keep out noise and a safety door in the entrance have to be inserted by law. The door ruins the beauty of the entrance but,  protest isn't possible.

Century XX - XXI

Mainly during the XX and XXI century,  the residential Noria street became a party spot.

Young and old loved to hang out inside buildings and in the street until smoking was only permitted outside. 

Imagine a stretch of road that isn't even 1 km long. Its liveliest part starts after the old church the Matriz. 

Much buzz is also by the stairs that lead up to the Lion bridge whose real name is Puente Serrador.
 So what's in between?

There is the House of fear Casa del Miedo which dates back more than 300 years to 1712. It's another carnival house besides the Nifu-Nifa.

Even a plaque warns you of Casa del Miedo.

The entrance Patio of the Mamel's clubhouse looked deserted. Yet, there were no cob webs.

 The Murgas of the Mamel's the Mamelucos and Mameludos rehearse there. The carnival museum of the capital was supposed to be on the first floor. Only a social club seems to be there now.

Two of several Rondallas

 Both Plaques are from Rondallas. They are musical cultural associations. Their songs may be classical or opera arias, but also other popular international tunes. For example, the lyrics of a Frank Sinatra or Beetle song are changed into Spanish. Not always a translation, though. The musicians play string instruments but, no violins.
Competitions of Rondallas have a worthy stage at  the Auditorium Adan Martín, nowadays. Real culture of high class, indeed.     

Not only Murgas show up at the Carnival Afilarmonica Nifu Nifa, at number 13.  Lyrical culture associations as well as disguise groups meet at this famous Carnival club house. There's a tiny bar in its entrance and the mood is almost familiar. No stress around there whatsoever... 

Then comes La Noria, 25. This house is another proof of its street name change again. Calle Antonio Dominguéz Alfonso is written on a billboard below the roof of this building.

Tenerife events music festivals La Noria

The following video is typical for one of many gigs or DJ concerts in the Noria street at any time of the year.

Tenerife Santa Blues festival La Noria

Lets hope the Canary Islands as well as USA Blues artists will be back playing at La Noria again this year. These Jazz concerts Spain Tenerife have been repeated yearly since 2005. Mind many such ventures take place at what's almost a Santa Cruz twin town now

2007 was the year, when the legendary artist Buddy Guy was enjoyed in the party street of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. To have the concerts Tenerife which originate from American slaves end of June is not the very best moment anyway, because of the May festivals.

Vintage Cars club billboard -Club automoviles antiguos TenerifeVintage cars club

Anyway, it's great for the Canary Island blues artists, such as 'Lightnin Blues' and 'Three Bones' to have this occasion to mingle in Tenerife with famous American blues musicians. Andy J.Forest and Zac Harmon, to name just two were heard at Santa Blues in 2011. Zac Harmon, who was also attending the 2011 concerts was then rated best for new Blues in the USA charts, you know...

Sometimes, it's only some wine festival or Tapas competitions where the Fiesta street takes part. The last took place at the end of May 2017. We shall keep you posted if another comes up again in the middle of November.

Tenerife Oldtimer Cars Club

Also notice a billboard on house no.24 for the Santa Cruz Tenerife vintage cars club.

Learn more about this vintage car club or retro club which is next door to the fun Tenerife Nifu Nifa club.

By the way, there is another 'oldtimer' car club in Tenerife South now. So I've been told.


Admire the gay outside decor of the restaurant called Restaurante El Bulan the former Chillout bar...This is one of oldest Santa Cruz entertainment establishments. We found it closed for renovations in 2015 and still in July 2017. But the kitchen inside seemed to work and served food on its Terrace, then. Indeed, works were finished, last not least when I passed there in July 2018.

By 2020, El Bulan was in full swing again with newly decorated and  furnished rooms and entrance.

Almost opposite by the tree that has lent its name, is the modern Santa Cruz Terrace restaurant Baobab for mouth watering food.  Utmost relaxation is guarantied, while life music at night comes on the house on week-ends. It also has a luxury bathroom where changing your baby's napkin becomes a joy.

Reasonably priced good meals in the party street

Depicted is the former intriguing Chill-out's street view from its absolute stunning antique entrance...

This photo has much nostalgic flair of genuine retro style which dates back more than one century. Inside, you feel that the clock has been turned back in time.

This Noria restaurant now called El Bulan used to keep its promise of surprises which are still there in 2017.

It is a prime example of unusual interior decorating of typical bars and restaurants of Tenerife  in the capital. Unfortunately, food was only served  after 8 night. Now again, it serves lunch as well. 

Calzada  (passage) Noria Santa Cruz TenerifeCalzada of the Wheel

The Calzada of the Noria street

Indeed, the small Calzada La Noria exists, as depicted beside.

This Calzada passage joins up with the Theater called Teatro Guimerá.

This oldest of Canary Island theaters is virtually within a very short stroll just around the corner from the party street.

This place which is being restored has changed names and is still closed to the public inside.

However food is served on the terrace.

The historic menu seen above may have been altered as well.  Both restaurants El Lagar and El Bulan share the same roof garden where events used to take place on weekends. I think the share owners as well.

Restaurante El Lagar de la Noria

A friend and I had a brunch there at the end of January 2016. Why did we go there? It's always good to eat where hardly a free table is left.
We had Bacalao (hake) seafood on a base of baked potatoes. Cheese cream covered the top. Absolutely delicious. There was also a Lagar Paella special advertised on a bill board. Every week-end, dance parties with life music take place on two roof tops above this restaurant. Indeed, La Noria rocks. 

Restaurante el Lagar new management?

Hopefully, only temporary. Why? We ordered the same Bacalao at the beginning of autumn. We sent it back. What a deception... I didn't even keep the photo of the dish I had, as it was not to be remembered. The chef must have used the wrong herb for its sauce. Eventually, my friend Paolo was betting on the herb Rosemary.

Tenerife Christmas at La Noria

That's when preparations for the next carnival have already started in full gear behind the scenes from November onward and intensify not long after the Reyes Magos Meanwhile the association of Santa Cruz Fiestas  beside the Church down the road is still busy with other events for quite a long time.


This carnival street of Fiestas is in the vicinity of the two most popular Santa Cruz museums and some other attractions round off a vital part of the capital. Tenerife events of La Noria have been a way of life since the century XVIII and have added substantially to Tenerife entertainment. This fact is engraved on one of its buildings.

The celebration street of social, national and political importance

Watch another of Noria Tenerife action video shows...

News early October,2015 about an important Abu Dhabi Sheikh at La Noria

What's so exciting about it is that all is supposed to be handled with discretion, as was told by a now gone blog entry of "".  The Arabian Gulf prince his Highness from the UAE and his delegation of 50 is holding business meetings and banquets with the strictest security at the newly opened Italian Restaurant Delicieux at what's now called Calle Antonio Dominguéz Alfonso, 6 for an entire week.This restaurant is supposed to have a terrific view from its first floor which I can't see. I fact now, it's forbidden to climb its stairs.

Where best leave your car to park near La Noria?

Walk from the top of la Noria underneath the Serrador bridge. You shall see the tree slightly to the left. It most probably always has the pink blooms, unless I was lucky to have seen them so often.  

Portrayed above are the fluffy white Palo Borracho Ceiba Silktree seeds which I captured in August. 

The tree's young body doesn't bend like a drunkard yet. However, you shall always spot it by its trunk and branches. They are totally covered with huge thorns.  Then, walk a few meters straight up the road to the covered parking ground. It's not for free but,  it's so very convenient.

The tunnel with street art below bridge Puente General Serrador

Click the link of the wall art in the tunnel with the lovely Tenerife girls for a

close-up of the Santa Cruz street art mural

Contrasting surroundings of the Noria street

Click the picture above to learn more about the carnival exhibition center that's a mere ten minutes walk up Barranco de los Santos from the Noria district...

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From La Noria back to Santa Cruz Tenerife with many more attractions.

The party street's name means wheel. Meant is the one which moved a Gofio mill in the district's neighborhood. Actually more than one... Click the following link to learn more about such mills


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