Classic car club with vintage cars Spain of all sorts.

Classic car club nifu nifa TenerifeClassic car club Tenerife

The classic car club for Vintage cars and other 'Oldtimer' and sports cars is in La Noria of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, almost next to the Carnival House Nifu-Nifa. This auto club was founded in 1970.

The metal billboard which is displayed on the outside of the house reads:
Club Automoviles Antiguos.
It also says something about the building, which belonged to the Santa Cruz Receiver of Revenue until 1940, became a college afterwards and then the seat of the club for vintage cars in 1985. However, the antique car association has been in existence since 1970.

Address of
Tenerife vintage car club

  • Name: Club automoviles antiguos de Tenerife
  • Tel: +0034 922 231200 or 922625063
    for Spanish speakers
    La Noria Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • web
  • View La Noria from church square Iglesia Concepcion Santa Cruz TenerifeView into Noria Street
    It has become a Tenerife carnival tradition to have a vintage car parade by this Oldtimer car club every year. The club is by the oldest Santa Cruz church Iglesia de ConcepciĆ³n. Depicted beside is La Noria view which you get right beside some best Tenerife museums as well.

    Classic car shows Puerto Cruz as well as Santa Cruz with rallies happen at the end of the Tenerife carnival season, costume and disguise tips of which find here.

    Members of this Santa Cruz classic car club dress up for the occasion according to the period of the motorcar, which they drive for the show. Car owners of olden day cars from everywhere are also invited to take part. This turns the association into a great international friendship club.

    Many a owner of a holiday home in Tenerife has a nostalgic car, also known as retro car or classic car. Learn Spanish to be able to join the exciting Tenerife club for vintage cars in Tenerife, as it only has a forum in Spanish, unfortunately...

    The club for vintage cars in Tenerife is just another means for a get together by friends, but this car association for vintage cars is open to all, contrary to a top Santa Cruz friendship club on the island.

    The retro club association for vintage cars organizes activities, such as group excursions by class autos on the island and more.

    May family was member of a club for classic vehicles more than once, but not in Tenerife.

    Such a car club is not only for making friends but also for finding help and tips for antique as well as sports cars.

    Besides, a vintage car club or 'Oldtimer' club is a good place to advertise when you want to buy or sell classic cars.

    From classic car club back to friendship clubs...

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