Christmas photos Tenerife prove that outside decorations need led lighting to enhance Spanish traditions

Discover Christmas photos taken outdoors, where Led lights are much used lately for festive lighting.

In 2008 or later, you may have seen the unusual and artistic restaurant photos of Christmas decorations outside of the Puerto de la Cruz Restaurante el Régulo. However, there is so much more to discover about the winter decorating by Spanish traditions of Tenerife. In 2009, this Puerto de la Cruz restaurant followed the trend and introduced Christmas led lights.  Everybody likes them for saving electricity, while they enhance Navidád (Christmas) shopping and holidays.

Christmas picture with enclosed crib

Admire Christmas photos, such as this image  with its tasteful, outside lighting which illuminates a traditional  Christmas crib inside an alcove... This enclosed balcony with its intricate woodwork merits the additional artistic Christmas attire with unusual colors. The picture is a prime example of serene photos of the Spanish holy season from December until 6th of January.

Such nativity scenes are part of top Christian traditions in Spanish countries and islands.

Venture through Tenerife towns,villages and farms and be rewarded by amazing motives for Christmas photos.

Christmas photos of La Orotava Tenerife

Christmas lighting in Orotava streetChristmas lighting Orotava street

Feel like traveling back in time by a narrow cobble stone street within La Orotava's old quarters... Christmas lighting creates a mellow, warm mood, where only parked cars betray more stressful times of the XXI century. This street leads almost directly from the XVII century Casa Lercaro to the town hall.

Christmas gallery highlights La Orotava

Casa Lercaro one of the buildings that go back to founders days is a great photo shoot drawer with its festive gear outside, just like the town hall up the road.

There by the Orotava town hall, several nativity scenes show how it may have been in and around the manger when Christ was born.  All this is a fascinating treasure of forms, figures, colors, textures and much play of light under a star lit sky for best Christmas photos, indeed. 

Life size figurines stand alone, in groups and with or without farm animals. A faint smell of dry hay is in the air. Shepherds are dressed in their Djellabas, while the three Reyes Magos who symbolize Spain's Christmas are clad like holy kings of Oriental nights.  Their attire and the gifts next to them are not only made of precious silk and Damask.

Incense, spices, jewelry, basket ware and trinkets that shine like gold are spread out on makeshift tables under red and yellow baldachins. All patterns and colors come alive under the Led lights which diffuse their soft magic.

The time would stand still on this square of so many nativity sculptures.  However, there are visitors that come and go without disturbing the peace.  A few steps from the town hall, a new scene captures the mood with most original outside Christmas decorations of shop fronts. They are in  La Carretera the main shopping street of the town.  Led light decorations are hung high above this road to join its sides in festive celebration.

The frontal decoration of La Orotava Church Iglésia Nuestra Señora de Inmaculada Concepción honors the birth of Christ superbly. A few gold glittering led strings form the outside Christmas lights. They create the shape of the star of Bethlehem above the church entrance door.

Christmas Puerto de la Cruz

Nothing attracts big crowds more than a festive mood, as also happens in Puerto de la Cruz which was La Orotava's harbor before.
Going out at night until way after midnight is part of Spanish traditions. The street Calle Quintana and the nearby yard Plaza del Charco have been the hub for old customs for centuries.
Stunning Christmas photos may also be taken by the big church square of Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Peña Francia. There  rein deer sculptures of Led lights and masses of traditional red star flowers are part of the scene.
Illumination always contributed to Puerto's party mood. But nowadays, low cost lighting allows for more extended periods right into the carnival season, while it adds to town safety.

Hotel by top Spanish Christmas traditions

Orotava hotel VictoriaOrotava hotel Victoria

Let yourself be spoiled by the most delicious Christmas cuisine

Let Richard Etherington (sorry, he has his own place now but found a worthy replacement) of the Tenerife  country inn Orotava Hotel Victoria  prepare your meal.
Have it in the warm and welcoming La Orotava of Tenerife Spain...

Mind that restaurants that are not in hotels are rarely open on Christmas Eve. Usually, their staff is only back on duty from the 25th of December onward.

Restaurants with their own festive style

Both Christmas photos depict restaurants in old mansions. Restaurante El Regulo borders La Ranilla the picturesque central fishing quarters of Puerto de la Cruz  Restaurant Rocamar is the Ocean view  restaurant of Garachico that is next to Cigarros Arturo

Christmas in San Christóbal de la Laguna

You must love the genuine old. Otherwise, the ancient quarters of the former capital of Tenerife will not appeal to you.
The photo shows scarce Christmas decoration.  Yet, its romantic light lures you in to explore many secret nooks and crannies. There, nativity scenes may surprise you. Ancient trees on town squares are clad in led lights. Motives for more Christmas photos, indeed. 

Outside Christmas decoration without lighting

An most beautiful outside Christmas decoration seen in day time outside above 3 meters off the ground. It was on the facade of an ancient house of the fishing village Punta Brava in Puerto de la Cruz. Not even a street light was nearby.  

A Christmas tree of Tenerife North

It has no led lights but, countless presents and ornaments seem to be attached. More gift parcels were deposited under the tree.

Unusual Christmas tree in Tenerife North Puerto Cruz in Calle Mazoroco in a previous yearUnusual Christmas tree in Tenerife North Puerto Cruz in Calle Mazoroco in a previous year

Tenerife holiday home owner?

Are your renting out a Tenrife holiay home?

Beautify it with some led lighting for Christmas.

Santa Cruz Party street during December and January every year

Stunning Christmas pictures at the former Tenerife capital by the North Airport

Beautiful Christmas picture night images by the town that was once destroyed by a volcano

Reyes Magos Christmas pictures of Orotava and Puerto Cruz

Tenerife capital with some Christmas scenes are displayed

From Christmas photos back to photo of the day mirror image surprise of Christmas Eve 2008

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