Punta Brava cliffs are being taken care of 

The Punta Brava or Puerto de la Cruz Brave Point with its magnificent cliffs isn't only loved by locals, such as the hamlet's fishing folk who lives there.

Tourists who have discovered this part of Puerto de la Cruz always return to this off the beaten track. Hence, it must be  maintained which is the case right now.

A new signpost

Don't enter where you see this sign...


The terrain in front of the houses with the street numbers 19, 21 and 23 has been sealed off. Their inhabitants have been evacuated for security reasons.

"There is no immediate danger", is what the people say and they don't worry.

What makes Calle Tegueste of the fishing hamlet opposite Loro Park so special ?

It only has about seventy dwellings. Most have less than three stories and hardly more than 10 meters of housefront. There is no traffic noise and no pollution.
Occasionally, evergreen Tamarix bushes are tucked into its black volcanic cliffs. 

The ocean waves there and in the entire bay bring for ever surprises.

The good and the bad news of the wonderful waves at Brave Point Puerto de la Cruz

There, the Atlantic is usually beautiful and often breathtaking. Its waves can cause damage to the rocks under the street, though.

There, a cave has been fortified.

This happened long before 2018, as I remember well. 

Also, there is already Graffity painted onto the concrete that was placed as re-inforcement, as shown.

Further down the road, a cave was hollowed out which caused a tear in the asphalted road on May 13 in 2015.  It took up a section of 20 meters in length and more than a meter in width. Part of it broke down over the cliff. No more wall there either...

Nobody was harmed.

Later, there were road repairs and much more, as portrayed above.

Partly repaired Punta Brava cliff damage that is going on

I spotted a very tall crane on August 17, 2018. It placed big boulders onto the seaside below the endangered coastal road. They came from a huge truck that was parked on an empty terrain beside a little chapel by the main road. This is the subtropical garden access point to Calle Tegueste opposite Loro Park.  

Punta Brava since the Seventies

The tiny village at the end of a long beach with rock pools started to grow. Tourists from Loro Park over the road as well as locals discovered  delicious fresh fish one could eat there.

Interesting history about the former Maria Jimenez suburb

By the way, this enclave of fishermen at the end of Playa Jardin was still called Maria Jimenez in 1905. Then, it only had five houses by a sand road outside Calle Tegueste near today's Church of Paroquia Santa Rita. In those days, all terrain from the gorge San Felipe inluding today's Loro Park as far as the Burgado opposite Hotel Maritim still belonged to Los Realejos.  No Spanish law of the coast (Ley de la Costa) existed,  then. The latter forbids all structures within 30 meters from the seashore.

Talking of history,  a couple of restaurants need to be mentioned.  Casa Julian isn't the only house with a kitchen built into lava rocks in this part of town.  It dates back to the first or second decade of XX. My friend Jetty Henriette Hinder introduced me to this place in 2003 when the terrace was still in the open.  Then, there was Casa Maria further inside the hamlet.  Maria's was a small place and you felt like eating in a fishman's family room. Fish and above all prawns were very popular there. Maria's place has gone and so has my friend Jetti, unfortunately. Maria was in her Seventies or Eighties at the time when we celebrated birthdays there. I also miss very much Tambos restaurant for eating out seafood which may have relocated to Santa Ursula. I know that there is Restaurante Marlin in Tambos place, now. 

Cheap holiday home accommodation at Puerto Nest Hostel

The hostel is at about midway at number 12 at Calle Victor Machado which is portrayed below. It fills a niche for as little as Euro 18 per person. Also, there are double-bed rooms for Euro 44 which could vary depending on seasons.  I could look inside the small room with six wooden bunkbeds when I passed in the street. I would not recommend to sleep there, unless there is air cooling inside. The photo below shows you how low windows are placed on the ground floor. 

That's when many get down to their knees to decorate one of the suburb's main streets. It connects their beloved church Santa Rita  built by the late Padre Antonio with a very special chapel of the Cruz by Calle Pelinor.

The Punta Brava residents are also in total agreement when their interests, such as safety are at stake.

Mind a Green Party has been in town since 1983.

It is good that workers and machines shore up the hollowed out caves. That's repairs. However, it is much more important to prevent that damage will happen again.  By the looks of it this is taken care of.

That's why an earth moving machine and crane are busy to create a breakwater a Dique in Spanish. The security guard at the site whom I asked some questions called it like that.

I shall keep you posted.

Secret beach of Puerto de la Cruz Maria JimenezSecret beach of Puerto de la Cruz Maria Jimenez

Do you want to see some real stunning photos of this Brave Point outside the beaten track of Puerto de la Cruz where even a secret beach features?

Oldest Tenerife resort
From Punta Brava back to Puerto de la Cruz

where the fishing hamlet at Brave Point is just a tiny part.

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