Ocean view restaurant Rocamar for a nostalgic patio or most stunning sights.

The ocean view restaurant Restaurante Rocamar fulfils many a purpose. Take best Atlantic ocean and beach front photos from its terrace on the first floor.

Click to enlarge to see people by the natural swimming pools below.

The Rocamar is ideal to watch the world go by at its beach promenade. Therefor, you wouldn't even get bored eating out there on your own.

Sea view restaurant Rocamar

C/Estebában de Ponte11 and Avda. ToméCano s/n
38450 - Garachico
Tel: 0034 + 922 83 01 76
Open from 1p.m to 10p.m. contineously
The Rocamar is closed on Fridays

Try the alternative central Restaurant
Restaurante La Perla
on Fridays by Hotel Quinta Roja
at C/18 de Julio
La Perla Tel: 0034 + 922 133193

Naturally, you don't see the mesmerizing beachfront with its exceptional Tenerife ocean view El Charcón
of Garachico. It's made up by natural swimming pools between volcanic rocks that you can view from the Rocamar eating place.

The sea view restaurant Restaurante Rocamar is very versatile and seems to give you free access to Wifi.

It also offers two options for cool, lofty, open air patio eating beside a room for private functions.

Its colonial style entrance hall with view to the main patio is depicted beside.

Notice some old fashioned Christmas decor hung up just behind the door and at timber pillars.

See more of the eating possibilities and the reception rooms with inside Christmas decorations of this old house for eating just now.

Squid at the ocean view restaurant

We had a plate of typical pulpo of Tenerife cuisine which is squid seafood.

We selected Pulpo a la plancha ( grilled squid food) with Papas arrugadas who still show the salt coating from steaming them. On the same plate was freshly made mixed salad. Two traditional sauces called Mojos were served on the side. One was picante which means made with red chilly. The herbal sauce is always made with Coriander, as main ingredient. Unfortunately, those Mojos didn't taste home made. The seafood was fresh and good and so were the traditional potatoes in their skin.

By the way, we also ordered a large plate of delicious mixed salad for the two of us. This meal set us back about € 25 together with extra bread and a big bottle of Mineral water.

Certainly, this restaurant opposite the Garachico rock pools also offers a selection of wines and simple desert, such as ice cream, but no cakes.

Rabit is also on the menu of this Garachico traditional food restaurant.

Next time we shall eat fish there again, as that is still best in our mind. A Spanish friend from Malaga also praised the fish of this Rocamar Restaurant.

More surprises in the ancient building of Terraza Rocamar

Terraza Rocamar Restaurant GarachicoTerraza Rocamar Restaurant Garachico

Two top Tenerife shops are a must see on any vacation on the island  right. They are in similar houses of the same extraordinary Tenerife architecture right beside Terraza Rocamar Restaurante. There, Tenerife cigars are sold and next door are souvenirs with excellent craftworks at El Limonero which would translate to the Lemon, as name of the Garachico shop  

Very friendly service at this beach front restaurant

However, be patient waiting for your food to come. After all, it is 99 % fresh and home made.

Order a starter to keep your hunger at bay. This beach restaurant doesn't employ much staff. Also, its terrace is only big enough for about 20 or 25 people. If you are a crowd, please book. We knew the charming waitress, who speaks Spanish slowly with foreigners and who is easy to understand. Otherwise, the menu card in English and German helps, also.

What's your favorite ocean view restaurant in Tenerife?

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Links to places by the restaurant with Atlantic views

See the vicinity of the ocean view restaurant Restaurante Rocamar by Garachico pictures which are very romantic night pictures.

Walk 3 minutes from ocean view Restaurant Rocamar to the romantic Quinta Roja hotel of Garachico at the center town square by church Iglesia Santa Ana.

Garachico Marina Spain news

We never knew about this restaurant Rocamar during a family outing for Garachico shopping and sightseeing, when we had tapas on the town square instead.

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