A trip for Tenerife shopping in Garachico which leaves an impact of charm and times gone by.

Tenerife shopping in Garachico, absolutely, had to be part of our private Tenerife tours, when my kids were on the island, some time ago.

To find the sea side place on a map, please, look, here.

To shop in Tenerife was not the only objective. It was essential to get the Tenerife feel for this tiny town or, rather village with all the history of a once leading port and that of the Guanches. A tour of its special shops was a bonus, while memories and photos to take home were most welcome.

Admire the tiny town's Garachico panorama as a preview.

Not much of the unusual Tenerife beach side is to be seen, except for the beach front veranda, which is by the most picturesque seashore. Nature created this beauty with volcanic rocks.
It is an ideal place to relax all day and to have a sundowner in the evening.
The rock pools El Caletón of Garachico belong to unusual Tenerife beach fronts.

Mount Teide Tenerife which crowns the quaint town of many rock pools rather prominently is not in the picture.

Thinking of it I so much regret that we had no time for any tours or private Teide excursions. The kids only had 5 days of vacation for Tenerife as part of business travels to London. However, picturesque Garachico with its arty, little shops, rare seaside and warm winter climate had to be seen.

Mind, Spain's highest peak above Garachico had snow on it being January. This made my kids think of the cold British capital, where they came from.

Free of charge swimming pools

And you know what?

There were people swimming in a Garachico rock pool at the time.

Those rock pools by volcanic rocks have very clear water, are very popular and look like great fun. They are not bad for snorkeling, by the way.

Beach Playa el Muelle Garachico

In fact, there is a Garachico beach with sand also. It's size is 200 x 60m. It comes without the usual amenities but the locals love it nevertheless. Click the picture beside, find one more photo and learn more about beach Playa el Muelle after the headline Tenerife beaches on Westcoast.

By the way, the town is so dangerously close to the mountains above, which reach down to it that everybody was holding their breath during the Tenerife wildfires in 2007, which was long time after our Garachico trip.

Tenerife shopping Garachico itinery

Ourshopping spree to Garachico started off in Los Realejos with one of the mountain (por la montaña) buses by Titsa #354. By car you have two options. Best proceed on the Free Way TF5 in direction of Icod de los Vinos past Puerto de la Cruz when coming from the north. However, the TF5 becomes a two-lane coastal road after Los Realejos.

We took the other way which was the coastal road alternative past Icod el Alto. It allowed us to enjoy the tremendous coastal views from the height of the bus. However, my son in law's stomach almost turned during the numerous sharp road bends. And, he was such a hardened sportsman, you know...

We should have opted to rent a Tenerife car, rather.

We had a quick walk through Icod de los Vinos to see its famous Drago tree and caught a connection bus in Icod at the bus station which is below the Butterfly Mariposa Museum which is closed so often.

We arrived late in the morning for our Tenerife shopping stroll in Garachico. Time enough to see the few Tenerife shops in Garachico before Siesta. You shouldn't forget that most shops are closed between any time from 1.p.m.to 17 p.m.for two or three hours every day. This break may be used on the beach in Garachico, instead. There, you can take refreshments or, sample the Tenerife cuisine in form of delicious little Tapas.

Garachico history

Tenerife history of Garachico was greeting us when we arrived. It was the Castillo de San Miguel. It's right by the sea shore. It was built to fend off pirates. The latter preferred taking by force to honest trading.

Garachico's caves were occupied by Neolithic Guanches until the conquest of Tenerife.

What a place for Tenerife shopping... You feel the history even more because, you are in a rather confined, provincial little town with breath taking olden days charm.

By the way, discover something on history Tenerife which is more like a legend in connection with Garachico.

Look at the light clothes which we are wearing... Mind that we had picked a winter day for our Tenerife shopping.. That's me and son Marc by the way in the photo. My son in law Andrew even walked on the cool cobble stones without shoes.

The mind was taken away by so much to explore, while we were busy with sight seeing and we tried to find more shops.

Pot plants of red Geraniums lined the outside of pastel colored houses. We arrived at the main Garachico Plaza which is a tree lined beautiful town square.

Only Tenerife shopping at a pavilion kiosk is possible there.

We walked all around the town center. Many an open door invited for a glimpse of a charming patio. You never expected it inside the almost humble looking townhouses. .

Marvel at this rather typical Canary Island house which we discovered by Garachico. However, picturesque dwellings like that are seldom for sale.

Not to forget is Hotel Quinta Roja which has a much more Spanish kind of architecture, except for the elaborately carved window shutters. The red building was a surprise.

It had been lovingly restored before we stumbled upon it. We were still facing it when we sat down to eat.

Marvel at my intriguing, pictures of 2011 of this former aristocrat place the romantic Quinta Roja hotel which translates into Red farm or Red country estate, by the way. p>

We couldn't browse for longer. We were all a little hungry, by then. After eating we would do our Garachico shop trip through the town. The pavilion in the middle of the square offered shade, drinks and, cheap food. We decided to have Bocadillos which are French loafs with cheese and ham. We also had some Tapas, of course. We picked them as small salads.

Ocean view restaurant Rocamar

We may have had a proper meal at the Garachico ocean view restaurant Restaurante Rocamar, if we had known about this locations with its good seafood and exceptional panorama.

Park Puerta de Tierra

Have you ever heard of Garachico's green oasis Parque Puerta de Tierra? (park of soil or earth gate)

This was actually some unattractive terrain were unauthorized people couldn't enter. It is now a botanical park of 5000 square meters of about 28000 m2 of Garachico's total size. The place isn't only a town recluse for poets with its roses. trees and subtropical plants. It dates back to century XVI when it had a gate made of earth. This was la Puerta which was heavily garded. It prevented public Tenerife shopping directly from incoming ships in Garachic's rich harbor, before Mount Trevejo next to Teide changed more than all that.

The former Convent San Francisco de Asís which we could see from our table during our Tenerife shopping trip was one of the many great sturdy historical buildings in the quaint little town. They were in such charming contrast of Tenerife architecture to the little, simple, old Tenerife townhouses in Garachico. Marvel at Tenerife photos Garachico of the same town square by moonshine, when town folks love to gather there.

By the way, most of those old, massive, white washed buildings are housing art galleries, museums, libraries and other public amenities.

Garachico' ravishing small shops were in little, old buildings. Most of them were in a narrow road running parallel to the sea shore.

They sold exceptional handicraft or artwork of all sorts which serve as beautiful souvenirs or gifts.
Candles, pictures, drawings, paintings, little sculptures, metal art works, pottery and jewelry excelled. No entrance fee was charged by a Garachico gallery at the time, either.

Garachico's shopping scene a decade later

Much later, I returned to Garachico with my painter friend Anand Rubai, who also greatly admired Garachico shops for their artistic bounty. We would never have believed that the Tenerife shopping qualities of Garachico could ever change. Art and crafts for buying had become a symbol of the town.

You most certainly will find this fact mentioned in Tenerife attractions Art Shopping.
Nevertheless, the situation with shops in Tenerife Garachico was very different, almost 10 years later by the end of 2011

Our way back took us through more narrow roads.

There are not many.

We also passed by Iglesia Santa Ana or,
church Santa Ana.

One of the loveliest places for Tenerife shopping in Garachico is El Limonero which has so many things for a
holiday home in Tenerife or just gifts. Many of them make good souvenirs.

Before I forget it: A big advantage with Garachico is that little shops and galleries are open at night. By Spanish custom 10 p.m. should be closing time.

Going back and forth in the little town is no problem at all. That way you can plan your whole Garachico Tenerife shopping well, beforehand. You may fit in as many other activities as you like.

There is a strong similarity between Garachico and the old part of La Orotava. Some of its charm can be seen in la Orotava townhouses . La Orotava has excellent shops for gifts, handicraft and again attractions for art shopping, similar to Garachico, but is a real town.

Garachico doesn't have the space for big clothes stores such as the capital of Tenrerife nor for many dress boutiques like La Orotava. It couldn't accommodate large supermarkets, either.

Garachico Saturday arts and crafts market

Anyway, check out Garachico for Tenerife shopping yourself. This includes the street stalls where art and crafts by local artists are sold on Saturdays. Not to forget is that Garachico has been awarded the fine arts gold medal for its valued historic heritage for a reason.

Garachico had 5542 inhabitants in 2006. Just figure how small a place it is...

Also, you don't need street names to find shops in Garachico. They are all close to the beach and the town square and you will never get lost while browsing for Tenerife shopping in Garachico.

Depicted below is the Garachico beach veranda with bar. It's a romantic place by the rockpools for a long drink while watching Gomera sundowns.

Garachico shopping on holidays?

You will find all shop doors of Garachico closed during public and all other holidays.

Fiesta festival Garachico San Roque

August 15th and 16th are such days. Then the Garachico Romeria de San Roque is celebrated. They might change the days for the church procession or the Romeria, though. It would be wise to phone the Tenerife tourist information Garachico first. Telephone: 922 133461

Garachico culture

The Catholic church had much say in the little town by the strange rock called Gara by the Guanches. Also some Garachico town folks grew more rich besides the church after Spain's conquests in South America. It also helped that the small settlement had been the island's main harbor town until the 1706. Rich communities value culture with good art and handicrafts. Such tradition became an asset for Tenerife shopping in wealthy Garachico. Now in 2011, business struggles a bit and is turning high shop rents into no-brainers. Nevertheless, good taste and creativity still meets the eye in Garachico. Mever mind how little is left of its souvenir shops as well as galleries.

Tourism Garachico to improve by Marina

Marine gear is not featured in Tenerife shopping Garachico. However, it will be.


There is a Garachico harbor and Marina again, last not least.

Had there not been the fatal Trevejo eruption in 1706, Garachico might be a much bigger Tenerife tourist resort, such as Los Gigantes. There, many a private holiday home in Tenerife may be found.

Coastal road Garachico Puerto de la Cruz

We took a direct bus back that went mainly along the coastal road. We all arrived in Puerto de la Cruz tired but, pleased. The bus ride by the coast didn't cause any upset tummies. It also went much faster.

Distances related to Garachico

It is about 90 km from Garachico to the capital by the coastal road and the inland free way from Los Realejos onwards, later. It takes about 80 km to Los Rodeos North Airpor. Count with 50 km to get to Puerto de la Cruz.

Look how to find the Garachico shop for buying hand rolled Tenerife cigars by Arturo while you watch how they are done by himself before lunchtime only...

When driving a little further in southern direction after the cigar shop, you most probably find parking on your right after 30 meters (about 100 feet). Parking could be a problem on week-ends in Garachico. I wouldn't recommend Saturdays and Sundays for Tenerife shopping in Garachico, anyway.

Arts and crafts shopping of gifts in Masca

Check out souvenir shopping Masca at another equally charming place like Garachico.

Plan a virtual Tenerife Puerto Cruz shopping trip as it deserves additional prominence, while this oldest Tenerife resort offers more than good shops open on Sun and holidays.

Please, return from Tenerife shopping to shopping in Tenerife capital with shop tips as well as island shopping secrets revealed for many shops like Zara, malls like Ikea, departments stores like Corte Ingles and Carrefour, markets, shopping tax to be saved and more...

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