Garachico Tenerife's discriminating Trevejo

Nowadays, Garachico Tenerife is best represented by its globally unique and unforgettable Caleton. See it as a consolation gift after the volcano Trevejo's merciless actions in the first week of May 1706.

Why a consolation?

The Caleton rock pools were a volcanic creation.

News: Rockpools of the Caleton are off limits often in Spring, such  as seen on the 26th of March 2019 due to unpredictable dangerous ocean waves. Now, this happens with all Charcas and similar pools and ocean ponds all over Tenerife when strong Atlantic ocean winds are forecast. The government and its municipalities puts immense importance to people`s safety.

The destruction by burning Lava of the leading harbor of Tenerife the Puerto de Garachico was fatal and, not possible to replace, while the Caleton the priceless tourist attraction was only a somber eyesore at the time. 

The town's revived panorama

Important burned down buildings and town squares from the era before the eruption could be reconstructed and restored.

This rock is an icon as well as the origin of the name for its town. It stood all tests of time with a height of 77m and a 20ha surface. Waves and winds eroded it little. No volcano harmed it. Endangered birds shelter in it.

The Volcano that treated Garachico Tenerife in strange ways

Indeed, the volcanic fury of the Trevejo alias Montañas Negras seemed to discriminate its targets.
It didn't only have wondrous ways to achieve what it did but, also used specific routes.

The Ermita de San Roque was totally ignored by the volcano. This modest chapel at the Garachico entrance was built in 1603 to appease the Bubonic Plague the Black Pest an ongoing epidemic since 1601. Rats of a ship had transmitted the disease just like in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The disease also ravaged many other towns of the island. Hence, Garachico was not special in this case. It had terrible floods, fires and monster waves. So did other places.

Only the catastrophe from a fire spitting mountain was nowhere as bad as in Garachico. 

More disregard by the volcanic Trevejo

The Casa of the ancestors of the Marchioness de Villafuerte was ignored by the Trevejo. The heirs of this small L-shaped mansion are said to be the only resident aristocrats today in the pretty town of the Isla Baja region.

Former Dominican monk convent respected by the volcano

This convent with seven Timber balconies, partial Portuguese architecture and a wonderful  bell tower church that is used as the town's Auditorium is one of the  most beautiful in the Canary Islands.

The long cobble street Calle San Roque which runs parallel to the TF42 seems to have some rather ancient but modest houses that start after a stunning corner property. They are likely to have been spared from volcanic destruction.

El Lamero of Garachico Tenerife needs repairs, although untouched by the Trevejo

Discover its uncomfortable entrance steps that are overgrown with weeds in Calle Antonio. They lead to El Lamero built by Alonso del Hoya between 1600 and 1630.

El Lamero has been privately owned for 20 years. Unfortunately, it's totally cordoned off. Only very minor, volcanic damage there, by the way. The ancient Hacienda is said to have an interesting chapel. One of its many Gofio mills still seems to be intact.

The surprising convent of Garachico nuns

The volcano paid no attention to the gigantic convent of the Garachico nuns. However, they had to leave their Cloister. Why?  The suburb San Telmo next to this awesome monastery had been flattened down to the ground by flames caused by burning Lava.

By the way, the Convento of Concepcionistas is one of three convents of a very secluded type, two of which are in La Laguna. All date back to the early years after the founding of Tenerife for and on behalf of Castille of Spain.

Partial and total damage by Garachico Tenerife's volcanic destruction

On May fifth of the year 1706 since the afternoon of the volcanic outbreak, Magma pillows of all sizes had continued during phase II to fill up a huge part of Garachico's precious port.

At the same time, another Lava flow forked into part of the town next to it. There were no human casualties during the entire time of the Volcano's onslaught which arguably may have taken as long as one month. However, the loss of the port proved to be irreparable despite great efforts over many decades.

All three phases of the behavior of the Trevejo are pictured there and more.

Phase two with port-destruction by the Trevejo

On May 13, an even stronger Lava river wiped out most of the little hamlet of San Juan de Reparo also known as San Juan La Caleta, water channels, Gofio mills, vineyards, crop fields and other parts of the old quarters.

Almost ironically, note the surviving remnants of this gateway. This control point that served the port interests of all those who ruled the town is left like a puzzle.


It once was very close to the shore of the port, unlike now.Also, Plaza de Juan de la Torre may not have been where it's now.

Conclusion why the rich of Garachico Tenerife seem to have been main targets

This volcanic monster that rose like a fire spitting sea dragon from the depth of an ocean rift destroyed small and big ships in the harbor, palaces of aristocrats and the mansions of wealthy merchants. The Stone House Casa de Piedras which often houses exhibitions now was one of them. 

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Mind please that the Garachico Castillo Fort is one of several buildings that were not damaged by the Trevejo, as pointed out above, such as the Concepcionistas' convent and El Lamero, for example.

The volcan Trevejo also damaged the ex-convent of Franciscan monks with its Church of Angels Iglesia de Los Angeles and Iglesia Santa Ana with its art of gold and silver from the Americas, more day time photos of which see here.  It burned entire warehouses full of wine and sugar, you name it. A marble plastered street vanished, unless it was only a legend.

Tenerife night pictures of Garachico

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By the way, there is no danger of an eruption in Tenerife despite all warnings by the UK tabloids early in 2018

About the cause of volcanic eruptions and how to predict them here

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