What did we discover at Tenerife souvenirs Masca in this great village?

We only paid a short visit to Tenerife souvenirs Masca to show it to our friend Beate a tourist on vacation from overseas, in August 2008.

Why did we make the journey short?

Beate was a handicapped tourist walking with cane.. You see her on a slightly cumbersome Masca road bridge behind me.

She had hip problems.

Yet, we were very lucky. Nowadays, it's hard to find parking in Masca.

The shop with the articles to remember Tenerife was relatively fast to reach. It was ideally located for our friend to have a well deserved rest and to enjoy best Masca views. She didn't need to have to walk all over the widely spread out but, scarcely populated, tiny town.

The romantic Masca mountain village is full of hills and is, generally, thought after for the most demanding Tenerife hiking trips.

However, not only adventure on foot is famous for Masca. The nearby mountain road TF 438 has become a famous trek for endurance cycling for Tenerife and all Canary Islands.

The rugged cliffs which so much tempt ambitious climbers were something which had at least to be seen - by our tourist friend.

The Tenerife souvenirs Masca shop offered itself firsthand for a virtual adventure by its view point towards the hamlet's menacing rocky peaks.

This shop is one of first focal points you notice when you enter Masca Village.

To be precise, there is a board with advertisement for the ferry timetable Masca Los Gigantes. It displays its times of departure which grabs your attention outside the shop.
This is important for hikers who want to make it up and down the Masca gorge. My friend Guenther joked about it when we were taking refreshments at the shop of Tenerife souvenirs Masca.


You have to let yourself down on a rope to descend to the sea shore of Masca. Visualizing heavy Guenther on a rope is funny, indeed. However, that rope adventure was only an option after the Masca fires.

The Curio shop only advertises a restaurant above this sign post. The shop itself doesn't need to lure people to come.

Its colorful shop front displays more than enough for great attraction. You will see it from a different angle, though, and not from where I took the photo of boat times.

You can buy ferry tickets there but, I strongly suggest to book online, in advance.

The Tenerife souvenirs Masca shop is a very attractive Tenerife curio shop.

It's definitely the most picturesque.

Double click photo to see even better what souvenir treasures there are and, note the steep road which we used to get there.

No wonder! The shop founders must have been inspired by the ravishing surroundings
of the legendary pirate village Masca of the mountain massif by Los Gigantes. Pirates may have taken refuge there long time ago indeed, when Garachico was still an important port in Tenerife.

The shop's big front looks like plastered with articles fit to be best Tenerife gifts to take overseas. Besides, it's bigger inside than one would guess. The whole ground floor which might have the length of about 15 meters is shop. Also, it's stocked right up to its ceiling, almost, like a 'Todo 150 Pesetas shop' used to be.

When my handicapped tourist friend Beate and I were at shop Tenerife souvenirs Masca Beate spotted, immediately, something catching her interest outside to the right of the shop.

She discovered professional hiking canes or hiking sticks.

They had a compass built in at the top end.

Their quality looked very good.

They came with different looks where Beate liked them with brass features, best.

They also could be adjusted to different size which Beate found ideal for storing in the boot of her car.

The canes of Tenerife souvenirs Masca shop were so cheap.

Beate told me that this quality would have cost her about Euros 35 at home. The Masca curio shop only demanded Euros 9,50 or was it even as little as Euros 7.95? That was the price August 2008 and it might have gone up by now. Who would resist any cost near it when a 2nd stick would come in very handy for somebody who needed a hip operation like my friend? Also, this inviting treasure trove for buying souvenirs has a few tables with umbrellas outside from where one has an unforgettable captivating view of a great part of Masca.

Our friend Guenther who was sitting with us outside the souvenir shop, suddenly, pointed down below our veranda where he had discovered Masca Museum which represents a small, old school for Guanches who were the native neolithic people of Tenerife.

The lovely lady of the shop for Masca souvenirs which must have been the owner brought us yummy chocolate and almond cakes. Coffee and cool drinks went also well with it because, Masca was warm on that day. Nothing unusual in Masca, which is renown for its exceptional, tropical Tenerife climate. There, it is rather dry and pleasant and makes it a most unusual village of Teno mountains opposite Africa.

What else does the shop sell?

  • Made in Tenerife products like pottery,
  • Typical liquors made of Tenerife bananas
  • Honey liquor
  • Locally produced chocolate coated almond sweets
  • Honeys produced by Tenerife bees
  • Tenerife tobacco and cigars
  • Ornamental fans
  • Embroidered ware like table cloth, napkins
    and stoles
  • Custom clothes
  • Other which I don't remember but you mights spot it displayed by the shop front

We were so preoccupied with our lucky cane that we never even looked at other price offers of the shop. It's up to you to find those out, now...

Tenerife souvenirs Masca, by the way, also represents the value of an extraordinary location nobody will ever forget. Its sight alone stays imprinted in every tourist's mind as something which can't go astray, broken or wiped out unless by loss of memory in the physical sense.

By the way, friend Beate was not only taken with everything that she saw of Masca, besides its shop but, also loved its whole island. She was also much impressed by Arona. There, we passed by at night before we returned home from our trip to Masca and to the south.

She is now planning to rent herself a holiday home in on the biggest Canary Island to spend more extended time there with us.

Find out some route options to get to Masca from different directions by looking at the map of Buenavista del Norte ...

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