El Limonero is full of exquisite gifts to take home from Tenerife holidays.

El Limonero Centro Artesanal a Garachico Tenerife craftworks shop.El Limonero Centro Artesanal Garachico

El Limonero
Centro Artesanal
for gifts & souvenirs
traditional craftworks
of Tenerife
as a part of the
Tiendas de la Casa
de los Balcones.
Tel: 922 133181
Avda.Tome Cano,4,
38450 Garachico
Tenerife - Spain
Business hours: Every day 10.30a.m.-8.p.m.
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This gift shop has two street entrances. One is by Garachico's picturesque beach front and the other is behind the long ancient building.

Tenerife embroidery called Calados for dressing up tablesTenerife embroidery Calados
Here you can see what the ocean view in front of the Limonero shop looks like, as it's the same as the one by Restaurante Rocamar next to it.

Treasures of El Limonero

Go, check out the Garachico shop's jams. Its souvenirs of handicrafts and ornaments pay tribute to the culture of its historical town.

This ocean view store is also the essence of shopping for Tenerife custom clothes and traditional gear. It's simply ideal for finding handicrafts with a special, nostalgic appeal, above all its Calados a Tenerife embroidery for dressing up tables.

Some more of the huge choice of varied gifts for you to chose from is shown below.

Find gifts for the discerned palate like  'Delikatessen',  where good  local produce like goat cheese, honey and wine,  as well as liquors excel. Not to forget are island brands made of bananas or palm hearts at the Lemon Tree shop where real lemons grow in its Patio an interior court yard.

Tenerife art work of a Brass lamp of GarachicoTenerife art work at Garachico Tienda de Artesania
I also remember candles, ethnic jewelry, hand fans, embroidered white cotton shirts and equally done up little vests in black with stitches in all colors. Woven articles, traditional musical instruments, such as Chacarras and not to forget figurines. Frog and lizard sculptures stood under real fern plants and by low bushes in the patio.

Some alluring light of Tiffany style brightens up some corners at this selected shop with a romantic flair.

Where have all the artists gone?

Unfortunately, most of all the other little shopping havens for crafts with a special touch like the Tenerife art work of a brass lamp depicted beside has become rare in the Limonero's neighborhood. Many Garachico art galleries had disappeared by year 2011. Only a ceramics' shop remains whose bright colors are a question of taste.

So are the lamp shades below. However they may not suit every tourist's taste in a holiday home in Tenerife.

How come a Puerto Cruz crafts shop is thriving?

Coming to think of it, I am convinced that a business scheme like that of the Ranilla crafts and arts would also be successful in Garachico.

Crocodile sculpture at the Limonero Shop of GarachicoCrocodile sculpture
There even was a crocodile figurine by the court yard plants.

Romantic table tampsRomantic lamps as Tenerife gifts

Is El Limonero shop expensive?

I would say that it's not as far as I remember, especially, when I compared prices to similar shops in North Western European towns.

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