Discover more Santa Cruz Tenerife capital top features than its free port and, Carnival...

Santa Cruz Tenerife, the capital of the biggest Canary island has many special features, landmarks and a vibrant community.

A city of spectacular flowering trees.

Most noticed, above all in June and July, are its Jacarandas on the Rambla de Santa Cruz, as well as the so called Flamboyants the flame trees. But then, there are even Ceibas.

Not only their branches are densely covered with thorns but also the entire trunks. Find them at the Palmetum as well as by the General Serrador bridge. 

People of the Tenerife capital.

While its people may not have as much energy as the citizens of New York or London, they certainly know how to live with much fun in the sun. Their famous carnival is proof of it.  

Walking in the Tenerife capital.

Santa Cruz is special.


It's a city, but it's beautiful and easy to walk it, as most of its popular spots are in the level downtown district near the port.

Admire the street Calle Valentin Sanz corner C/ Castillo with a famous Mango shop in Santa Cruz Tenerife's fashionable shopping district. It's only a 20 minutes straight walk from the main Titsa bus station. You don't need much longer to venture to many more
exciting parts of the city. Equally near is much more than top Tenerife museums.

One way slightly uphill would also lead you past the town's prettiest square.

That's Plaza del 25 de Julio which is mostly called Plaza de los Patos (square of the ducks). From there proceed via C/Gral O'Donnel to Park Parque Garcia Sanabria. Stroll to its top and enter the magnificent Rambla Santa Cruz with its street art and memorable Tenerife houses, or mansions. Some of them are in Calle Viera y Clavijo. The latter is a good ever so slightly sloping route to descend later towards the port side, all the way through picturesque shop streets.

All Tenerife capital parks big and small

  • Parque Garcia Sanabria
  • Palmetum palm park and museum
  • Parque Viera y Clavijo
  • La Granja
  • Tenerife Rambla Santa Cruz (formerly General Franco)the park-like avenue
  • Parque Plaza los Principes with the
    most elite Canary Islands club Circulo de Amistad beside
  • Plaza de los Patos, as shown above
  • Plaza Weyler
  • Plaza de España
  • Other means to get around Santa Cruz

    • The ultra modern electric tram with
      free Internet which even gets you to the north airport within 20 minutes.
    • An excellent net of Titsa buses which are cheaper in the capital than in the rest of the island
    • Many taxis
    • A city sight seeing bus

    Hot tips for Tenerife capital parking

    Santa Cruz being up to date

    By the way, high Internet speed is a particular privilege of the Santa Cruz Tenerife capital.


    This main Tenerife city which is still expanding is a Mecca of digital quantum leaps and best cheap electronics in stores and malls but, not in all shops.

    Step back in time

    Indeed, Santa Cruz Tenerife is a worthy good example of the 21 millenium with utterly well preserved charm.

    Times gone by are to be felt inside pubs mostly.

    However, outside clues of the past are also to be discovered.

    Admire this best in Calle La Noria.

    This nightlife district by the oldest church dubbed "cathedral of the capital" which is called Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción is opposite the harbour. It is next to the Barranco de los Santos, close to Teatro G&uumerá, which is the main Santa Cruz Tenerife speech and drama center. The church with the big church place and the elegant Roman Tuscan tower is also only five minutes below the Puente Leones bridge.

    A museum which is real fun

    Monuments and street art abound in the capital Santa Cruz Tenerife.

    You are bound to spot the capital's military museum when you continue walking by water front.

    The little tourists which were captured on camera are proof that such a museum is not only fun for adults..

    Sorry for not showing a larger photo format of the children for privacy reasons.

    Contrasts within Santa Cruz

    There is a variety of architectural styles in Santa Cruz. The very colorful picturesque, the Neo Classical, Nouveau Art and the Gothic play their part.

    Then there is even a Baroque style and the Roman Tuscan.

    The Monumental, such as depicted by the Tenerife Cabildo seems to be in harmony with the modern towers next to it.

    Those sky rise towers beside the Tenerife Palacio belong to a huge building which reads on its top 'United Colours of Benetton'. On its ground floor on Plaza de Candelaria is the shop which sells the clothes by the UC Benetton brand.

    What about the colonial Canary Island style which is so prominent in other Tenerife towns?

    The typical ornate wooden windows and balconies of Canary Island fashion, as they still exist in the Convent Santo Domingo in the former Tenerife capital La Laguna seem to be missing on Santa Cruz Tenerife main city house fronts. Some such woodwork is hidden in its patios, though.

    Not gone with the wind but with water

    No world wars have damaged the Tenerife capital's architecture, art and monuments, but storms and flood took their toll again and again.

    The old Fort Castillo de San Christóbal had been in a most vulnerable spot. It was by the site of the harbor which was washed away several times. Find the final construction date of today's port which stood the test of time at history of Tenerife, where it is listed almost at the end amongst other important dates.

    Today, admire Plaza de España of Santa Cruz Tenerife which was built in the spot of the ancient castle and military quarters. Remnants of an arched portal are left above ground, while an old wall and some architectural plans are in a tiny museum underground.

    The cosmopolitan Tenerife carnival

    The sun tanned girl who looks Brazilian is not an unusual Santa Cruz sight. It's the kind of beauty which is dancing in the streets during the Santa Cruz carnival.

    Many more residents of the Tenerife metropolis come from South America.

    Half the island had emigrated there during several stages of hardship.

    Many didn't only bring home foreign brides. They enriched the capital with south American music, new words and also recipes.

    Northern peoples entered for its cosmopolitain harbour, life style and easy going work pace. Of course, African and Asian faces are part of the Santa Cruz Tenerife rainbow nation.

    Northern peoples were attracted by this cosmopolitan touch.

    Of course, African and Asian faces are part of the Santa Cruz Tenerife rainbow population.

    Its joie de vivre (zest of life) is echoed on many a colourful street, such as C/Imeldo Seris, around the corner from the Guimera Theatre, as depicted beside.

    The biggest Canary Island city of the holy cruz is ideal for Tenerife holidays which are lovely to enjoy in the many parks of the city, as there is always some wind.

    Even on hot summer days...

    Obviously, the group of people who are dressed in sexi outfit, such as hot pants, is typical for relaxed Tenerife Santa Cruz family holidays.

    Admire them depicted beside under flamboyant red Flame trees on town square Plaza de Candelaria...

    Notice the warm summer day. Wind fans the lady's dress. That is what's so nice about the Tenerife capital's weather.

    Town planning foresight.

    Some amazing Santa Cruz Tenerife town planning skills helped much with the latter.

    Government administration buildings are near hotels
    and close to the park recreational water park by Cesar Manrique.

    It remains to add that more or less 10 minutes of cab drive would get you from there to the stadium, free port, cruise ships and to the most exciting museums.

    No attractions or important buildings are far from transport of buses and trams.

    Drive from from the fair ground Recinto Ferias near the Oratorium and Avda. 3 de Mayo to the the golden sand city beach Teresitas which has more than one breakwater.

    Be there in ten minutes, with a
    bit of luck. The road leads along the container port, where the ferry stations as well as a small yacht harbor follow suite.

    Take even less time to get to the biggest Santa Cruz town hospitals or to its universities along the TF5 as well as in La Laguna...

    The photo beside shows parts of the largest of all Tenerife towns with its apartment twin towers by Maritim Park (Parque Maritimo César Manrique) and, Planetum Park. Both are beside the Auditorio de Tenerife (Auditorium Tenerife).
    All three are part of best modern landmarks
    in the Tenerife capital. However, there is much more to it.

    Location and surroundings.

    The town is protected on one side by the
    Anaga mountain range. The latter seems to peep through charming gaps between buildings into countless nooks of the Santa Cruz town.

    The capital of Tenerife is in the north east of the island at a large bay. It is opposite the Island of Gran Canaria and, the south of Morocco, which is on the west coast of Africa. The bay of Santa Cruz Tenerife in the Atlantic ocean hugs its port almost ideally.

    Helpful detail for filling in documents.

    The name Santa Cruz Tenerife or, Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Spanish stands for both the capital as well as for province of Spain

    S/C (de) Tenerife may be written in most Spanish documents.

    Ministries and autonomy.

    Here, you may see a picture of the beautiful Tenerife Santa Cruz capital parliament building.

    Did you know that the capital of Tenerife is also the center of government for all autonomous 7 Canary islands?

    Autonomous province of Spain

    The town or, province Santa Cruz de Tenerife is sharing government called Cabilde in the biggest of all Canary Islands with Las Palmas of Gran Canaria on a 4 year term. The Parliament and, 50% of ministries are in the capital of Tenerife.

    Mayor of Santa Cruz and President of Canary Islands.

    Manuel Bermúdez is mayor of the Tenerife capital, while Paulino Ribero is the president of the Canary islands who may reside in Santa Cruz.

    Titsa (guaguas) public bus station.

    • Location: Avda.3 de Mayo opposite Corte Inglés
    • Café and Bar inside
    • Kiosk which sells cooldrinks and snacks outside
    • Bus stops: on a high as well as on a lower level
    • Extras: best service information desk upstairs
    • Tips for Titsa: at Tenerife transport information here

      The most popular carnival

      When the world talks about Carnival in Tenerife it means the one in the capital of the island, first of all.

      Of course, Rio de Janeiro Carnival will always remain the leader before the Santa Cruz Tenerife Carnival. I would give the London Carnival 3rd position, as the warm temperatures in Santa Cruz are unbeatable by London. Also, the Carnival of Santa Cruz Tenerife is a symbol for Tenerife's philosophy where Fiestas are number one. Carnival preparations which become celebrations start very early in the year.

      Tenerife carnival attractions in general mean greatest fun for the locals who participate.

      A Canary Islands city with provincial looks.

      My first impression of the only real city and capital Santa Cruz Tenerife in 1997 was that of a pleasant town. There, its locals called Tinerfeños still seem to have time to chat and to socialize while they stroll in the streets.

      In the photo you see casual relaxed people in one of the nicest streets for shopping in Tenerife near Plaza de España. The photo was taken on a normal week day.

      Tourism by private holiday home in Tenerife owners?

      Tourists coming to the capital are rather passers by. Many more who can now also enjoy Sunday shopping are expected from cruise ships. Right now, the capital of the largest of all Canary islands is not ideal for a holiday home in Tenerife..

      The biggest town in Tenerife is not geared up for long stay tourism, yet. The capital of the biggest of all Canary Islands would be a fantastic option, though, for long winter breaks.

      Winters in Santa Cruz Tenerife are warmer than further up north and, as said, the bay is protected.

      Tenerife capital beach Playa de las Teresitas.

      The capital Santa Cruz Tenerife might get holiday home apartments in a proper resort when the long planned improvements for Playa de las Teresitas Beach become reality. They say that the French architect Dominique Perrault is drawing up the plans for the new resort Las Teresitas.

      Tenerife capital best parks.

      Parque Garcia Sanabria is the capital's largest traditional park with 67 230m2.
      Park Garcia Sanabria has it all including huge fountains, ponds and modern sculptures.

      Parque Maritimo César Manrique with the city's rather difficult addition Palmetum Parque which must be one of the worlds largest man made palm parks.

      The green or rugged Anaga mountains.

      The Anaga mountain region by the Santa Cruz Tenerife capital is one of the preferred hiking locations on the island. Discover the biggest dairy farms, a genuine old Laurel forest and remote, but tempting surf beaches there. Pick nicks or, bird watching trips not to forget...
      Tiny villages as well as farms are mostly off the beaten track.

      Nightlife in the capital.

      I love the Tenerife nightlife Santa Cruz. Find out how alluring and pretty Santa Cruz is once the moon shines and the star lights dance on the ocean.

      Strangest building I have seen in Tenerife's capital.

      This photo is portraying a house in the Tenerife capital
      in Avenida de Anaga by its waterfront near the the port and, by Plaza de España.It makes me wonder, why it has a green cloth covering half of its front. It was like that
      in 1997 and, it looked still the same in 2006.
      By the way, this whole area by this puzzling building by the water front is getting a face lift. While they were ripping up the road to change it for an electric tram route
      they must have decided to add an extra new touch.

      It's possible that many more trees, shrubs and, flowers will be seen there in the future.

      Go see photos of the amazing result of the roadworks by the new Plaza de España with its Spanish art as well as in a Zara article which gives you a night picture of the new lake.

      Phenomenal infrastructure by Plaza de España Santa Cruz.

      Marvel at the big ferry ship the ocean carrier Navieras Armas that's a mere 10 minutes walk away. It is moored behind the artificial Canary Island lake of Plaza de Espana. This largest almost round square of the Tenerife capital has had direct walking access to ocean, yacht harbor, a new cruise ship terminal and more since 2017. 

      Tenerife Santa Cruz downtown.

      Encounter designer shops, banks, insurance companies, hotels, a museum, churches and part of the Cabildo governmental district close to the Armas ferry docks.

      It's a phenomena which I have only seen in similar fashion in Lisbon Portugal. There too, the main commercial and tourist hub of Plaza de Rocio is just steps away from where Nato ships used to drop their anker and where ferries stop in the very wide river Tejo.

      Santa Cruz city sight seeing tours.

      By the way, look out for the Tenerife tourism office opposite the Free Port. Find this tourism info place at Plaza de España by the ancient archs! Buy a luxury city sightseeing bus ticket multiple use for about &euro 9,95 there. You also get tourism audio with it. Besides, the doubledecker buses are ideal to see Santa Cruz Tenerife from high up, while you can even wear your high heel shoes.

      Climate in Santa Cruz Tenerife capital.

      The weather in the Santa Cruz Tenerife capital allows for an amazing amount of parks of all sizes which are green all year round. The main parks are Parque La Granja, Parque Viera y Clavijo and Parque Garcia Sanabria. The Palmetum has not been opened to the public, officially. Tiny parks are on town squares, even in the middle of a busy shopping district, such asPark Plaza Principe. The climate is very pleasant in Winter from 20C-25C, generally. Summers may get hot over 30C. Air conditioning is often wished for by the inhabitants, as modern buildings don't profit inside by the cooling ocean winds, in general. This refreshing breeze is almost constant in Santa Cruz Tenerife outdoors.

      Expect electronically cooled air in hotels, though.

      Find out more about the Tenerife climate to make the best of your stay for vacations, business trips or holiday stays...

      Best Tenerife ship chartering in the region.

      is done from Tenerife capital as well as in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, the 2nd largest island in a chain of a total of 7 isles. Both ports are very important for the whole of Spain.

      Most unusual museums Santa Cruz capital of Tenerife.

      Find out why the Museo del hombre y de la Naturaleza ( museum of man and nature) is not only different by giving tuition...
      Museum TEA with tram connection:
      This innovative, latest Tenerife museum has galleries with floating light, a spacious comfortable library with free use of WiFi Internet connection. Learn more about TEA and its frequent new modern art exhibitions, shows, children art classes and even artful cooking demonstrations...

      Other Tenerife capital museums.

      Museum for Bellas Artes has exceptional paintings.
      C/José Murphy (Plaza del Principe)
      Opening hours: Tue-Fr. from 10.00 a.m.-20.00p.m.
      Tel: 0034+ 922 244358

      Military museum for the Canary Islands:
      C/San Isidro 1, in the Castillo Almeida
      Tel: 0034+ 922 843500 Fax: 0034+ 922 249504
      Open: Tuesday-Friday 10.00 a.m.-14.00p.m.
      ID required.
      This museum opened its doors late in 1998. It's known for its research for historical cartography. Needless to say, the capital had quite a few historic military encounters to commemorate.

      Other interesting Tenerife towns.

      Town of giant cliffs
      Garachico which is a quaint, charming, historical Tenerife beach town.
      Parque Taoro once the craze of Europe, it belongs to the island's oldest resort Puerto Cruz and is a jam of a suburb for a holiday home.

      La Orotava seen by its typical antique townhouses by many photos and links for best first impressions.

      Arona Las Americas again to visit with virtual photo tour and descriptions.

      Arona is a different world compared to Santa Cruz Tenerife.

      Shopping secrets:

      Shopping on the biggest Canary Island best in the capital. More photos will be there and insider hot tips on cheap or special things like gifts,

      Excellent 4 star hotels and 3 star accommodation in the Tenerife capital

      The capital's main assets summed up in a nutshell at page Santa Cruz de Tenerife...

      Tenerife Rambla Santa Cruz formerly del General Franco

      How Tenerife business comes alive in the capital and is given a big boost by the night festival Plenilunio

      The meaning of Santa Cruz the Christian Cross here

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