Better Tenerife living on retirement with Park Garcia Sanabria

Healthy Tenerife living in style for retirees is unthinkable without its beautiful parks, such as the subtropical Parque Garcia Sanabria with its amazing extention of 67.236 square meters.

Large sections of it were under reconstruction when I saw it for the first time during my vacation in 1997.

Parque Garcia Sanabria which took 80 years to fully accomplish

Workers were still busy with it in 2002. It was totally closed until its reopening in early June 2006.
Finally, repaired pathways and other additions, such as pavilions brought absolutely stunning results. Not to forget is that this biggest of all town parks of the Canary Islands was inaugurated, long ago in 1926. Now, this green lung of town is even used for summer camp outings when cool water by green lawns is so welcoming.

Happy Tenerife living Parque Garcia Sanabria a real botanical wonder

My retirement advice for foreigners who want to relocate to the biggest of all Canary Islands is to go to the Park Sanabria often. The entrance is totally free. In fact,  the park is in the middle of a residential area but close to downtown shopping and by many public bus routes.

The stunning Tenerife flower clock of Parque Garcia shows myself on the left, way back in 2010.

Not long ago,I discovered more magnificent trees and new shrubs by the parks intriguing pathways. Many had been imported by the Mayor Garcia Sanabria before 1926 from different corners of the world.
Today, you see people from all walks of life and all age groups enjoying this botanic jewel in all sorts of ways. Also during the Tenerife capital's Spring festival. 

Tenerife living Garcia Sanabria with 4 main access points

No wonder that a young Tenerife cyclist finds it convenient to cross its terrain which is like a huge suburb that's dedicated to nature. 
He is riding on one of many sandy pathways  which are nice for jogging and taking the dog for a walk.  Indeed, the park is just the right size for all kinds of activities of Tenerife living beyond the beaches.


Now, the brain child of the long gone Santa Cruz Mayor of the twenties of last century is still humming with birds,  bees and flower buds at all times. What a place for a work out, imagine...

What happened to the red Tomato frogs by the peaceful ponds?

The frogs that we eventually discovered in this miniature lake of Parque Garcia Sanabria were very much at ease sun bathing and taking life easy. There were about three who blended in perfectly with their goldgreen, little bodies on top of large water rose leaves. Their croaking was in a rather low mode to our great astonishment. By the way, this was on February 23, of 2024. On February 21, 2024, an article had surged on line about an invasion of Tomato frogs from Madagascar that had invaded the same park. Did they mean another pond closer to the Rambla? However, the African amphibians would certainly have taken over by the basin where we and the golden frogs chilled out. Or did word come out about frog migrants after they had already been removed? 

Have a refreshment break and savor a snack or a delicious Parque Garcia Sanabria Barraquito with Cream at the park's bistro by the bottom of the park at Avda. Nuñes Mendez. Mind a more recent park cafe is now also in the top section of this big city garden where reception rooms are kept close by. It was used for political elections as well as for an exhibition of paintings, not long ago.

Retiree accommodation for Tenerife living Garcia Sanabria

All that is needed near the capital is many a private holiday home accommodation that would be suited for retirees to make long stays during winter for tourists more economical and attractive.Amazing sculptures were seen in this botanical oasis by many foreigners for the first time during a street art exhibition in 1974. Much of this stone art is still there. It was mainly made by local artists.

I am inclined to think that a big fish pond and some of the fountains like that of La Fecundidád sculpture are quite new in this green lung of the town.

More remarkable park activities for a healthy and fun life style

This Santa Cruz Tenerife capital park isn't only for recreation and better health for its agile inhabitants. It's also used for the most needy. Charity marathon runs during the white night events have been very popular there for quite a while. Besides, it also seems to have a little dog park. There, dogs roamed about during one of the Full Moon Plenilunio festivals. Needless to say, events like book fairs are staged there, art exhibitions, fashion shows and more. And of course, tourists are just as welcome as all residents of Tenerife.

How best reach this top Tenerife city park ?

Best explore it by getting to it via the big beautifully tree lined promenade the Santa Cruz Rambla with my favorite restaurant. Enter this avenue from the seaside of the Tenerife capital  by the ferry harbor. Start off by the green angel monument of the Museo Militar (military museum). Alternatively catch a cab or ask at the Titsa bus station which buses stop at the park by Hotel Mencey. I usually walk straight up Calle Castillo from the downtown Santa Cruz shopping district and turn right toward the park by the town's widest Avenue the Rambla... 

Other popular Tenerife town parks

The Teide National Park Canadas
Portillo Center with its park of endemic Teide plants
Palm museum park
Botanical gardens Puerto Cruz
Monastery restaurant and animal park
Privately owned water park
Parque Taoro
Tenerife Parrot and Seaworld Park

What about the best Tenerife park of all besides the Cañadas?
That's the wild ocean the Atlantic by Los Gigantes where you can watch whales and dolphins in their habitat.

Important attributes of Park Garcia Sanabria

  • A well laid out basic grid structure which helps orientation
  • May festivals
  • Relaxed living in Tenerife
  • A dog friendly bar restaurant
  • A tourist train for those that find it hard to walk
  • Various street art, such as modern and fine art sculptures as well as murals

From Tenerife living Garcia Sanabria back to retirement advice

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