Environmental problems with Teresitas beach Tenerife.

Environmental problems with the Santa Cruz beach Playa Las Teresitas by San Andres are not to be taken lightly.

This is why changes to its surroundings have been put on ice, yet again.

Unfortunately, this is sad, but the location around San Andres is too sensitive. There are hardly any areas nearby without environmental problems on a big scale.

Mamotreto of Santa Cruz San Andres Las TeresitasMamotreto Santa Cruz

What remains is the empty shell of the so called Mamotreto a somewhat ugly monumental reminder that a healthy environment has priority.

Geological facts due to volcanology

The main head ache for civil engineers in Tenerife is the geological nature of any terrain. It is volcanic and delicate to deal with. So are the surroundings of Santa Cruz San Andres. They make it problematic to tackle a new beach infrastructure for Playa de las Las Teresitas as a whole.

Environmental problems with gorges by San Andres

Also, the gorges called Barranco El Cercado and Barranco Las Huertas by San Andres east of the Santa Cruz capital of Tenerife should rather be left alone, as not to temper with nature.

Filling up ravines with soil to build on tops is as foolish as straightening rivers. That is a rule. Both acts cause immense damage to the environment in the long run.

Global warming adding to risks

A global warming leads to more great environment issues which will have negative repercussions with both undertakings.

Don't irritate or tempt nature...

It may be unavoidable to put bridges over crevices or deep, narrow valleys. However, no hotels, sports arenas or commercial centers should be placed inside such 'barrancos'.

Erecting a hotel by Las Teresitas of San Andres Tenerife would mean to take fat chances, as well.


Sanitary problems as one reason

The ground isn't deep enough for the method of septic tanks as a solution to ecological sanitation. Contrary to that it's not hygienic to empty hotel toilets into the sea. In this context in 2015, the town of Santa Cruz has allocated €365000 to put up new camping toilets together with douches and revamped beach board walks.

The law of the coasts in Spain.

Today, we know that even the smallest holiday home in Tenerife which is close to the sea shore may be exposed to flooding or worse.

Coming back to the fishing enclave San Andres, its mountains demanded even more environmental awareness.

Environmental messages from long ago

Using the location of the old tower known as the Torre or Castillo San Andres to put up a hotel means denying everything learned from the past.

The town of Santa Cruz gave up restoring this old fort. Some more clues to its past are found here.

Mamotreto issue unlikely to be resolved when you read these Spanish newspaper clips in Spanish

Return from environmental problems to environmental awareness Puerto de la Cruz. There at Punta Brava, Spanish artists are not only concerned about Tenerife's ocean but also about a threat to their surroundings on land, such as a banana plantation.

University studies for volcanic terrain by appropriate knowledge for specialized engineering, more about which find,

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