See outside Christmas decorations Tenerife pictures and escape to virtual holidays.

Outside Christmas decorations come with Christmas lights and without.

Admire one of best examples without illumination by a small sash window which looks like 60cm x 120 cm in size.

Note a white sculpture windowsill attached underneath. It represented ocean waves by a bulky, slightly baroque appearance.

Five golden angel fish ornaments dangled in the center on strings with two more to the left and the right.  Color contrasts were perfect. The fish moved in the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean by the principal town square of Puerto de la Cruz Seven elaborate round, star ornaments adorned this composition strategically within the window.

Two dark green pine trees within the main frame created impact. They covered the window but left a small gap.  Furthermore, this natural mirror image had light, shade and magnifying effects that were cast by the amazing sun of Tenerife.

Enlarge the picture to read Restaurante Régulo engraved on a rustic beam.

Below,  glittering brass look alike fish echo the previous decoration. They were well visible from the street in 2015 outside the restaurant in its entrance.

You will seldom come across such original, beautiful compositions of outside Christmas decorations for one of best restaurants of Tenerife with fresh fish to eat as well as fish ornaments outside. The decorations outside a restaurant on two walls in general were a piece of Tenerife Spanish art . The beauty was in the simplicity.

Latest outside window decorations of Restaurante El Regulo for 2017/2018

Address of Restaurante Régulo

See the outside Christmas decoration in reality at
C/Pérez Zamora, 16/corner C/San Felipe in Puerto de La Cruz Tenerife, 2 minutes on foot from Plaza del Charco.
Or call them to make sure the decoration outside is still up at Tel.: 0034 + 922 384 506...


High class Tenerife Christmas angel decoration on El Regulo window outside in 2015

Four more windows of this top Tenerife place for eating out during the festive season of 2015 and 2016 echoed it by outside Christmas ornaments.

Subtle Christmas marketing

Unusual Restaurante Regulo Outside Christmas decorations in 2016

The color composition of 2016 of the famous restaurant just outside of La Ranilla of Puerto de la Cruz was stunning as usual. It was green and white on a yellow background. Penguins and ice bears or on the wall or in a top floor window looked good during day and night. 

Children find their presents brought by them in January but,  often get gifts as well from Father Christmas on December 25.

Usually, this type of decor is used to please the children of the house as well as in the road.

Outside Christmas decoration theme by Restaurante El Regulo windows in 2018 and 2019Outside Christmas decoration theme by Restaurante El Regulo windows in 2018 and 2019

Christmas pictures  with low on electricity outside Christmas lightings, some of which combined with olden days' traditions.

Other highly original Christmas window decorations by Restaurante Regulo of Tenerife and learn more about their marketing value

Return from outside Christmas decorations to photo of the day where Christmas lights are an additional feature... Discover its story on how it came about and wonder about an unusual day time photo.

10 Christmas decorations for your porch entrance here

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