Tenerife fiestas of unforgettable fun

Tenerife fiestas are holidays in Tenerife of all sorts of nature. They are more and more frequented by foreigners because of cheap Tenerife flights.

Also, Tenerife hotels are definitely spoiling tourists more than ever before. They create fiestas or parties by the seasides.

All summer in Tenerife South: On Playa Costa Adeje at Monkey beach club weekend summer beach parties which include nightlife by the seaside.   

Puerto de la Cruz and Los Realejos have monthly festivities where street art caused novelty Fiesta events. The fiesta del Carmen of July patronage highlights of Puerto de la Cruz needs an article on its own, as too much happens there. 

Festivals del Carmen in a nutshell

Virgen Maria del Carmen of the Catholic faith has been the town patron of Puerto's fishing community for a long time. However, discover the peculiar Puerto de la Cruz connection with the Virgen del Carmen celebration of Los Realejos...

The awe inspiring ocean and her go hand in hand. Nevertheless, sad stories of the sea are told in local taverns.

Noisy Party days

Since 2008, no more excessive loud music allowed during fiestas after 2 a.m. That doesn't help much for those who need a good nights sleep for work and live in a tourist hub.

Too much celebrating?

All year round Tenerife fiestas seem to be mind-bogging besides the island's most famous Carnival.

It remains to wonder how there is time left for studying.

Los Realejos a Fiesta leader

Los Realejos leads for its amount of fiestas for the entire Spain. It helps that it has its own fire works productions.

Each of its 20 suburbs don't only celebrate their own church patron days. They also have a holiday dedicated to culture and folk art. There are folk dance holidays, kids street parties, fashion show days, Cine and photography festivals, sports tournaments, you name it. A'Sortija' which means horse race takes place during the important Fiesta de la Cruz (holy cross) on May 3rd. Then all houses display fancy decorated crosses with banners, carpets and flowers. Romerias play a part. The celebrations are too numerous to list them all. You wonder how work is fitted in. However, the people of Realejos think that they have made an art of it to combine both. Then there are May and July holidays, Christmas, Easter and of course a very own carnival.

Paella by the beach

May 4th, the last day of Tenerife fiestas de la Cruz ends with Paella food for all on El Socorro beach. The international para-glider festival by this seaside together with its Paella has been put on a hold for economical reasons.

Fiesta with fireworks problems

Typical Realejos fiesta of Tigaiga

Tenerife example of Spain traditions by fiesta with free food and drink

Lets look at Christmas...

This is the season where many breathtaking Tenerife nativity scenes are displayed by even the most remote mountain hamlet, while the night spectacle of Reyes Magos of Puerto de la Cruz is one of a kind that sums up Christmas.

The capital's modern version can be enjoyed on a giant TV in the big Santa Cruz soccer stadium. While helicopters transport the holy kings there, ships do it in Los Christianos. Not to forget Camels. 

By the way, discover Christmas Fiesta shows with a Tenerife Orotava mall in party gear...

More about the Tenerife carnival kids and carnival is found in the article called Tenerife attractions.

Find its link below.

San Juan de Dios festival Puerto Cruz of the Fire brigade

  • Introduced by the town fire brigade of 200 members contrary to Orortava's 80 in March 08, 2008 to honor special firemen
  • Also called Fiesta of open doors for donations
  • Part of it is a mass, children fun, free cocktails and fire engine display

The Mueca art festival of Puerto Cruz with yearly news and novelties

Candelaria holiday celebrations

On 14th and 15th of August, big Tenerife fiestas preceded by a Lucha Canaria Sports competition take place in honor of the black Madonna de Candelaria which is also a Guanche legend.

Most business on all Canary Islands is closed at this time, as it is also for important pilgrimage for the whole archipelago.

Fiestas San Andres (Saint Andreas)

It's now celebrated all over Tenerife with no school on that day. The new wine tasting and the smell of roasted chestnuts draw adults. Kids roam around towns with tins attached to boards. Noise is the attraction. In Icod de los Vinos, dare devil youngsters slide on door boards down dangerous street slopes where tires smooth the impact of their landing.

Festivals San Isidor and that of Las Alfombras (carpets)

The patron saint Fiesta of San Isidoro Labrador with Romeria takes place shortly after the famous Orotava Corpus Christi celebrations where sand art in the street was added to floral art later

San Juan of Tenerife fiestas

Depicted below is the horse and goats bathing of the San Juan Fiesta.

  More about the Puerto de la Cruz Fiesta San Juan.

Tenerife Diwali celebration of the lights

This festivity of magic of lights whose date may change is celebrated by the whole Indian Tenerife community, no matter what their religion. Book at Restaurante Tandoori in Adeje by joining a traditional fiesta of a Diwali evening with Sari clad ladies and delicious, exotic food by calling 922 714416...

What I love about Tenerife fiestas is that all nationalities who reside on the island are welcome to add their celebrations. Even a small fiesta with music from the Munich beer halls has its yearly event in Puerto de la Cruz.

Phe celebrations in Puerto de la Cruz

Summer nightlife is celebrating a big come-back with trendy concerts during the popular Puerto de la Cruz trendy music Phe festivals  on August 23 and August 24 the Facebook page of which find


Resort property Tenerife with listed festivals and fiestas of Los Gigantes region

Unusual Fiestas of the biggest Canary Island

Festivals Tenerife Romeria Fiestas with Orotava example

Romeria San Isidro an eye opener for the senses in Los Realejos

Festival La Longuera with fashion shows of Tenerife moda a yearly Fiesta dedicated to business

From Tenerife fiestas back to Tenerife attractions

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