What's the new trend with nativity art?

Nativity art of old Spanish Christmas traditions is best seen with a slightly more modern touch by Tomas Morales Pérez.

Exhibition news for 2018

No exhibitions of Casa Ventoso Belenes nativity scenes in Winter 2018/2019 due to heavy road works on Plaza de Perejil, Calla San Juan and Calle Iriarte of Puerto de la Cruz. I shall keep you posted.

Indeed, Belenes the nativity scenes are to be taken with a pinch of salt. Why? Beautiful craft works would be a more accurate classification for the magnificent creations. The creation by Morales Pérez was on a wall at the exhibition center of the Belen Nativity scenes in Casa Ventoso in the Winter of 2017. Its poster is depicted below. 

In still art, the nativity displays of Bethlehem village life are now spread out on huge surfaces. In fact,  Casa Ventoso is an ideal place to experience it all.  It's said to have the most varied and biggest nativity miniature show of all Canary Islands. It even has the seal of value for humanity as clearly stated on its poster.

The beauty of the compositions by forms and colors almost reminds the impact of a classic Bruegel scene, as depicted above.

A cultural faux pas should not feature in the the latest trend  of a nativity Belen scene.


A miniature wheel barrow is loaded with all kinds of meat where pork excels. Even Spanish Cerano ham seems to be there. Jews don't eat pork, as it's not halal but, unclean.

Nativity art evolution in 2016

Most nativity scene changes happened in the last decade. Before, Spanish traditions used to follow the old ways for probably more than six centuries.  Private homes, churches, all kinds of schools, shop windows, markets and even Tenerife hotels were displaying the Christmas scene with the newborn Christ. Tenerife Folk dress was often the attire of life size figurines.

Social Millennium changes

Notice the realism art trend where Saint Joseph holds baby Jesus.   Meantime, the mother of Jesus takes the well earned rest from giving birth. Those are the new ways of the twenty first millennium. In fact, many fathers care for babies and small children,  nowadays. However, Saint Joseph hasn't been shown yet by doing any traditional house work of a woman.

La Orotava Christmas nativity art trend with life size figurines

Even a life size water wheel has been introduced in a Bethlehem village scene by the Orotava Town Hall. There, other every day objects together with shepherds, artisans, shop keepers and more are most surprising with amazing details. Mind new changes took place of this life size display in La Orotava that was also augmented with more stalls in 2018.

Other trends with the Christmas Belen

Animated or moving figurines may even occur. More so, Tigaiga of Los Realejos reenacts the entire story of the nativity on its village square on December 25.  Meantime, similar live spectacles with several hundreds of real actors have already become Spanish traditions on mainland Spain in its capital Madrid and in other towns. 

From nativity art back to Spain art.

Following a nativity scene with ancient Israelite bakers discover

how bread was baked in the days of Jesus Christ

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