Mirador Humboldt important news.

The Mirador Humboldt of Tenerife North is much more than its € 2 million Cafetaria and Bar Restaurante by that name. 

In fact , there is a second lookout just a few yards from it  by a wayside Juniper tree where the road curves.  A timber roof structure and a large, rustic table with benches invite to take a break beside a generous car park. 

The 3718 m high Mount Teide, the crown of this jewel of an Atlantic ocean bay,  was captured from this location with snow cap and white cloud collar in January 2017.

Where is this sight seeing landmark?

  Both the ancient, humble Mirador and the one built in the twenty first century are located on Carretera Cuesta de la Vila or Calle Pinito that's easy to access just next to the Restaurant Donde Mario just off the TF 21. You can reach them from La Orotava via Las Cuevas in direction of Cuesta de la Vila before Santa Ursula.

Interesting immediate surrounding by the Humboldt memorial.

Indeed, the Humboldt lookouts are both located within pristine, indigenous Tenerife nature by slopes and ravines on all sides. 

Contrary to so much beauty, the ambitious construction of concrete of the Mirador restaurant  reminds me a German bunker of WW2 of the Normandy when i approach it from the road. It never fitted into such a pristine landscape where much delicate flora abounds. Now, it's all the more deplorable that it shut its doors already in 2014. And that after more than half a decade of construction until its inauguration in 2010.

The Restaurante Humboldt with its gay,  green umbrellas on a curvacious terrace started with much success as a new Tenerife attraction. However, its gourmet food didn't lure the right customers. Above all, it lacked visitors in summer. It was closed already in 2014 and offered a rather abandoned sight in January 2017, as depicted in the photo gallery above. 

What does the Mirador Humboldt commemorate?

Admire the beautiful Alexander von Humboldt statue beside me on the view side terrace of the stone mirador.  Mr.Humboldt's words about the valley being the most beautiful on earth were never  forgotten. A memorial plaque also reminds all this. Herr von Humboldt a German scientist in many fields including Botany spent a week on Tenerife Island from June 25th of 1799 onward.  He traveled from Santa Cruz to La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz and to la Orotava. He took on Mount Teide together with a companion and the help of mules.

Most important is also that this aristocrat who was much known in higher academic circles of Northern Europe also helped to promote the Orotava Valley with Puerto de la Cruz as an ideal spot for health tourism.

What about the famous valley of Mirador Humboldt?

It's a steadily sloping volcanic ground, rather. It descends in often irregular fashion from a height of 2000 meters by the Cañadas down to the ocean. Pine forests which end by those highlands are part of a total terrain of about 207.31 km2. The trees circle everything like a horse shoe. The many shades of green of lush vegetation with pine forests, vineyards and more meet the eye. Not only the banana plantations in lower regions are breathtaking.

Needless to say is that this region is always splendid at night. Then, magic lights of its towns and hamlets try to rival the star filled skies. 

A paradise view Cafe an unbeatable rival of Mirador Humboldt?

Vista Paraiso Cafe meaning Paradise country, Teide and sea views cafe of Cuesta de la Vila.Vista Paraiso Cafe of Paradise country views


Needless to say, the Humboldt cafeteria bar and eating place  was always a little expensive for tourist walkers. It also was a bit pricey for affordable Sunday tea time outings by local folks. Besides, there is a place above the ocean by Cuesta de la Vila that has everything. Best, Austrian cakes,  delicious home cooked snacks, sea, Teide, valley and even beach views... Over the years it has gained more and more fans not only with tourists. It's highly popular with walking clubs, above all since open on Sundays, as well.  It hums with faithful fans that keep on coming.    

A true Paradise valley lookout cafe a most impressive alternative to the Humboldt view points.

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