Corte Ingles Tenerife is also tops for tourists.

The Corte Ingles Tenerife (EL Corte Inglés) only exists in the island's capital and that for a reason. 

Corte Ingles Tenerife Santa Cruz capitalCorte Ingles Tenerife in Santa Cruz

Tenerife belongs to Spain but, has autonomous rights. It's not easy for big malls to receive building and trading licenses on the island.

It's a Spanish department store chain and economic empire with Europe's biggest retail turnover in its category.

Few will remember that it once offered the only and the biggest novelty shopping on the biggest Canary Island.

Only one Corte Ingles left in Santa Cruz

Corte Ingles
Avda.Tres de Mayo, 7
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel: + 34 922 949400
Fax Tel: + 34 922 294568
Opening hours: 9.30 a.m.-21.30 per October 2015

This is the newest of its malls of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which was opened in 2005/2006, while the old one of C/El Pilar by Plaza de los Principes de Asturias was closed in 2014

Opening hours for shopping during special holidays

  • 30/05/2015 from 09.30 to 21.30
  • 12/10/2015 from 09.30 to 21.30
  • 02/11/2015 from 09.30 to 21.30
  • 06/12/2015 from 10.00 to 22.00
  • 13/12/2015 from 10.00 to 22.00
  • 20/12/2015 from 10.00 to 22.00
  • 27/12/2015 from 10.00 to 22.00

The Hypermarket department store 3 de Mayo is unique and the biggest and only one in Tenerife now.

What's new with this huge Spain retail chain store?

More and more International designer fashion, labels and brands are added. Even the Australian Billabong Surf Fashion is there now.

Important help for foreign tourists at Corte Ingles 3 de Mayo

  • A travel service since the first Corte Ingles agency Puerto de la Cruz in 1972.
  • Change of foreign money by Banco Santander a top share holder of the stores since 2013
  • Free information, interpreting as well as advice for Igic sales tax refunds
  • Tourist info and assistance location on the ground floor
  • Help with shopping card application and or/ online purchasing
  • Assistance to send bought goods to your hotel or home address overseas

3 Parking tips for Corte Ingles shopping

  • Free for tourists of nearby Boutique Hotel Silken Atlantida
  • Free for shopping card holders
  • Free after a certain amount of shopping

How drive to the indoor parking of Corte Ingles Tenerife?

  • Street level entrance: C/ Alvaro Rodriguez Lopez
    a road that runs parallel to Avda. 3 de Mayo
  • Coming from Puerto de La Cruz, the TF 5 and Avda 3 de Mayo turn right into C/Fomento and then right again into C/Alvaro Rodriguez López.
  • The entrance for the department store parking is a few meters after the first cross road on your right.
  • More information on Tenerife parking here.

Skating court at the biggest Spanish department store

I call it as such after I saw about 20 to 30 youngsters race about on this spacious backyard of the Corte Inglés Tenerife in its capital. This was on the late afternoon of October 16th in 2008.

Let your teenager children bring their skate boards, while you shop in peace.

Skate boarding there might not be official but, much isn't in Spain which is very tolerant in many respects. This seems to include Spain's biggest department store which sells just about everything of best brands for the sports enthusiasts.

corte ingles 3 de mayo in Santa CruzCorte Ingles 3 de Mayo

To Corte Ingles 3 de Mayo on foot and by car

Spot this stunning Tenerife Hypermarket one stop shop the oldest Tenerife department store at night when you come from the seaside and the bottom of Avenida 3 de Mayo.

The Corte Ingles Tenerife has special offers for its quality goods, just like other branches by this name. This includes household goods, such as washing machines.

Specials lead at Corte Inglés "Outlets"

These mini stores of Europe's biggest department store retail group specialize in clothes and textiles that have often been reduced to a third of their inicial sale's price. There is one such Outlet called Moda Canaria at El Trompe of San Gerónimo La Orotava. It adjoins La Villa Alcampo shopping center. Both are easy for free open air parking and to reach with a wheel chair.

Another such outlet is at Avda. El Paso of San Christóbal de La Laguna which is near the capital.

Supercor outlets supermarkets

One such Supercor convenience store was in Puerto de la Cruz by the bus mile. It was closed and taken over by a common supermarket chain after the opening of the Supercor on Plaza del Charco in the hub of town. The latter is much loved by tourists in this prime location. However, the Corte Ingles Supercors don't stock the big mall's elite 'Gourmet club' groceries which rival those of Marks and Spencer.

    Important information about the Corte Ingles Tenerife

  • Much literature for books and magazines which includes English
  • Books on updated Spanish taxes and revenues
  • Books on updated property laws

Indeed, this Corte Ingles on Avenida 3 de Mayo often has books you don't find in libraries.

    Pre-natal Pre-Mamá pregnancy clothes

  • Which department? Moda Mujer on the first floor Piso 1
  • Collections: Maternity dresses, Maternity pants long and short, such as stretch denims and others, all kinds of tops including one or two styles for breast feeding
  • prenatal web but without dresses
  • Usually special discounts available, above all for repeated buying within one week

Looking for baby swimming trunks?

We bought lovely ones at the Santa Cruz Corte Inglés which I may publish here, once I find its photo again

El Corte Ingles online guide

How to buy and what to buy online at the oldest Spanish mega store

Depicted is a view from the seaside with flamboyant Poinsonias almost flanking the department store's restaurant of Corte Ingles Tenerife.

A Tenerife top floor restaurant not to be missed

  • Why?
  • Best views to the Tenerife capital port with the Anaga mountains
  • Authentic Italian cuisine with Pasta of all types of noodles made on the premises under new management of Chef Don Germán Blanco since summer 2015
  • Breakfasts at 9.30a.m.
  • Lunches at 1.p.m.
  • Where the store's peculiar name comes from

    Indeed, this big mall was once only an exclusive tailor shop which produced high quality men' suits with an English cut meaning corte Ingles. In 1952, it became a department store. This precise 'made to measure' luxury is again possible for you at this prestige department store. Just ask for it, as for anything else. This most important top store of Spain seems to fulfill every shopper's wishes in all kinds of fields.

    Landmarks nearby

    By the way, encounter several more Tenerife sight seeing choices in Santa Cruz, such as an incredible museum, La Noria party street, the T.E.A and more by El Corte Inglés 3 de Mayo..

    From Corte Ingles Tenerife back to shopping in Tenerife.


    The Corte Ingles Tenerife and everywhere in Spain used to be renown for the excellent quality of the clothes and more that it sold. However, we are not responsible if it nowadays may include things that are made in China that may not meet the previous quality criteria.

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