News Supercor Puerto Cruz for convenient Tenerife shopping.

Supercor Puerto Cruz for convenience shopping was expected eagerly in Puerto de la Cruz late in 2008.

It opened its doors, but unfortunately, the location behind the old bus station was not the best. It was closed again and moved to a much better spot.

Now the new very beautiful Tenerife Supercor is at Plaza del Charco in the hub of town by its little port and huge free parking plot.

You could even see a snow capped Mount Teide from this precise corner of Plaza del Charco. You would need to stand outside the new convenience store in Winter or in Spring. That lookout place would be to the bottom right of the photo.

In fact, the new spot is better news for many locals as well as for people in the Tenerife self contained holiday apartments of the oldest resort.

It also means you could travel to El Puerto while on Tenerife holidays and you could quickly buy something at Puerto's Supercor convenient store to take home in your rented car, even on a Sunday.

Depicted is the old Supercor that had been built after some drama. Anyway, this is all history now. It was in the depicted Edificio Laurel after it's construction was last not least finished.

Supercor Tenerife is part of a chain of Corte Inglés special shops.

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Products sold at the new SuperCor

  • Fresh as well as frozen fish and sea food;
  • Fresh as well as frozen meat, sausages and cold meats;
  • Cheese of all sorts
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • Frozen vegetables and tin food;
  • breads, pastas, rice, cookies, cakes, sweets, chocolates, ice creams;
  • take away and diet food;
  • household cleaners;
  • cosmetics, perfumes and skin/body care products;

Cheese, cold meats, chicken etc. sold by weight, baby food and most probably also garden and perhaps pool products are normally in Supercor stocks.

Advantages of Supercor shopping

Products of Supercor Puerto Cruz may be expected to be very fresh and to have a good price relation for the convenience of week-end and holiday shopping offered as is custom with all Supercor shops in Spain.

It remains to be said after a short discovery tour of the new Puerto Cruz shop that it is very pleasant. It doesn't seem to stand behind Mercadona for its size and variety of goods, on first sight. Everything seems to be according to Supercor norms. However, it's not as cheap as other supermarket stores because of the night time shopping convenience.

What is different with Supercor Puerto Cruz shopping

  • open from 9 a.m. until Midnight every day
  • Corte Inglés Shopping Credit card
  • Free home delivery within Puerto de la Cruz
    for shopping with more than €70 value.
  • Option to have delivered elsewhere for a fee.

Another alternative for practical Sunday and holiday shopping will always be Centro Comercial Piramides center in Puerto de la Cruz which also gives you a big Mercadona Supermarket.

Find plenty more exciting Puerto shopping options.

Supercor convenience shopping belongs to outlets of the Corte Ingles department store group, more information of which find here.

You can also go from Supercor Puerto Cruz to shopping in Tenerife. which is also about shopping in Santa Cruz.

There are 2 more Supercor shops on the island

One is in Granadilla de Abona a map of which you can see in Wikimapia Supercor and one is in La Laguna.

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