How a Garachico funicular is great Tenerife news.

Indeed, the Garachico Funicular is one more of Tenerife attractions in the pipeline of never ending positive news.

Innovation for more than Tenerife tourists.

Garachico City Center Plaza de la LibertadGarrachico city center

This ground breaking idea was announced for the first time in 2012.

It was the brain child of the Garachico town Mayor José Heriberto González.

Again on November 26 of 2017, the mayor affirmed that  this carrier will be built soon. It will have a capacity to carry 70 people from the town up to the lofty heights of La Culata. 

Will the heavy financial expense be worth it?

A Funicular has been a world proven means of transport for more than a hundred years. It's clean and will pay for more than its costs over time. It will be of benefit for the entire Garachico municipality. Indeed, a plus for all travelers and tourists...

More latest information and an excellent photo where the vehicle will be installed here

More details that speak for this modern town investment.

  • Easy and fast access from La Villa Garachico central to San Pedro and San Juan del Reparo alias La Culata
  • A shortcut to continue on foot to El Tanque for camel rides
  • To also reach Santiago del Teide by further hiking faster
  • To save time for more both bird watching at the Corona as well at at the Chinyero nature reserves
  • Improved infrastructure for about 600 inhabitants of San Juan del Reparo for work or leisure in Garachico
  • A fast and fun way to travel partly up the mountains to reach look-outs
  • To avoid the hard leg work on a foot path of 2,8km to San Juan de Reparo
  • An alternative to driving on the TF 43
  • A progress for a better environment

Envision the Garachico Funicular

Imagine you hop onto a cable car like the depicted Teide Telerifico. It will take you through vineyards along picturesque farms. Meantime, Tenerife's most quaint town is nested in a tiny bay by the sea. Mind it was the most important of the island in XVII and in XVIII. You will glimpse its latest port the Garachico Marina that can even accommodate two cruise ships.

What kind of funicular for Garachico?

  • One like the elevator type funicular of Lisbon?
  • Like the Teide cable cab called Teide telerifico?
It doesn't really matter. However, one like the Funicular de Lisboa may not be practical.

Of course, more things to explore in Garachico are always good news for all who have a holiday home in Tenerife which may be close by.

Marina yacht harbor of Garachico

From Garachico funicular back to Tenerife attractions.

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