Ideas for your mini hanging gardens in your holiday home Tenerife?

Hanging gardens of a the town of a  former Guanche winter resort look out over the Atlantic towards America, while Spain's highest peak Mount Teide keeps its majestic, venerable distance from above.

Just an alternative

Indeed, the Puerto Playa Jardin garden oasis can't compete with the historic gardens of Babylon or Semiramis but, are spectacular nevertheless.

Yes, those Puerto gardens with all their beach resources were man made. Today, most of their trees and palms up a very proud show. They grew strong and tall and gently dance with the winds under the sky. Their neighborhood prides itself of Loro Park, renown fish restaurants of Punta Brava village, luxury Apartment buildings at Bahia Park, sports arenas, a huge banana plantation, hotels, Seapoint Punta Gorda and a castle fortress called Castillo San Felipe.

Garden beach

Those gardens gave the name garden beach to Playa Jardin. The most important about them is that they are blending in perfectly with their surroundings. It was a mammoth task to tackle their size of 17000 m2 on up to four and five partly staggered levels. All this is there today for tourists and locals to use, thanks to the late environmental expert C├ęsar Manrique from Lanzarote's and Tenerife's oldest resort.

One of their most popular spot is on their main veranda. It's big enough to cater for small festivals. You can even access with a wheelchair. Watch the sun go down over the ocean and enjoy food and drink. Then, explore almost hidden trails of the gardens However, wherever you venture, a window to the sea always opens up.

Varied retaining walls

In fact, there is many a unique garden with hanging characteristics at Playa Jardin. Their landscaping is done on and around rocks and on terraces with different retaining walls by brilliant landscape design ideas using volcanic rocks and natural stones. That way, hanging gardens became a total success on steep slopes by a beach side.

Beach landscapes that complement partly suspended gardens by the shore.

Smaller hanging gardens nearby

There are also the extraordinary, virtually suspended rock gardens below the former Casino Taoro Taoro Hotel.

The so called Cascadas are trailing down along fantastic waterfall landscaping at the at the park that was named after the king of Taoro

Not to forget are alternative beachfront gardens. They are the Acantilados Martianez cliffs whose caleidoscope of indigenous ground covers and shrubs trails down to the ocean on a steep cliff of typical natural wonders of Tenerife.

Click to learn more about the luxury Bahia San Felipe Hotel Puerto de la Cruz. There, swim by an environment of the amazing sloping gardens of Martianez which are pure virgin nature. Also, reach the Martianez gardens from the viewpoint Mirador La Paz to walk around in them. Be in trendy La Paz village within 20 minutes on foot.

From hanging gardens back to Playa Jardin.

The gardens of Semiramis

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