Brilliant beach landscapes of black Tenerife beaches transformed with minimal expert design

Beach landscapes by Punta Brava of Puerto de la Cruz were not ideal for Tenerife holidays in the past.

Learn from César Manrique how he changed that.

He was one of famous Spanish artists and a renown landscaper. He was an expert with color combinations for a black beach. He selected red, gold and silver for stunning effects.
He added green by plants to give more life to everything. This is how he turned a former dull seaside into a glamorous, romantic beach.

Lets look at green for beach landscapes last.

Lets see how Mr. Manrique tackled design with black as base color...

Beach landscapes beach Playa Charcon and Punta brava of Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife beachesTwo beach landscapes

Surf beach Playa Charcón

Admire the scenic photo of the two beach landscapes the black beach Playa Charcón and Playa Punta Brava behind it. Both belong to Playa Jardin beaches.
Brilliant landscaping design ideas... A volcanic ocean jetty separates both. Cesar Manrique enhanced the image of the ocean shores with one striking red focal point of Geranium flowers.
A constructed pathway with a golden tint is broken up by many single volcanic boulders of similar size by the wayside. The path leads the eye from the front to the next landscape.
The walk way becomes mysterious,  as it winds around a bend.
Only a few picture perfect strokes of ideas were applied. In fact, 'less is more'. The entire design portrays drama as well as romance and is optimum landscaping with a minimum of means.

Another amazing fact

What you can't know is that 2300 cubic meters of volcanic sands from nearby ocean depths were also added to give the shores a smooth,  inviting appearance.

The lovely pastel colored skyline of the fishing hamlet Punta Brava seems to hug everything lovingly in the background.
The light blue sky riser of the Puerto de la Cruz/Los Realejos border hotel seems to bend over with curiosity in the very far distance.  Any late romantic painter would have loved this scenery for each and every detail in it.

Fairyland beach details

Discover surprising landscape design ideas for beach fun in a black landscape. Spot a tiny silvery artificial river. It leads all the way through black sands to an ocean which shines like a jewel in the evening light. Beach combers, sand walkers and children add a gay human touch with mainly red beach wear to the image.

They are the center of these beach landscapes with enjoyable activities. 

A man made steel staircase helps climb a volcanic mystery isle,  which is a land on its own.

The dramatic impact of falling waters enhance it and pass it by. Delicate golden moss grows on black boulders and volcanic rocks. Mont Teide eruptions left them behind. Now they are part of an unusual waterfall. They fit in like a natural wonder. 

There is more than one waterfall design. They are by Tenerife hotels and parks, such as by Taoro hotel. In fact, the Lido Lago Martianez, Siam Park, Parque Maritimo Santa Cruz and other places use landscaping with water features with or without shade plants on Tenerife.

Black beach with volcanic rocks and pebbles Playa Jardin San FelipeBlack beach Playa Jardin

Impressions of beach landscapes

Marvel at the first impression of seaside landscapes
that may catch your surprise when you enter the first section of the black beach or better said Tenerife beaches of Playa Jardin.

The first beach part is called Beach Playa de San Felipe, officially.

No doubt, this is one of beach landscapes of Playa Jardin for very romantic holidays with a 17000 square meter huge green oasis behind it that needs exploring. Much more than a so called garden beach indeed. But nobody could envision how it would grow when the name was given.  

 Last not least, one image where sunlight seems to have placed a golden veil over the shore to create a furtive illusion of different sand. Large black, volcanic stones or rather boulders add a natural impact in the foreground.

Volcanic stones largeVolcanic stones

Joined beach landscapes and two single views

Some of the rocks that stretch into the open Atlantic may have been added to enhance the look of an almost natural low ridge.

Curved path, black cliff, lush green Daisy bushes, Punta Brava hamlet on the horizon. A perfect seaside world on its own.

Is global warming taking its toll?

The wonderful gardens that trail down over the steep rocks on Playa Jardin  have certainly dried out terribly in the last years. Even the geraniums and daisy bushes looked on the dry side in Autumn 2019. Lets hope rains will remedy the situation.

Some volcanic black rocks may have been added for optimum effect. They embrace a picturesque bay at this section of El Charcón. Red Geraniums create a breathtaking picture book scene.

One of critical Tenerife landscaping spots

Between beach Playa Castillo San Felipe and Beach Playa Charcón is a delicate section of the total beach Playa Jardin. Here, a wide gorge called Barranco Castillo San Felipe must carry mountain rain waters to the ocean for environmental sake. Most of the terrain was meant to stay empty,  but a small Cactus park was added last not least. It's history now. A torrential flood from the adjacent ravine washed it into the ocean in 2009. Actually now in 2013,  only some indigenous plants grow in its place. 

Cesar Manrique was indeed one of Spanish artists who understood,  how to landscape with basic important design rules to create dramatic pleasing scenery for unforgettable beach vacations. He enhances beach fun for people with a holiday home in Tenerife as well as for all other visitors and locals alike.

A beach landscape alternative at Las Teresitas

Several black seashores were combined, while black sand was replaced with white one. It came from the Sahara of West Africa. Click the photo Las Teresitas to learn more about these seasides of the Tenerife capital.

From beach landscapes back to hanging gardens

Why? To integrate a steep hill with several terraces and a design he remembered from Semiramis was one of the biggest problems that César Manrique tackled successfully, albeit in a somewhat different way.

Also, discover more beaches of Tenerife North, some of which are natural swimming pools of volcanic rocks. 

Environmental expert, landscaper, designer and more

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