Waterfall landscaping a part of Tenerife attractions.

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Waterfall landscaping is tops by the Tenerife beaches of Playa Jardin at its beach Punta Brava.

The indigenous Guanches favored this spot and certainly made the best of it to adapt the landscape by a natural fountain to their needs.

A waterfall is very likely to have been there before, as grounds are still very steep and rocks are abundant above the seashore.

Waterfall landscaping for Tenerife holidays Spain

Important waterfall composition elements

  • Winding beachfront pathway giving more space illusion
  • A wooden bridge with cave below the waterfalls
  • Two steep waterfall levels surrounded by plants
  • Dark volcanic rocks with white and red geranium flowers
  • Tiny river to the ocean formed by the gushing waterfall, ideal for toddler fun
  • Black volcanic mystery isle embracing beach and separating Playa Punta Brava and Playa Charcón together with the falls, look-out and bridge
  • Special interest to explore further by hiding a landscape behind the waterfall, bridge and rock island

Brilliant landscaping design ideas by Cesar Manrique

Most probably, the expert landscaper from Lanzarote Island envisioned the ancient cave as well as the rock island opposite as borrowed landscape and saw it all as a perfect landscape composition.

Waterfall landscaping with subtropical plants

Yuccas and agaves feature with other waterfall plants around a top basin made of rock boulders...

Some of them are in a small flower bed by a huge veranda behind the waterfall. The others are below the falls, as shown in the next photo.

The depicted image is spectacular for a water feature design.

  • Several waterfall retaining walls,
  • 3 waterfalls on different levels put up with dark volcanic boulders.
  • A curtain of water pearls, screens most of a walk-through Guanche cave

How does the water reach the falls?

One way would be from the Teide Canadas. The other would be by pumping up ocean water, as happens with the extraordinary Lago Martianez. p>

Big iron door leading underground

Perhaps, it leads to a pump room which may also be used for storage of tools to maintain the waterfall landscaping.

Landscaping with shade plants by Taoro waterfalls

More about this extra landscaping design challenge with waterfalls from different directions at the the Puerto de la Cruz Taoro with its perfect garden restaurant.

A wealth of precious shade plants which were included in this waterfall-design may be discovered.

You may notice the usual volcanic rocks and boulders as well as almost gray stones of volcanic origin.

They were used to create waterfall retaining walls...

By the way, natural water was used with all the water features of this park.

Its source is above the slope.

There it also served to fill a large pond on the grounds of the former Casino Taoro which was a hotel earlier on.

By the way, ivy is covering the main retaining wall in this semi shaded Taoro recluse.

Mature indigenous Phoenix palms are also part of the waterfall landscaping at this semi shaded oasis.

Papyrus, water ivies and Birds-nest ferns (asplenium nidus) grow by the water's edge to provide perfect subtropical waterfall landscaping.

I did not see Staghorn ferns at the Taoro falls with this shade garden design. Those ferns are part of platycerium species. They would have looked fantastic in this place. I grew them with a similar climate in my South African garden, after I attached them with old nylon stockings and some moss to palm trees together with Tilandsias. All this was beside a fish pond where I even managed to have some ground-bromeliads in trees.

A hotel waterfall

The waterfall landscaping is by Hotel Barcelo at Puerto de Santiago right beside Los Gigantes. It is below one of several buildings of this extravagant Tenerife hotel complex in the south of the biggest of all Canary Islands. As, the hotel is above the cliffs, its waters are therefore running down from black rocks of lava found in coastal areas of the biggest Canary Island.. Enlarge the photo and discover, at least 6 separate water features in this rock garden of a naturally composed wall... Just now, you will be able to learn more about landscaping with lava rocks and how César Manrique places them as accent points and for other reasons. By the looks of it, the water may be caught up in a basin and could be pumped up again, as usually happens with artificial waterfalls. Several waterfalls also feed many big philodendron plants at the bottom of the falls. They certainly profit from the moisture in the air, which the spraying waters produce.

Waterfall construction Videos:

How to build a waterfall with a retaining wall block.

The above video may help to construct a watefall, similar to the one of Hotel Barcelo.

Watch this video with good tips and waterfall design graphic on how to build a waterfall.

Natural waterfall plants photo

Natural waterfall plants photo

This photo shows endemic rockflowers with delicate blooms of the species Crassulaceae which grow in volcanic rocks. Encounter them near a waterfall with a special purpose by clicking here.

Look out for those wonders of nature in other high humidity locations in Tenerife... Try to incorporate them into a waterfall construction design, when you have your own holiday home in Tenerife...

Big Tenerife attraction waterfall Martianez

The Lago Martianez waterfall landscaping in the middle of its biggest lake is a sensation.

This waterfall construction was done after César Martianez had passed away. It would have made him happy to see it. Admire other water features and outstanding landscaping at the Cesar Manrique lake...

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Discover how to build a pondless waterfall here

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