The Lido Martianez Tenerife or Lago Martianez in Puerto de la Cruz is unique

The Lido Martianez Tenerife or Lago short for Lake Martianez, as it's mostly called with its natural salt water swimming pools, is on the biggest of all Canary Islands in Spain.  I prefer to call this Martianez Tenerife attraction like that, as it has become a symbol for Tenerife. Also,  it has more unusual entertainment than a lake could provide.

Lago Martianez news January 2016

Having mobility problems? You can now hire an Amphibian Chair for bathing in the Puerto de la Cruz Lago. Where? At the same Lido...

Also, Life savers are employed there now for everybody. Why? Even a good swimmer can have a sudden heart attack and might risk drowning.

Martianez lake, lago, lido and region Puerto CruzMartianez Tenerife

Otherwise,  this lido presents a rather amazing contrast in the northern resort town Puerto de la Cruz with buildings that date back 200 years and more.

This seaside resort is so modern.

Sure, the hotels in the very close vicinity of the Lido Martianez Tenerife are not really old except the so called  flower hotel Monopol

One of later additions the fountain

Water beam of giant fountain of Martianez lakeMartianez founain beams

The main Tenerife swimming attraction offers several water parks. Why parks? All of them have much subtropical vegetation planted,  close by.

Go for peaceful morning swim in this exotic wellness palm oasis. However, stay away from the middle of the big lake. Why?  You may suddenly get showered by more than 60 foot high water beams, while near the fountain. You'll never forget...

The Lido Lago Martianez amazing amount of tourist fans proves how exclusive a Tenerife attraction it is.  A Madrid couple with child hit the astronomical Lido Lago Martianez visitor mark of 26 million in May 2008.

Reported by the Spanish newspaper El Dia here.

The Lido Martianez Tenerife alias Lago Martianez now, stretches along Avda. Colon from the beach Playa Martianez right up to the town square Plaza de Los Reyes Catholicos where its Casino is now.

Lago Lido Martianez Casino

Why not under sea level of the Lido any more  which was unique in the world?

The Tenerife holiday home insider has been told that the Casino's underground location caused too many security problems. Another of the reasons was that people didn't like to walk long awkward passages.

Unfortunately now,  only Roulette, Blackjack and Poker tables are left for gambling at night at the new Casino. The slot machines may also be used during day time hours.

Before, people were dancing all night through at the Puerto de la Cruz Congress Center  at the Taoro where both the Lido and the casino used to be. 

Fountain and pool equipment

At most times of the year, the new Lido Martianez fountain is a morning spectacle only.

It's the focal point of the main lake. By the way, the 27000m3 of ocean water of all the Lago's lakes are run through a powerful filter system.
Umbrellas provide shade where no palm trees protect the more sensitive skin.

One pays for this protection and pool loungers at the park entrance. I once was there with a friend who always went to Lido Martianez after lunch. That way she just  profited by this extra service without paying when people left. 
Natural swimming pools technical data of the Lido and its history since 1977.

Free immediate beach neighbors of Lago Martianez

The Lido Martianez  in the middle of town is flanked by two beach options. 

That's the Martianez beach for wind surfing. It's at the end of Avenida Colon and Avenida Familia Bethencourt y Molina. The gravel beach San Telmo a snorkeler's paradise almost touches the Lido on its left.

Lower tourist entrance prices for the Lago Martianez in 2018

  • Adults:  € 3,50 for adults as seen in May 2018
  • Children 4--10 years old:  4-10  € 2,50
  • Adults residents Puerto de la Cruz:  €3
  • Resident children of Puerto de la Cruz €1,50

An entrance bonus card for 2 or 4 weeks is considerably cheaper.
Monthly entrance cards come with a large discount.
30 minutes whirl pool also have a reasonable price.
By the way, the use of pool loungers in included in the entrance    fee.

Opening hours of the Puerto de la Cruz Martianez salt water pools

Opening times are every day
    from 10a.m. to 19p.m.
    Doors are closed for entrance after 17.p.m.

Sundays or workdays don't make much of a difference for the Lago's popularity but school summer holidays do.

Different popular options for water fun

Discover another creation by César Manrique the the garden beach Lago Martianez alternative which is superbly landscaped seashore with park that may be reached by a most interesting 25 minute leisure walk.
 And #3 of the best landscape designs of Tenerife by César Manrique is the later added  Santa Cruz Maritim Park  in the Tenerife capital.

Our stay at the 'ValleMar' opposite the Lago

During  our Tenerife vacation in 1997  we got to know the Lido Martianez Tenerife from several birds eye perspectives from the 4 star Hotel Valle Mar in Calle San Telmo.

This oldest Puerto de la Cruz seaside hotel which grows its own organic produce is right opposite the Lido Martianez Tenerife. We had all inclusive holidays there. Food was good but,  I would never book all inclusive at any hotel, today. Tenerife restaurants of all sorts have so much to offer. You eat where and when you want.  By the way, this hotel was renovating its balconies in summer 2014. A while ago, it refurbished its rooms. Also ask for its new luxury panoramic suites on the top floor. 

The real Cafe de Paris of Tenerife

The oldest French cafe of Tenerife with all its authentic flair of art deco liberty style is below Hotel Valle Mar right opposite the entrance of Lido Lago Martianez. The cafe is in the picture behind the Canary palm above. It has its own disco entertainment with dance at night.  It's on the corner of Calle Venezuela/Paseo Martianez.

The owner of the much loved Café de Paris is also 
administrator/manager for Lido Martianez. This means that both its discos and all the rest of the entertainment which also includes the nearby Monastery restaurant gardens  are run by him.

We stayed on the 5th floor of Hotel Valle Mar,  the closest you could be to Lido Martianez Tenerife, in 1997. We were very happy with the service of the hotel, by the way and,  especially with its superb location by the lido and the rest of the town action.

My husband, who is,  usually,  not a people watcher, often,  sat on the hotel balcony for a little while looking down at the Lagos de Martianez.

"Hey Pete", I once asked. "What's so interesting down there?"
 "Get ready Mrs., we want to go now" , was his answer.

I was,  in fact,  ready and threw a quick glance down.
A couple of topless, very good looking young ladies lounging in the semi shade under palms in the Lido Martianez,  also,  almost,  magnetically attracted my gaze.

"Ha!" I had to laugh. "Nice view!"

Besides, the architect César Manrique is the  pride and joy of his native Lanzarote. There, he, of course,  excelled in his native habitat.
 He also designed  Maritim Parque (Park) more often called César Manrique Parque in the Tenerife's capital Santa Cruz

When we were at Hotel Valle Mar we could see the water of the 7 Lido Martianez pools being changed. They  told us that it was done once a week. Without water, the Lido pools looked so huge and empty from our hotel balcony.

In those days it was also said that all pools had the shape of a Canary island. I suppose that they  were trying hard to keep it that way during the last alterations. 

Martianez wind mill art by Cesar ManriqueWindmill street art Tenerife

We always admired Mr.Manrique's surroundings in Lido Martianez Tenerife. 

Brilliant white buildings match with  terracotta colored Spanish roof tiles. Towering, dark green leaved palms give semi shade.

Subtropical shrubs such as Crotons and,  other plants in all colors make for variety. Even Cannas flowers are to be seen by the entrance of the Lido Martianez Tenerife. 

Bright red Geraniums adorn together with the garden architect's special touches like his modern sculpture which I am calling the windmill of  the  Lido Martianez.

You know, César Manrique is said to always create pools that are painted white inside.

Please, look at this photo of Lido Martianez which I took last year from the height of the Taoro Park.

One,  clearly,  sees two of the Lido Martianez Tenerife pools with different blue shades.

The blue color reflects the sky so much better.

Most unique examples of top world rock landscaping

César Manriqe was a brilliant master of landscaping with and without volcanic rocks. But the breath taking rocks set the special accents.
The Lido Martianez Tenerife is like his monument. Indeed, it will pay tribute to the late artist long into the future.

What is special about this landscape design?

  • Black rocks cemented into brilliant white walls
  • Dark round boulders placed to contrast with bizarre plant shapes.
  • Coal colored stones to set of vibrant red Geraniums with  white washed borders and flora in all sorts of shades of green.
  • Rocks to create spaces of privacy or for dry river beds, as in Japanese gardening
  • Stones that emphasize the illusion of small islands in the middle of a big swimming pond of sparkling clear water.
  • Big anthracite boulders at one of this lake's shore to keep toddlers safely channeled and tucked out of drowning danger
  • Pitch dark rocks which turn all small steps into dramatic focal points of art where they join different levels in this water park oasis.
  • Also, the Lido's own sculptures that are always near the rocky icons from the world's third biggest volcano.

This is some of the essence of the Complex of the Lago Lido Martianez Tenerife with its tropical feel from countless palms. They often swing their heads with the rhythm of the waves that bash against the resort's fortifications. They may flood the place when winds are extreme.

The Tenerife lake Lago Martianez

A huge artificial city lake of Puerto de la Cruz, indeed...

Most people, I know, simply say: "Vamos al lago!" (Let's go to the lake)

It's like that with everything that is famous and special.

Isn't it?  Variations of names and descriptions spring up naturally in all sorts of linguistic expressions.

But,  this Martianez Tenerife is worth it. In fact it's worth every penny of this Martianez entrance fee, although most don't use all real Lido facilities like its Casino. To the best of my knowledge,  those features of Lido Martianez are not only for the Tenerife tourist, by the way,  but,  also for those that live in Tenerife.

A small Lido Martianez fountain near one of the enlarged pools on the right where you can see the other end of Puerto de la Cruz, faintly.

The 4 star luxury  Puerto Cruz beach accommodation Hotel Bahia Principe San Felipe Tenerife is almost opposite the road.  Enter a tunnel, a little further on. It is too dark to make out on the picture. Reach the freeway or the coastal road from Lido Martianez from there. 
The lido always had a toddler pool. Now, it has its a heated whirlpool, as well.

Martianez children fun

Gay red and white fantasy constructions beside the  Martianez children pool. They are sort of caves which are open from various sides. They are big fun for little kids to play hide and seek.
The ocean surrounding the Lagos of the Lido Martianez Tenerife  is naturally seen from everywhere  which means you are being spoiled with the view of the vast,  deep blue Atlantic,  almost, all around,   while you can hear the waves splashing against Lido Martianez Tenerife.

Fishing near Lido Martianez Tenerife

More details on Lido Martianez shown in photos. A lone angler is behind the Townhouse (Ayuntamiento) of Puerto de la Cruz. 

He could see the Martianez lakes, if he wasn't so busy catching little fishes.

Would you believe that it only will takes you 10 minutes to walk to that spot from the Lido?

Really, not more than that...

More Lido Martianez photo details

At the end of the main lake of Lido Martianez is a white sculpture. Beyond we see part of the ocean of Playa Martianez bordering the Lido.
This is where much has been expanded.

Just before the last Lido Martianez Tenerife inauguration on 6th of August 2006, I was walking there with a Spanish friend, at night.  She was almost feeling a little lost at this end of the complex. No more workers were there either. The restaurant of Lido Martianez Isla del Lago was still deserted.
Soon,  it was all to be filled up with people of all ages.
Different languages would be heard around the pools again.

However, with so many different nooks where wide open spaces could be seen like through windows nobody could be claustrophobic by Lido Martianez.

Flora and lava stones are an example of typical César Manrique landscaping for the Lido Martianez Tenerife.
You make out the original black lava rock by the water with natural plants.

Cactus or Euphorbia and,  grasses by the nooks which they flank blend in perfectly.

Also, the water here looks like it´s flowing in a small river. If this was added on recently it means that the foundation César Manrique is trying to honor the spirit of the late architect by supervising a good job being done.

Sunset by the Lido Martianez Tenerife lake

In May 2013, we saw the most magnificent Tenerife sunset at the natural pools of Martianez. This extraordinary solar phenomena even revealed the island La Palma on the horizon, as never before in the last 30 years.
Otherwise, this complex of the Puerto de la Cruz Lido has everything that one expects. Of course, it has many toilets and change rooms. That's what you need before giving it another stroll through the very interesting and oldest resort of the island.
The Calle San Telmo or passage or central waterfront San Telmo of Puerto de la Cruz by the Lido Martianez is immensely charming.

The Lago Martianez the big lake with changing moods

This paradise location portrays also a kaleidoscope of details, colors, smells, music, art, Cosmopolitan flair and, leisure shopping facilities, yummy restaurants, discos and, best shops for souvenirs, electronics as well as casual beach ware.

Restaurante El Calabacin at 2 minutes on foot from the Lido has been replaced by another Gourmet Restaurant, I noticed. Quality was not to blame. Turn into Calle Venezuela opposite the Lido entrance, locate Café Berlin and turn immediately left.

Find La Escencia a gourmet restaurant from La Paz with wheelchair access at the very back of a tiny alley by the Lago Martianez Corner Calle Venezuela and Avda.Colon...

Short of cash but very hungry? No problem...There's a huge Chinese Buffet restaurant where you can eat as much as you like for under Euro 10. It's on a first floor right opposite the entrance of  the Martianez pools. It's a neighbor of the well known Don Quichote language school.

How get to Lido Martianez Tenerife from the South, close neighborhood and Santa Cruz?

  • Buses Titsa:
  •  325 from Los Gigantes
  • 342 from Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, Americas
  • 353 and 352 from La Orotava
  • 353 from Los Realejos Alto
  • 363 from Icod de los Vinos - Buena Vista
  • 102,103 und 104 from Santa Cruz.

Puerto Cruz bus connections to other island attractions...

A trip by air from the South would take you 1,5 hours,  roughly,  from Reina Sofia Airport in the South to Los Rodeos Airport in the North.

By road,  taking the F1,  it shouldn't set you back more than 80 minutes with a rented vehicle, right into Puerto de la Cruz. Next to the little harbor by the Muelle you normally always find parking for your car.

There, by the little harbor is now also the moved tourist office of Puerto de la Cruz. It´s in Puerto´s oldest building the Casa de la Aduana

Telephone: + 34 922 386000. You can´t miss it. They will tell you also how to walk to the Lido. Just in case... It´s so easy.

In the same town of the Lid more fun here..

There is also the Lido Los Gigantes.

Otherwise, Avenida Colon outside this blessed seaside lido is by bar the best spot to watch the Puerto Cruz Street Carnival

Look forward to possible venues at the Martianez lakes of White Nights between the middle and end of September when the price of a drink is the entrance fee.

Look out for events at the Lido Martianez during La Mueca round about in the middle of May every year.

Since about 2014/2015 the entire San Telmo beach front next to the Lago Lido Martianez Tenerife has had wheelchair access right down to the Martianez beach. Needless to say, the Lido is wheelchair-friendly, as well.

The Lago or Lido Martianez Tenerife now a prime event place

This holiday complex which is one of the finest in Europe has also become a top place for concerts, galas and shows which are free for all. I had the chance to visit the last Canary Islands Heinecken outdoors Jazz concert there which was an unrivaled success. The Martianez Lido will also stage fashion shows or smaller galas, such as the election of the Carnival King of Puerto an event of which find in an agenda here. However, other events like raves, such as big pop concerts where tickets are required will be by the Muelle where several thousands of people can fit.

From Lido Martianez Tenerife back to Puerto de la Cruz the smallest municipality on the island.

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