What an amazing natural swimming pool called Charco Don Gabino...


This natural swimming pool was designed by nature.

I always thought it was called Charco de Don Gabino but now, I wonder if it was the same as the Charco de la Araña.(Spider pool)

By the way, this pool is too small to be called a beach. It's certainly cosy, although it's part of the big Atlantic ocean.

Somehow, this charco's pristine waters which look almost turquoise in reality seem to be protected by black, natural volcanic rocks from all sided.

Natural swimming pool designed by nature Los Silos SpainNatural swimming pool

A motionless and fully dressed woman relaxes by the edge of this natural swimming pool. It wouldn't surprise me, if she was meditating. So much peace all around her is ideal for it. Indeed, this nature pool is like an oasis which is surrounded by wild elements.

The water of this natural ocean basin shows no environmental pollution. It is clean but the ground of the sea can only be guessed.

It must be lovely to swim and snorkel in there on a hot summer's day.

This is the best swimming pool, as its water temperature is always refreshing. It needs no maintenance, no chlorine and no acids added. Its pool filter is the Atlantic which is free of charge.

A perfect natural swimming pool landscape design

Pool landscape design done half by nature half by menPool landscape design

A cobble stone pathway is by the edge of this pool. Even steps have been created to descend to it. the whole set up looks like a design of pool surroundings which you rarely find with artificial swimming pools. This makes this perfect pool landscaping done half by nature and half by man.

Only one bus by Titsa goes to this location at any time of the year. That's one way to keep the free natural swimming facility exclusive for those who make the effort to catch this transport.

Your own car or a rented car is more practical to reach it, of course.

By the way, just drive through Los Silos until you see a road sign Playa Agua Dulce which points to the right.

Buenavista del Norte golf courses

Of course, for most of us Buenavista Golfing with one of the best golf courses of Europe must be the biggest attraction in the neighbourhood of this nature pool called Charco of the Araña or Charco of Don Gabindo. Combine seeing it while you are golfing and use another sensational Tenerife attraction...It has the best accommodation which you deserve, when you are on Tenerife holiday. Don't miss the Hotel San Roque with its outstanding design, art works, best service and definite emphasis to protect the environment.

Three more attractions are by this Los Silos location on the waterfront.

One is the most amazing whale fossil of Los Silos.

The other is Playa Agua Dulce the Los Silos beach with its Lido pools and good options to eat out..

Buenavista del Norte with its famous Puertito and renown golf courses is also near the pretty ocean pool ...

From natural swimming pool back to natural pools which are a feature of Tenerife's West or rather North Western coast.

Some important footnote:

As not to forget, I must say that it is a terrible scandal and shame that so many webmasters deceive the surfer by showing off a photoshop work by an ordinary sand beach or worse, while it has absolutely nothing to do with a charco, charcos, natural swimming pool or pools, or natural pool and pools, while they give inadequate keywords, certainly on purpose, by the looks of it. They are taking advantage of showing photos with no text and voilá the result of it is what I call an absolute Internet crime. They don't only mislead the surfer but also the Search Engines which try to bring up the truth in search results.

Find information about the nearby town of Los Silos here.

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